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Author's Note: I've seriously been slacking off on not only this story but everything related to fan fiction. Same excuses as last time - getting older, a lot going on, and sadly I don't write as much as I used to when I was younger. Nevertheless I'm still putting out content for this story as I would like to see it completed, even if no one reads it or if you all have given up on this story or myself as an author (which I do not blame you for). Without further ado: let's get into this.

Day Six - Sucker Punch

"What… happened?" Sakura mused, picking herself up off the ground. She rubbed her now sore butt from the impact with the floor when she had fallen. "Oh yeah!" she looked up into complete darkness, she wasn't even sure how far she had fallen from. With a low curse Sakura pressed herself against a wall and used it to find her way around. "Damn this maze of a house. I swear when I get my hands on that host I'm gonna strangle him."

As she felt her way along the cold wall Sakura grabbed something squishy and big. She gave another quick squeeze to ascertain what it was she was touching and suddenly a shrill scream erupted from right in front of her. Sakura stumbled backwards in a panic and tripped over her own feet, plummeting to the ground once again. "Pervert!" came a woman's voice from the darkness. "I'm no pervert!" Sakura shouted back in annoyance. "Like hell you aren't! You were groping my boobs!"

A blush crept across Sakura's face. Oh god… I am a pervert!

The pink haired girl stood from the ground and crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm sorry, I-" the other woman cut her off from speaking, "Save your apology, pervert! I'm gonna report you to-" Now it was Sakura's turn to interrupt. "Report me for what? An honest mistake I made while completely blind in the dark? You're being so… wait I recognize your voice… Karin?" Sakura took a step back, afraid of the answer. "Yeah I'm Karin!" the other woman bellowed. "And I know who you are, Sakura you goddamn pervert!" Karin was ranting and raving now about being groped, believing Sakura to have done it on purpose.

"It was an accident you psycho!" Sakura screamed, now upset by Karin's ridiculous accusations. "I shouldn't be surprised you wanted to touch my boobs! I mean look at them! Who wouldn't want to touch them?!" Sakura stood there speechless for a moment, not knowing what to say and then swiftly turned on her heel and marched in the opposite direction. "I can hear you walking away! Where the hell do you think you're going? We're not finished here!" screeched Karin from behind.

"Yes we are you nutcase!" she hollered back before colliding with some unknown solid object. It wasn't the wall. Sakura reached out with a cautious hand and gripped onto something small, round and soft. All of a sudden the room was bathed in a bright light and Sakura shut her eyes as the light blinded her momentarily. When she looked up finally she came face to face with the killer clown. It was the big red nose she had grabbed onto, which she quickly released.

Sakura sighed and let her head drop slightly. "Fuck." she breathed and sprinted in the opposite direction, passing Karin in her hurry. Karin flipped off the clown as it cocked its head to the side. "Go to hell clown!" She yelled and hurried after Sakura. "Hey! Wait for me, pinky!" she cried. There was an opening in the wall that they could fit through to make it safely onto the other side. Sakura went first and managed to squeeze through the opening. "Cmon Karin!" she called. Even though Sakura disliked Karin she could never bring herself to let her get murdered by a psychopathic clown. Karin started to go through the opening and found that she couldn't fit through it. She struggled, out of breath. "I can't fit! It's my boobs! They're too big!"

Sakura rolled her eyes and grabbed Karin's forearm while bracing a foot on the wall. Sakura tugged once, "Ouch! That hurts!" Karin cried in annoyance. "Would you rather I let the clown assist you?" she jeered, relishing in Karin's fear at the thought. "Pull!" she screamed loudly. Sakura tugged once, twice and… Pop! Out came Karin.

Sakura could see the clown on the other side of the opening, staring at them. Karin pointed to the end of the hallway. "Look! An elevator." The girls started heading in the direction of their saviour: the elevator. A loud crack sounded from behind them. The clown was attempting to smash apart the opening to allow himself to get through. "Hurry!" Sakura shouted and they began to rush towards the elevator.

Karin was just slightly ahead of Sakura and gave an evil smile as she turned her head to the left to look at her pink haired rival. "Bye bye Sakura!" Karin purposely tripped the other girl, causing Sakura to tumble forward and completely wipe out. From the ground Sakura watched as Karin entered the awaiting elevator, waving and winking at the girl before the door slammed shut. She huffed, "I should have just let her die, but no! I had to be the good guy!" she went to stand and pain shot through her right ankle. "Damn…" she sighed and listened to the clown still attempting to break down the wall. She found a door a little further ahead but discovered that it was locked.

A loud crash came from down the hall and she saw that the clown had broken through the wall. With a growl Sakura used her shoulder to hit the door in the hopes that it would open. It didn't budge. Ignoring the painful twinge in her ankle Sakura ran at the door full force and heard the wood cracking under her pressure. She ran at the door again as the clown began to make his way towards her and the door gave way. Stumbling forward slightly Sakura recovered her composure and looked around at her surroundings. It was a staircase.

"Great just what my ankle needs. Stairs." Sakura climbed the stairs with determination. She wasn't going to let a killer clown murder her. She was two flights of stairs up when she heard the clown's machete scraping along the handrail. She faltered for a moment in fear as the pain in her ankle got steadily worse. "That clown sure knows how to scare people shitless. I'll give him that much." All she could do was climb the stairs one at a time as thoughts of Sasuke swam through her mind. He had kissed her with such need that it made Sakura weak at the thought. She hated to admit it but she wanted him to kiss her again, she wanted to be in his arms and to be touched by him.

