The Castle of Sand

"The two things I hate the most are thieves and liars". Relationships are fragile things. Kurama's mother and girlfriend don't take well to liars.

With a kiss and a hug, Kurama left the apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Kyou Aizawa. He headed towards work. He walked in and checked himself in.

His routine was the same every single day. In the view of other people, his life was perfect. He was perfect. He had a perfect girlfriend. Perfect mother. Perfect apartment. Perfect job. Perfect life.

Little did they know; that while they worked hard and made a brick house, his was merely of straw. The big bad wolf could blow it down any time he decided to come around, with a little blow.

When he got off work, he cooked dinner and when Kyou returned the minute that he finished cooking. They ate and discussed what needed to be discussed. They cleaned the kitchen together, now talking leisurely. They watch TV until bedtime, then rinse, lather, and repeat.

His mother used to tell him that, "The two things I hate the most are thieves and liars," as a way to discourage stealing and lying. Of course, this was Youko Kurama she was talking to, that wouldn't change a thing. At first, at least.

Kurama was an intern. He ran errands and such all day, which was the one changing aspect of his life, besides the conversations he had with Kyou.

Kyou had the same thoughts on liars as his mother. And thieves for that matter.

His life really was just like a sand castle. It was going to be kicked down by little kids, or washed away by the tide. When it was washed away it would leave nothing left but flat sand, old memories.

Kyou didn't approve of his friends. She was fine with Kuwabara, ("definitely reformed," she would say,) but Yuusuke was a completely different matter. Nobody really knew if he was reformed. He still smoked, though little that would change his life span. He would still pick fights with those punks off of the playground. She never met Hiei.

"Come and fight, Youko Kurama! Has the legendary King of Thieves gone soft after all these years?"

"Shuuichi, what is that thing talking about? What is it?"

"Kurama! Get over here now or I'll kill the woman!"

For a demon held Shiori tight in its huge hand, and Kurama held Kyou tight to his side.

And Kurama could only stand there in shock as his perfect sand castle was washed away by the tide of time.