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You know that I like You

Chapter 1


We have been traveling for days on a fluffy monster that I can't even see. I hate flying and the only reason why that I am because I have Aang with me. I haven't told him yet, just in case you aren't catching on I like the guy and he can't even figure out. And it is killing me; you think a guy that saves the world can tell when a girl likes him.

After we had defeated Ozai, Katara and Zuko got all lovely and stuff which for one made me hurl over and over and then let us not forget when they got married, let me just tell you way too much crying and girly stuff to last me a life time. And let's not forget about Sokka and Suki and how they are on their 4TH KID. 4 kids, you think that they were raising sheep instead of a family.

So anyway, after the whole war thing Aang and I went to my parent's house. Not the best family reunion unless, you think babying me to death and almost attacking Aang is a good thing then yeah we had a blast. Oh and that is not the half of it, when I turned 16 then wanted me, me to get married. Can you believe that, me to a total stranger who thought I was just going to be a helpless, good little wife that did everything that the guy told me to do. Let's just say that no one ever saw the guy again when I was through with him. I still laugh at the tears that I made him shed; the only thing that I regret is that I couldn't actually see him.

"Hey Toph?" Aang asked from the front of Appa.

I broke out of my thought, "Yeah twinkle toes?"

"I was wondering what are you going to about Tin Fu?"

"Make him cry and tell my parents that they can't set me up with some stranger for the rest of my life. They can't control me in any way and besides, why would I want to get married now. I am only 17 and I have no intension of settling down for awhile. All I need is you, Appa and Momo right now." I moved closer to him.

"Oh, that is cool. So we are about a half of a day from the fire nation still. I am still wondering the big news that Katara and Zuko want to share." He leaned his head on Appa's fur.

"You are still wondering what it is, duh... she is either pregnant or Iroh died. And I bet all the money in the world that sugar queen is pregnant."

Aang popped his head up, "You really think so because I know Katara she wouldn't want a kid at 19. That is a little young."

"Come on, Sokka is on his fourth kid and he and sugar queen are only apart by a year." I got a smirk on my face, "I'll make a bet with you, if she is pregnant than we go to any place that I want to go and no complaint."

"And what if she isn't"

"Oh, she will be. But, on the off chance that she isn't then we will go anywhere you want and I won't say a word."

"Really, I'll take that bet with you." We shook hands.


We were nearing the fire nation and the sun was almost down. I just couldn't wait for Katara to us the big not so surprise news. I so know the place that I want to go, you know the cave of the two lovers. Inside a nice big mountain and I thought it would be fun to go and check it out. Maybe there twinkle toes will get the big picture.

When we landed, Sparky and Sugar Queen was there ready to greet us at the palace gates. She ran up to me and enveloped me into a huge hug, "I missed you so much Toph. I have a lot to tell you."

"Is that so Sugar Queen?" She let go of the hug.

"Still with the names."

"Hey, I pick the best nick names ever, you will always be Sugar Queen and Sparky will always be Sparky. So, what is the big news that we had to fly for four days straight that couldn't just tell us in a letter?"

"Later. I promise." She walked off to greet Aang.

Zuko walked up to me and gave me a hand shake, "This that all you got Fire Lord Sparky?"

"Still calling me Sparky huh?"

"Like I told your wife, I stick to the names that I find fit. So, what is the big news?"

"You beat me. She wouldn't say a word until you guys got here. We are still waiting for Sokka and Suki with their kids to come tomorrow. So, I think that we will have to wait until they come."

"You and twinkle toes are all alike, I for one what it is."

"Then, what is it?" He said demandingly.

"Oh, that one is between me and twinkle toes over there." I pointed to him who was talking to Katara.

"And why is that?"

"Because I don't want to give the whole surprise away if I am right. Now come on, I am starving. You get sick of eating bread and butter after awhile."


We all walked inside the palace leaving Appa and Momo with the servants that lead them to their usual spot of the stables. We sat in the grand dining hall and had dinner. I sat next to Iroh who sat next to Zuko and then Katara and Aang across from us. I all most forgot how spicy it is.

"So, when are you going to tell us Sugar Queen? I mean you haven't even told Sparky over here the news yet." I spilled on a glass of wine.

"We will all know in good time my dear." Iroh said.

"Thank you. You will find out when everyone gets here."

The rest of the dinner was kept quite but, by the end of the day I was beat. I started walking to my room when Aang came up to me, "Toph do you need some help getting to your room?"

"No, I can handle getting to my room by myself thank you very much." I started walking away from him.

"Oh, ok. I just want you to know that you are heading to the meeting room and not your bedroom." He called out.

I stopped in mid-step and turned around, "Oh, fine you can walk me to my bedroom."


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