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New Year, New Relationship


"Mom! I'm going out to Emily's' cousin party" Casey shouted as she was heading for the door.

"Casey! Wait. Derek will accompany you to the New Year bash. Okay?" Nora exclaim.

"I'm what?!" Derek splutters.

"Mom, I don't want butthead to go with me. Mom, I promise I will behave. I won't do anything crazy. Please don't make Derek come with me. Please, please." Casey begged.

"yeah, please don't make me go with her." Derek smirked.

"Both of you are going together or none of you go, is that understood?"

"yes" Casey said dishearten.

"Hey, no problem if I don't want to go, I won't go." Derek said as he walked to the coach to watch his hockey game.


"Casey I'm sorry but you're going to convince him yourself. By the way honey, that's a cute cocktail dress," Nora said as she walks to her room.

Casey glance down at Derek whom was pigging out while watching the game. She gave a sigh of defeat and walked towards Derek.

"Derek, would you go with me to Emily's cousin party?"

"No" he said without looking at her.

"Please Derek, I promise I would do anything for you for tonight only, please. You can ridicule me or whatever, but please go with me so I can go to the party." Casey begged with disgust to herself.

Derek leaned back on the couch and watched Casey begging. Casey got a little unease when Derek just kept watching her as if he's thinking of some evil thought. After five minutes of watching each other Casey was about to admit defeat when Derek spoke up.

"Okay, I will go as long as you let me do whatever I desire." Derek said deviously.

"Thank you!!" Casey jumped up ready to hug him, but he kept his arm up to keep her away.

"Alright, let's just go before I change my mind, Klutzilla." Casey was about to correct him when he held a hand up. "What was our deal Klutzilla?"

"Fine, whatever."

When they finally got there after constant arguments on the way, the party was at it's peak.

"Phew, I guess we made it on time" mention Casey.

"Yeah it's only half an hour to midnight." Derek responded.

"Sure, you go do your stuff and I'll do my stuff. Okay?"

"Nope, remember I'm the one in control, got that? What I say goes, so no I would not go to my merry self, but stay by your side." Derek said haughtily.

"Derek, please just leave."


"Fine, whatever just don't talk to me"

"Huh. I should be saying that instead of you"

During the time they were their, Casey was on edge especially since it was excessively crowded and she was shoulder to shoulder with Derek. Who didn't seem to realize since he was constantly flirting to any random girl.

Every time he did that, it set Casey to grinding her teeth. She wonder is she will become toothless by midnight. She looked up right when he looked down with a smile on his face, which made her catch her breath by the sight and a blush rose by her thoughts of how handsome he looked. She quickly looked away after five seconds of staring.

"One minute to midnight!" someone in the room announced.

Derek glanced back down at Casey, who was looking around distractedly.

Her baby blues were so damn cute. "Looks as if it'll have to be me then."

"It'll have to be you, what?"

He gave an exaggerated sigh of resignation. "Kissing you at midnight. I guess I'll have to do the dirty deed."

From the television, a chorus could be heard starting the countdown to midnight. "Ten. Nine…"

Kiss him? Casey stared up at Derek as the inexorable countdown to midnight continued around them.

"But, you can't" Casey tried to discourage him


Dimly, she was aware of the crowd in the room. Couples sidled closer to each other in anticipation of a kiss at the appointed hour.

"Wanna bet, Case? Plus our rule is that I get to do whatever I want." He said it connivingly.




Derek wore an amused expression on his face.


Her gaze lowered to his lips. He really did have a nice mouth. It was curved and inviting and looked just soft enough to be exciting. She pushed down a flutter. These days that mouth was attached to an equally delectable body.


He leaned toward her, and her focus moved up from his mouth to his chocolate eyes, where she was caught by his intent look.

"Come on, Casey," he taunted gently. "I dare you."


Well, she thought, she might as well kiss someone at midnight, right? At least this way, she'd confirm Derek wasn't the prince she was waiting for.

"Why not?" she said, struggling for a nonchalance she didn't feel in the face of Derek's intensity. She strove to keep her breath even.


She lifted her face as Derek leaned in farther, closing the space between them to a hair's breath. Her eyes fluttered closed.

