For the record, yes, I know this would have to be one of the most rediculous things I've ever written. Still, I had fun writing it.

Time to Strike

It is time to strike!

It's time to go to war!

Freedom from Bug tyranny,

That's what we're fighting for!


Civilians and peacemakers,

Can all just take a hike!

No quarter will be asked or given,

In the coming fight!


We'll blaze a trail across the stars,

From Earth to Planet P!

Bold warriors of righteous justice,

That is what we'll be!


We will not bow or budge,

For our resolve is strong!

For we all know we fight for right,

While the Bugs they fight for wrong!


Conflict comes our way,

No matter where you are!

Citizen or civilian,

You must do your part!


March out down your verdant streets,

March through your dwelling's halls!

We will not rest from our crusade,

Until Klendathu falls!


So sign up and do your fair share,

Join in our noble fight!

You may not get another chance,

For now's the time to strike!