Author: Sparta

Title: Nocturnal Investigation Service

Pairings: Faith & Abby Blade & King Gabe & John Winchester Goliath & Drake Xander & Dean (mentioned)

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy & Supernatural (Main) more to come and will list as they come up

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning


Series:When the Hunters become the hunted

Chapters: 3/?

Completed: No

Summery: Spin off of the We'll make a man out of you series, follow the new Sunnydale crew as they try to clean up after Adam and Buffy's destruction as well as they try to deal with life on the Hellmouth.

Chapter Summery: Xander is still morning when a blast from the past comes looking for Dean

Authors Note:

Demons & Distractions

Dean sighed as he moved the last of their things into their temporary room on base, the Underground base had been cleared and now the NIS was setting up shop. With all the new books and artefacts Xander had put in place the base was starting to feel a little less clinical, Dean stretched out his back was killing him.

He headed towards the Commissary when he started to feel dizzy before blacking out.


Xander was sat with Ianto in what was now the liberty of the NIS base when a woman appeared on the desk, making Xander and Ianto jump.

"Hey Xany, miss me?" asked the woman

"Hey Anya, didn't see you at the funeral?" said Xander with a growl

"I was watching too many strangers round, who's the hottie in the suite?" asked Anya as Ianto looked away.

"He's taken An just like me" said Xander as he held up his hand and showed off his engagement ring.

"How? When? How no one but me ever wanted you Willow prom…." suddenly she shut up as Xander growled.

"Cole and Leo removed Willow's taints off me her whole he be straight and obedient went out the window fast, he's hot and your not" said Xander as Anya shrieked and disappeared, Xander reached for his Cell.

"John find Dean my ex Anya just showed up to get me back and she's pissed" said Xander before he hung up and looked at Ianto.

"Go find Jack and stay with him Anya's not a nice demon to mess with" said Xander as Ianto nodded and took off.


Dean woke up his head throbbing and his arm chained to the wall, looking round he was in a dungeon of some kind.

"Nice to see your awake" said a woman as she came into view

"Anya I presume?" asked Dean as she looked surprised

"What didn't you think Xander would tell me? You really don't know Lexx well" laughed Dean as she slapped him.

"His name is Xander and he's mine and mine alone" she screeched

"Sorry Bitch Lexx made a vow to me and not only a vow but he gave me two son, a daughter and a step-son" growled Dean as he started to get up.

"You dirtied my Xander and took away my fun don't think your getting way?" laughed Anya as Dean lowed his head and started laughing.

"What are you laughing at?…Stop that?" shrieked Anya as Dean looked up as his eyes glowed yellow making Anya shriek.

"What are you?" she panicked

"I'm what Xander is" said Dean as he pulled hard and the shackle came lose as he leapt at Anya as she disappeared.

Dean started chanting as she reappeared and found her power bound and her form mortal again.

"How? only D'Hoffryn has ever done this to me" she growled

"Xander taught me things, especially things to keep his ex's off my ass" laughed Dean as he looked at her.

"Send ups back or I tear you apart" growled Dean as Anya held up her chains.

"Your powers are lowered enough, try anything funny and I'll feed you to Lexx with pleaser" growled Dean as Anya squeaked and dropped them back between Xander and the BPRD, NIS and others.

"Dean" said Xander as he hugged Dean and kissed him.

"I'm fine baby but she's going back to the BPRD to be contained" growled Dean in Anya's direction.

"Xander?" asked John as he nodded.

"Take her away boys" ordered John Winchester as Anya screeched and wailed.

"Here you go boy's you need the brake" said John Winchester as he handed them two tickets for Cardiff.

"Hey Jack looks like were heading you way?" laughed Xander as Jack smiled and laughed.