"Happy New Year!"

Derek's lips touched hers. A brief pressure, a sense of warmth and softness joined by a little jolt of electricity, and Casey started to back away.

Her retreat was arrested, however, as Derek's hands came up to cup her upper arms. He parted her lips with his own and deepened the kiss.

Casey was swamped by the waves of interesting and exciting sensations evoked by Derek's intimate embrace. She sighed as she sank deeper into the kiss, which was fierce and warm, then gentle by turns.

The kiss built slowly until Derek seemed to want to devour her. Someone moaned, and Casey realized it was her.

A loud cough sounded nearby, then a voice Casey recognized as belonging to Sally broke through the haze that surrounded her. "And here I thought I was the babe magnet for the evening," Sally said, her voice laced with amusement.

With a gasp, Casey pulled away from Derek. Touching two fingers to her lips, she looked around and realized their passionate kiss had attracted the attention of several party-goers.

She didn't know what to say. She felt hot and turned on. Sometime during the kiss, she'd discovered she was confronting a young man she hardly thought would do such a thing to her. He was a powerful, sexy stepbrother who had the ability to turn her insides to mush.

As if drugged, she watched his lips move — the same lips that had just seconds ago tasted and savored her. "Let's go home," he said "you promise Nora that you would be home early."

She nodded since she wasn't able to form words right then.

He took her elbow and guided her through the crowd. Casey heard herself murmur polite thank-yous and good nights to their hosts and the various guests they encountered on their path to the front door. Beside her, Derek's sexy voice sounded, adding his own words of desultory conversation.

Then, before she knew it, they were in car zipping along the dark road to the house, and Casey wondered how Derek has become more attractive within the hour.

That is, until she got distracted by the sight of his hand on the steering wheel. It was a capable hand, large and masculine with a strong wrist. She thought about that hand touching and stroking and caressing her, and another strong wave of awareness washed over her.

She waggled her head to clear the webs of awareness, but it was useless. Maybe something was in the punch she sipped at the party.

Within minutes, Derek pulled into the drive way. He came around the car and helped her out, his hand holding her fingers loosely.

"Ready?" he murmured.

"Yes," she said. The sexual heat between them was so thick she felt as if she were enveloped in a luxurious blanket against the cold night air.

George exclaims, "Your back soon, kids."

"Yeah" both respond.

"We just got tired faster than I expected," Derek confides.

"Yeah, so we thought of going asleep." Casey adds in.

"Okay, but the party is just starting up, so go ahead and try to sleep. Even though, I think it's too loud. Are you sure you want to sleep so soon?"

Derek puts in "Yeah, dad. Were beat."

"Alright, do you want me to lower the music?"

Derek looks at Casey, and then back to his father "No, you guys have fun, but leave us alone since we all know how Casey gets cranky, huh."

Casey smacked Derek in the arm playfully, "Hey! That was uncalled for"

George chuckles at the reaction, "Okay, I thought you both were tired? Fine, sure just go to sleep. –K?"

"G'nite" Casey and Derek chord together.

Derek follows Casey to her room and making sure no one is around walks in right behind her without her knowing. She becomes conscious of him when the door suddenly closes by itself.


The minute Derek's hands settled on her shoulders, though, all thoughts of dressing down for sleep and rewinding the earlier kissing event flew out of her mind.

Derek ducked his head, seeking her gaze. "Casey?"

"Yes." The word came out as a whisper, and Casey knew she was saying more than just yes to his questioning.

And that, she supposed, as Derek's lips closed over hers, was how last year's old acquaintance could become the new year's sexy step sibling.

He guided her backward until the wall was at her back.

Not breaking their kiss, they tore at each other's clothes.

Her black cocktail dress with its sheer lace sleeves and upper bodice slid down and caught at her elbows.

"This is crazy," Casey said breathlessly.

"Just feel," Derek said in between kisses.

Maybe he was right, she thought, as he moved down and kissed her neck. If she was going to keep working long hours in homework for the unforeseeable future that might bring for her next step of schooling, she might as well live it up now.

Casey watched as Derek nuzzled her breasts. Thank God she'd decided on the black satin bra, she thought, as he unsnapped her undergarment. At least she felt dressed to entice.

