i wrote this knowing jack shit about sonic but that never stopped me before.

45 seconds left.

44 seconds left.





Thirty-nine seconds left and it's all over. The day will be all over. I outlasted, I outlived, I flat out won.

And now I'm dying... And I'm so happy.

Antoine, I'm soooo happy. Can you hear me? See me? I don't know what happens to people when they die. Heaven or hell? Reincarnation? Or start over?

I'll never know.

Here I am, 20 seconds to go, talking to myself, smiling, grinning, laughing, talking to someone who died 75 years ago. He's not replying.

He hates me.

I know they all hate me for what I've done in five days. Hating me in heaven and in hell. Sonic is. Antoine is. Robotnik is. Miles is.

The truth is, I couldn't live like this. I knew lots of people. Some loved life, some hated it.

I am not life.

Every death is an shutdown. Rebirth is an upgrade. The way it goes, I'll never die.

Unless I can stop it.

Relax, let autopilot take over. If you programmed it right, anything could happen. Start an operation, a program, with a simple bracket.

End one with another.

Timer's over.

I'm running toward the balcony now, with technology taking over. Close my eyes. Jump. Look down as I plummet from the skyrise and I see cars, people, and concrete death from below.

No, fuck that.

Concrete life. Concrete life. Concrete life.

Maybe a few hundred feet to go. Maybe I'll enjoy the silence.

"Oh my god..."

"What is that?"


"She's falling!"

"Oh my gosh!"




I'm coming, Antoine.