SUMMARY: He's the popular boy that every girl and… some boys wants, and she's the crazy fan girl with a mission…she has a crush on him, he thinks that she's a brainless turnip. But she's ready to give up, but all of that is changed after one steaming kiss that leaves him reeling, suddenly the wheels have turned.





If somebody had told me a week ago that I would be coming to the prom in the arms of the most popular boy in school, I would have laughed at them and called them delusional. After so many years of wanting, after so many years of chasing after him, I can't believe the wheels finally turned. This time he was the one who chased after me, he had to go through the pain that I went through for seven years. But the only difference is that he succeeded in just seven days.

I looked up and admired his beautiful face. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. Those chiselled cheeks, and those beautiful lips had starred in my dreams ever since I hit puberty. I always dreamt of having his strong arms around me, I always dreamt of pressing my cheeks against his chest. But that's as far as I've ever gone. Dreams.

Boy was I foolish. The dreams could never ever compare to the reality I was now facing. I'm still having trouble coming in to grips with my reality. Everything that's happened this week feels like a big giant blur.

Who would have thought that he would finally see me the way I've always wanted him to see me? It's just so surreal. Two weeks ago our world had never collided. He was always the popular boy every girl had wet dreams about, while I was always the crazy obsessed fan girl. Actually come to think of it, I'm not entirely surprised that he thought that I was a complete vegetable, you know; half girl, half turnip.

His beautiful blue eyes were looking at me as though I was the most precious thing in the planet, and my green eyes stared back at him with the exact same intensity. We're still inside the limo, I know that we were missing a great party inside, but we didn't care. Our hands were entwined, we just sat there in companionable silence.

It should be awkward, but for some reason, it is never awkward with him. Even back when he saw me as a brainless vegetable. Well…it might have been awkward for him…you know…the whole following him around bit. And I'm pretty sure that my dedication scared him a bit, but it never occurred to me to mind. His company was all I ever wanted.

Being with him right now makes me feel like I'm floating on cloud nine. My brain can't wrap it self around the idea of him. I know, any moment now, the whole senior class of Forks High School is going to get a shock when they see me, lowly loser Alice Cullen, walking hand in hand with Jasper Hale.

I looked up at him a small smile forming on my face, Jasper reached up and stroked my face gently. I'm pretty sure I just had a mild orgasm from that. I shivered slightly, he thought that it was from the cold. He frowned, his full lips forming in to a very cute pout. "Are you cold?" he asked gently, wrapping his arms around me even tighter. I sighed slightly and nodded. Okay it was a lie, but anything to keep his arms where they were works for me.

I nuzzled his cheek and sniffed him. I felt slightly intoxicated from his scent. He's smelt like something exotic and sweet. I ran a finger through his blonde curls and closed my eyes.

His warmth embraced me, a certain heat started inside of me, Jasper's inner light was enveloping me, attracting me with its beauty.

Just like a moth to a flame, I said to myself.

He started to pull away from me and I protested. He chuckled softly, I opened my eyes and looked at him. "We have to go, we can't keep the masses waiting right?" he said softly against my ear. His smile had a drugging effect on me, that a bright smile began forming on my lips. We pulled apart slightly.

He stepped out of the limo first and held the door open for me. He held out his hand, I took it and gave him a slow smile, he smiled back at me. "You're a little minx you know that?" he growled in my ears. A giggle started to bubble inside me making me feel giddy.

He escorted me all the way to gym, the door was closed, a few freshmen stood at the entrance and collected tickets. Some of them were looking at me with clear awe and envy in their eyes.

I saw everything happen slowly. Jasper was opening the gym doors, all eyes were on us, but I didn't notice anybody else in the room, because my eyes were only fixed on Jasper.

My happiness seemed to have caught on since Jasper smiled back at me with his eyes filled with love. A love that always burnt, but was never ignited. To think that everything happened in just a week. The fire was finally ignited, and all because I was the one who started it. None of this would have happened at all without that damn kiss that started it all…

A/N: Hey guys, i hope you liked that, i decided to start this story...I got bored. I know I should focus more on my other story, but damn it! Its always about Bella and Edward, and I wanted something different. I always wanted to toy with Alice's hyper character, so what better way to how it by making her a fangirl! LOL, I hope you like it, this is just the beginning. This story is going to be a short one, it will only last for about 7-8 chapters :D Well hope I get readers for this.