Her eyelids lowered as his lips closed over her bare breast and sparks of pleasure shot through her. After giving the same attention to her other breast, he moved down farther, his lips trailing over her bare midriff and then lower, divesting her of clothes as he went.

He lower himself to his knees and nuzzled her thighs, then kissed her intimately.

Liquid fire pored through her, and she opened her eyes and watched him.

A feeling of unreality settled over her. This was Derek. Her stepbrother. Her stepfather son, Derek Venturi.

Her knees weakened and bent.

He stood quickly then and picked her up, sliding one arm below her knees. Striding to the bed, he laid her out on it and came down beside her.

He smiled into her eyes — a wicked, intimate smile — as he stroked her bent leg, which was still encased in a thigh-high black stocking. "I used to wonder what was beneath the layers you wore."

"Now you know," she said, and couldn't prevent a tinge of uncertainty from coloring her voice. She tried to keep in shape with exercise, but she knew her willowy frame had more to do with good genes than with any real effort on her part.

His gaze traveled over her before he gave her a wolfish look. "Yeah. Now I do."

"You like?"

"Yeah, I like," he drawled.

The look he gave her then was so hot, it obliterated the last of her uncertainty. She raked a hand through his hair and pulled him down for a full-bodied kiss.

When she finally pulled away, she whispered against his lips, "You're still wearing too many clothes."

"Easily corrected."

She raised herself up on her elbows and watched as he stood up. He reached for his wallet and pulled out a small foil packet that he placed beside the bed. Then, his gaze locked on hers, he unbuckled his belt and began to undress.

When he was naked, she said throatily, "I like."

He flashed her a smile. "I aim to please."

"Now that remains to be seen."

He quirked an eyebrow. "Oh, yeah?" His hand closed over her ankle and he pulled her toward the foot of the bed. "Let's see how much you like this…"

She squealed as he came down beside her again, nuzzling her neck with his mouth, his hands moving over her.

He stroked her everywhere, arousing her and bringing her to a fever pitch. In return, she caressed the lean muscles of his chest and back, then moved lower, stroking his sculpted thighs and the evidence of his arousal.

Eventually, he gave a helpless half laugh and moved himself away from her. "I want this to last," he said, his voice not quite steady.

Casey watched as he sat up and donned protection, then turned back to her. Gathering her close, he said, "Now where were we?"

She nibbled at his lips. "Mmm…somewhere between wonderful and fantastic?"

"Yeah, that's what I remember, too."

He cupped her face and kissed her deeply, and she gave herself up to the gathering passion between them.

When he positioned her, settling himself in the cradle of her thighs and arranging her silkily clad legs around him, she welcomed him into her embrace. It seemed the most natural thing in the world when he finally entered her, but piercing pain accompanied it. He stood still on top of her until she lifted her hips and taking him in more, but this time pleasure was accompanied.

"Oh, Derek" she gasped, her hands fisting into the bedcover below her.

"So good," he said, his eyes closed, his expression rapt. "So tight, so hot, so sweet…"

She followed his rhythm, knowing intuitively how to match him and fuel the gathering storm. Eventually, he moved to her side and pumped into her, their bodies facing each other.

The tightness within her grew more and more taut…until all at once it snapped, and she went spiraling free. He swallowed her gasp as he took her up, following her so they went over the precipice together.

Afterward, he loosened his hold, and she lay relaxed and replete. He smoothed the hair away from her forehead, and she turned her face into the palm of his hand.

Their eyes caught and held.

"What just happened?" she asked mostly to herself.

He gave her his trademark smirk, and she grasped at that piece of the familiar because it gave her comfort in a world that was suddenly topsy-turvy. She'd had sex with Derek.

She searched his gaze and found it unfathomable. "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking that if I'd known we'd be this good together, I'd have made my move sooner."

"You where thinking of making a move on me? You're obnoxious!"

"Yeah to both," he confirmed solemnly. The hand of one bent arm propped up his head, and he was using his other hand to trace circles on her bare upper breast.

"But, hey I at least accomplish to make a huge move."

"Yes, you did…"

A knock was heard….