A/N: Okay, here's the deal. I had a hard time getting back into writing this week, so I decided to start something a little different. This will be a continuing series, but I cannot say when I will be updating it next. This is intended as a writing exercise for me and to get the amazing amounts of sexy times out of my head that build up all week. When an idea pops in my head, this will get updated. No sooner probably. I will not be forcing anything with this one.

It's just random sex, people. No plot and chapters will not relate to each other in anyway. How bad could that really be?

Oh, one more thing. This is meant to be incredibly OOC. I'm tired of trying to keep everybody relatively within character. So screw that.

Snapshots of Desire

Chapter 1

His fingers ghosted up the smooth skin of my thighs. His touch was electric, making every nerve ending fire at will. My breathing was disgustingly erratic and uneven. I could barely string together a coherent thought, much less a full sentence.

"Perfect," Edward whispered into my stomach.

His breath was hot, but for some reason I still broke out in goose bumps. I could feel his nose running over them, brushing from side to side across the wide expanse of skin.

"Mine," he growled and looked up at me.

Our eyes locked, green with brown. Emerald with chocolate.

Everything I ever needed to know about him I could find in his eyes. When his face betrayed no emotion, I could see how he felt just by looking into his eyes. Love, fear, lust, despair, desire, sadness. They were all reflected in varying shades and inflections.

I knew them all. I always had. From the moment I'd met him, I'd been able to read him better than any other person. Before me, he'd been locked away behind those eyes. Locked in the battleground of his mind.

But now he had me. And I had him.

Two become one.

"Yours," I breathed and he grinned at me, one side breaking off.

"Always," he mumbled.

"Forever," I returned.

His lips dipped back down and pressed an urgent kiss to my steadily dampening panties. I was already so sensitive, so in need of his touch. The dull throb I'd been feeling all day was turning into a strong ache.

I wanted him, no I needed him. It was no longer just a simple want. I needed him like I need air. Or needed food. Hell, I could go without food if I just had him.

Edward took the waistband of my panties in his teeth and tugged. My eyes were simply glued to him as he dragged the material down my legs and tossed it aside on the big bed.

His strong hands gripped my thighs and pulled them apart. I gasped at his force while every remaining ounce of willpower crumbled. If I was ready for him before, I was willing to beg for him now. He strength was such a turn on, something I dreamed out when he wasn't there.

He positioned himself so he was kneeling in the space between my legs and scooted towards me.

His erection stood out, belaying his need for me was just as strong as mine was for him.

God, he was beautiful. All of him. Every last inch of him was sheer perfection, sheer magnificence. He tried to claim he had flaws, but I had yet to find one. I had searched every part of his body and all I could find was more and more perfection.

I almost felt inadequate next to him. Imperfect.


Edward made sure to tell me different. Every chance he got he told me about my own perfection. Mentioned my beautiful parts. Showed me what he liked best, what he found most alluring.

"Do you have any idea how fucking hot you are?" he panted.

I shook my head, not trusting my ability to speak.

"God, you fucking beautiful. I can't get enough of you. Every time the thought of you pops in my head, I get hard. Painful almost. I just want to bury myself in you, soak up your warmth from inside out," he growled and palmed my thighs.

My head rolled back and my hands went to cover his.

"From the moment I first tasted, first had you, I knew I had to have you forever. There was no other option, no other choice for me. You're like an addiction, Bella. A wonderful, sexy, gorgeous, alluring, fucking hot addiction," he continued.

My mouth fell open and a stilted groan rolled of my lips. His words were having an enormous impact on me. My body was melting under his touch, turning into liquid fire and molten lava.

Edward's hands, covered by my own, began to push up my legs. He paused at my hips and gripped them.

"Mine," he growled.

His hands continued northward, and I allowed my hands to be guided with him. I had nothing left to resist him, as if I would want to. There was no resistance to him anymore. I'd tried in the beginning, but once I'd fully experienced him I was lost forever. Lost to his power. Lost to his desire. Lost to my own overwhelming need to be with him, come hell or high water.

As his hands moved, he began to lean over me. His body angled and I could feel his stiff cock brushing up against my heat. Barely. Just barely. A ghost of a touch. A skim of hot skin against my wetness.

Not enough.

I wanted more.

So much more.

"Please," I begged, my voice low and broken.

"Beg for it, Bella. I want to hear you beg for my cock inside you," Edward responded, his own voice husky and cracking. I knew it took everything in him not to just pounce and impale himself into me.

But it was all of this tension, this pressure, this buildup that made the final goal all that much better.

So we both suffered for it.

"Please, Edward. I need you," I panted.

"That's a good girl."

Faster than I could blink, he was on top of me. My bare breasts pressed into his chest and my nipples were instantly hard.

He moaned deep in his throat, and I felt the vibration of his chest against mine. I gasped at the feeling and pressed myself into him.

I felt him at my entrance, hard and ready for me.

"Fuck me, Edward," I gasped in his ear and bit down.

I must have caught him by surprise because the instant I bit down, he pulled back and pushed his cock into me. Filling me to the hilt. Splitting me straight down the middle. Completing me.

We were becoming one again.

It was this connection, this sense of fulfillment that was enough for me. I didn't care if either of us climaxed and I'm pretty sure he didn't either. It was just the knowledge that he was in me and we were linked somehow.

But of course, we could still feel better. My mind liked the link, but my body loved the completion.

And so did Edward's.

So he began to move. He pulled out just enough to slam back into me, pushing me higher on the bed.

I yelped at the force, but it wasn't a yelp from the pain. I loved it when he was rough.

"Every time … god … I can't get enough … tight … fuck … god," he panted incoherently between thrusts.

Edward leaned back just enough so he could get a better angle. His hands found purchase on my breasts and began massaging them in a manner only he knew how to do. He rolled my nipples between his fingers, pinching and pulling as needed.

His name rolled off my tongue like a religious chant. He was wrong. It was I who couldn't get enough of him. I couldn't get enough of this. Of us.

"I love you, baby," Edward groaned and his head fell back.

He increased his pace and the coil in my stomach pulled tighter. We were close. Both of us. Sometimes he would finish first; sometimes I would. It was never a race though. We just both wanted each other to feel what the other was feeling.

And at that moment, I was feeling everything.

Every thrust. Every touch. Every swipe. Every gasp. Every movement of his hands. Every everything.

"Bella, love. I need you to cum for me. Can you do that?" he gasped and his body began to tense up.

How could he still form sentences? How could he come up with a logical thought when all I could manage was gasps of air and shouts of his name?

"Cum for me!" he shouted.

He gave one last hard thrust and we both fell over the edge at the same moment. We plunged over the same high ledge we'd both been climbing together.

These were the best. When we came together. There was nothing greater in my world than the moment when he exploded in me and I exploded back around him.

My world exploded and his name ripped from my lips, rattling the glass in the window panes.

He pulsed within me and continued his thrusts, though with less force now.

I couldn't think, couldn't process, couldn't do anything more than feel him. All of him. I left my body behind and our souls soared together. We were in a place beyond time. Beyond anything than just the two of us together as one.

The completion.

The high.

The amazing feeling of wholeness. Oneness.


"I love you," I whispered the words into the thick air around us.

I meant it more than I could explain.

When I was with him like this, my world was at peace.