She could make out slivers of light coming from a lone door at the top of the flight of stairs she was on. When she reached the door she found that it was locked just as the first door had been. She shivered in fear at the constant sound of the clown's footsteps and the threatening sound of the blade against the rail. She pounded on the door. "Help! Someone open this door!" She thumped with both her fists as she grew more frantic. "Sakura?" came someone's voice from the other side of the door. "Yes! Open this door please! The clown is after me!" She could hear the knob jiggling vigorously. "It's locked!" came the reply.

Sakura blanched. It was just her luck that the person on the other side of the door would be none other than Naruto in all of his wisdom. "I know it's locked, dumbass!" Sakura rammed into the door in a panic knowing that the clown was closing in on her. She slammed into the door again as Naruto gripped the knob and began to tug. The door came swinging open right into Naruto's face. He came crashing down with a thud.

Sakura rushed through the door and closed it with a slam. She breathed a sigh of relief and looked down at Naruto's unmoving body. He moaned from the floor, blood pouring from his nose and staining the front of his shirt. Sakura knelt on the ground beside Naruto and grabbed his shoulders. "Get up, moron!" and she began to shake him.

Shikamaru and Sasuke rounded the corner and stopped dead at the scene. "Oh my god! She finally killed that dobe!" Shikamaru exclaimed as both men raced toward their friends. "I didn't kill him! I think he's just unconscious… and he may have a busted nose." Sasuke looked at her quizzically as Shikamaru tended to Naruto. "Short or long version?" she asked and crossed her arms. "Short." he spoke and met her green eyes. "Fell through trap door. Clown chased me. I broke through this door and it hit that idiot in the face." Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "The clown again, huh?" Sakura swung her head around to look at the broken door and pointed a finger. "He was following me up the stairs." Sasuke headed for the door and opened it to find nothing. Sakura stood beside him and listened for the familiar scraping sound but heard nothing. "He must have left…" she sighed in relief.

"Oh, and your little fangirl Karin tried to have me murdered by that clown. She was down in that dungeon with me as well and when we were making a run for it she tripped me and took the elevator to safety. I think I twisted my ankle when I fell." Sakura ran a hand through her messy hair. "Karin is not my fangirl." Sasuke stated with no emotion on his face. "Regardless, she tried to have me killed by that clown."

"Sasuke!" came a female voice from down the hall. It was Karin, smiling at the male and rushing towards him. She grabbed hold of his arm and pressed herself against his side with a wide smile. She looked at Sakura and gave an exaggerated gasp. "Oh dear! You look awful, Sakura! Maybe you should go to bed?"

Sakura stood there with her mouth ajar. This bitch! She glared at Karin and cracked her knuckles. "Give it a rest! You're so fake! You know what you did back there." Karin looked up at Sasuke innocently. "I have no idea what she's talking about." Sakura let her shoulders drop and took a step towards Karin. "Well maybe this'll jog your memory!" and her fist connected with Karin's cheekbone, sending the girl flying backwards. "That's for leaving me for dead!"

Shikamaru and Sasuke's mouths were hanging wide open in shock. They looked at each other and then at Sakura, and lastly at Karin who now appeared unconscious on the floor; her cheek already swelling from the hit. Sakura looked at both men with a scowl and stormed off in the direction of her bedroom. Shikamaru was the first to speak, "Man… I'd hate to get on Sakura's bad side."

"I can't believe her!" Ino shrieked in anger, both her fists clenched. "Well I gave her a taste of her own medicine." Sakura declared while holding up the fist that had struck Karin. "Even if it was a sucker punch." Sakura added in with a smirk. Ino forgot about her anger and started giggling. "Yeah you're right. She definitely got what she deserved." She patted Sakura on the back and Sakura laughed along with Ino.

A knock sounded at the door, Sakura got off her bed and answered the door with a wide smile on her face. It was Kakashi, the host of this game show her and the others were apart of. "Hello!" he said cheekily, "Pack your bags, you're out." he said casually, still smiling. Sakura stared at him wide eyed, "Wha- what?! You've got to be fucking kidding me?" she bellowed in anger. "Physically harming other contestants is strictly forbidden." he said happily. Sakura crossed her arms over her chest, seething. The host started to laugh hysterically at Sakura's expression. "So sorry! I-I… w-was only joking!" he said in between fits of laughter, "You're not disqualified…" Sakura looked at the host in disbelief. "…yet." he finished.

He straightened himself and regained his composure. "You and Karin will go head to head to determine who remains in this house and who has to pack their bags and leave!" Sakura sighed, "Great." Ino came to stand beside Sakura, "When and where is this challenge going to take place?" Kakashi shrugged his shoulders. "I haven't figured out all the details, but once I do I'll let you know! Till then… ta ta!" and he hastily left.

Sakura looked at Ino with a frown. "I'm gonna have to play dirty if I want to beat that bitch." Ino punched the inside of her hand with a smirk, "And when you do beat her you'll finally get your revenge. Better yet she will be out of this house and out of your's and Sasuke's hair…" she winked at the last part, knowing that there was an attraction between the two of them. Sakura reddened in the face, "Er… whatever you say, Ino." Ino threw an arm around Sakura's neck and dragged her back into the room so that they could devise their strategy plan to defeat Karin once and for all.

"Now tell me about Naruto's broken nose…"


Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I had a lot of fun writing about everyones shenanigans. Hopefully I will update next week! I've kinda got my writing groove back, in the last few years I haven't enjoyed writing nearly as much as I did when I first started doing fan fiction in 2006, but it feels good to start writing again. Also side note: I'm planning on writing a brand new fan fiction sorta based off another anime but it will be in the Naruto universe because let's face it… Naruto fan fiction is just awesome. It'll have more of a sci-fi vibe but will include romance as well. Until next time!

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