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You know that I like You

Chapter 6


"I can't believe that you really have to go." Katara hugged Toph.

"I know, I don't want to either but, I have to." Toph said. They were by the palace gates. Aang had said his goodbyes to everyone and was waiting on Appa for Toph to come up.

"Bye Toph I will miss you so much." Suki said.

"Hey I'm not dying just need to take care of some things. So just hold on, I'll be back before you know it. I have to be here for when the baby is born." Suki laughed and gave Toph a hug.

After the rest of the goodbyes were said, Toph joined Aang on Appa with Momo off to the side. And with a last wave to everyone, Appa took off and was in the sky.

After awhile Toph got really bored. "Hey Twinkle toes."

"Yes Toph?"

"When are we going to be there so I can start the rest of my boring life with a jerk?" She said sarcastically.

"Soon Toph, soon." Aang laughed as well but, he knew Toph better and could see the hurt in her.

"Aang when you are with Toph and no one else is there that would be the best time to tell her how you feel." Iroh said,

"I know, I know. It's just that I am afraid that she won't return my feelings."

"Oh I have a hunch that she does. But, you of all should know that Miss Bai Fong doesn't like to show her true self."

"Yeah, she is stubborn, headstrong, irrational sometimes, the best earthbender ever, beautiful, smart, and my best friend."

"Spoken like someone who is truly in love." Iroh said.

Aang laughed a little, "Am I that head of heels for her."

"Let me tell you a little story, over a thousand years ago before the age of the avatar. There was this woman you had everything and everything. She was the most beautiful woman that any man could ever see. She had the class, the wit, and the brains to drive any man. But one day the woman came across this man who had little. They fell madly in love but, neither one of them would admit their feelings. And so when it was time for her to marry, she would hope that her prince charming would ask her. But, he never did. So, she went on and marries another man. But, everyday she is sad and so was he."


"My point here avatar, is to not let her slip away from your reach."

"Thank you Iroh."

"No problem."

Aang looked over at the sleeping Toph and smiled. He knew that before the week ends he would have to tell her how he felt.

Many hours past and they were nearing the outer gates of the Bai Fong residence. Toph started to stir and sat up.

"Evening Toph."

"Hey." She smiled and sat near him and put her arm around his. He smiled at this and landed Appa in front of her mansion.

"Well we're here."

"Joy." She said while rolling her eyes.

Aang grabbed Toph and jumped down. They walked to the gates and the guards bowed and opened them for the two. They walked inside the mansion and were greeted by her parents.

"Toph, our darling daughter." Her mother said as she hugged her.

"Hello mother." Toph said with little enthusiasm as she hugged her back.

"Hello my daughter." Her father said as best as he could.

Toph could hear the pain in his voice and winces when he starts to cough. "Hello Papa." She walked over to him and gave him one of the biggest hugs that he has received from her in a long time.

Aang stood in the background to give them a moment, but he knew that it wouldn't last long. Before they knew it, her mother will parade around ten different men and try to get her daughter to "fall in love" with one of these men.

And sure enough Toph spent that night avoiding almost 10 men. When she met the 7th, she ran out of the house. Aang followed her into the secret garden that was hidden by a wall the Toph made a few years ago to escape her parents. Toph earthbended an opening and closed it behind her. Aang flew over the wall, not wanting Toph to know of his presence. He landed on the tree that sat next to the small pond where Toph sat on a bench that she made a long time ago.

Aang looked around the rock garden really, it really was beautiful. He just forgot, it has been a long time since they were both in here like this.

Almost 3 years ago

"Toph, where are we going?" Aang asked.

"You'll see." She grabbed his hand and started to run. She was wearing a light green dress for earlier that day there was a banquet in honor of Aang's 16th birthday, just two months before Toph's.

They ran past the outer gardens of the estate and they came upon a wall. Aang looked up and could have sworn that the thing was 30 feet or something like that. Then they stopped in front of it. She bended a small entry and they walked inside.

Once Aang looked up, his breath was taken away. It was the perfect rock garden, with a tree and a small pond. There were so many flowers along the wall and by the pond. Then there was a large space to practice earthbending. But what was different was that there were also torches that would be used to bend fire.

"Wow Toph. This is beautiful."

"It took me awhile, but I had a little help from Katara for the pond and flowers. It is for you. I know that you love nature and the four elements so I brought them together in here. The pond to waterbend, rocks to earthbend, and the torches that Zuko gave me to firebend. Then a lot more room to airbend. I put the tree in for Momo and you. I know that you like to sit on trees a lot. And the flower…" She was cut off by Aang.

"Thank you Toph. It is the best gift that anyone could ever give me." He walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and a great big hug.

Aang smiled at that thought. He knew right then and there that he loved her so much. He jumped down, Toph turned around.

"I didn't feel you."

"I was up in the tree." She laughed at that. He loved her laugh.

"I'm sorry about your parents."

"I know. I just wish that they would let me chose a person that I love."

He smiled even more at that comment. "Toph, I need to tell you something."


"Remember when you built this for me."


"And how I gave you a kiss on the cheek."

"Will you just say it?"

His smile grew more, always wants to get to the point. "Well, at that moment I realized something."

"Come on jus-"

Aang walked right up to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. He broke the kiss before she could do anything. He waited for a moment and then was taken back a little when she jumped on him and kissed him again. He fell to the ground with her on top but, couldn't care less because she was still kissing him.

They broke apart for air, "Toph I love you…" He looked up at her and moved some hair from her face, "Will you marry me?"

They sat up, and he pulled out a green betrothal necklace. There was an earth kingdom insignia mixed with the air nomad insignia.

He placed it in her hands, waiting for a response. "YES!!! A thousand times yes." He kissed her again. He knew that he would love the rest of his life with the one person that was his opposite and his soul mate. He placed the necklace around her neck and then kissed her again.


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