Final Chapter


Happy Ending part 2

Jasper's POV

I absentmindedly stared at the ceiling. It was already five past seven, and I was meant to meet with Elisa about thirty minutes ago. I wasn't dressed, and my hair was a complete mess. I closed my eyes as my phone started ringing again. It's Elisa, no doubt.

I don't usually ditch girls, but something about tonight just doesn't seem right. It's like my conscience just won't settle, knowing Alice may or may not be waiting for me in the playground. I don't think my heart could take it. No matter how much she betrayed me, I don't think I can stand leaving her out in the cold.

I tossed and turned, each second a complete torture. The dance doesn't start till eight. I could already hear Rosalie busying herself in front of the mirror next door. I can just imagine it now. Clothes thrown across her bed, her GHD in one hand, and a lipstick on the other. What a nightmare.

I decided to go downstairs to take my edge off. I slumped on the sofa and turned on the TV. There was a romantic movie on where the two leads are kissing in the rain. I groaned and hastily changed the channel. To my annoyance another romantic film came on, it was Romeo and Juliet this time. I let out a frustrated sound and flicked the channel again. This time it landed on a show about pixies. I frowned to myself, switching the TV off completely. Everything reminds me of her, Why?! I thought to myself frustrated.

I heard the clunking of heels as Rosalie descended the stairs.

"Will you stop grunting? It's very disturbing" she snapped. I rolled my eyes then turned around. It was old news, but my sister sure never fails to look good.

"I thought you weren't talking to me?" I started, raising an eyebrow.

"Look, just because I stormed out doesn't mean I'm not talking to you" she said pointedly, fixing her white gloves, and running her hand through her curls.

"How do I look?" she said, twirling in front of me, the silky material of the dress making an umbrella around her legs. The dress was a complete replica of Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress.

"You look good as usual, Emmett's going to love you even more" I said honestly. Rosalie looked pleased with herself. I felt jealous some how. No matter how vain Rosalie might be, at least her relationship with Emmett never lacks stability.

I sighed miserably. Rosalie sat down next to me, scrutinizing me. "Why aren't you dressed? Shouldn't you be picking up Elisa right about now?" she asked nonchalantly.

I shook my head. "I'm not going, if you see her, tell her I'm sorry" I said miserably.

Rosalie looked at me as though I was the worst thing she had ever seen

"Are you kidding me? Jay, you are a horrible boy" she said coldly. "First Alice, now Elisa, how many more hearts are you going to break in one night?" she said disappointedly.

"What are you talking about? Alice is going with someone else" I said in a dark voice. Rosalie sighed heavily.

"Ahh yes, the video…I've seen it. That weasel Elisa didn't wait around long enough to see that Bella and Alice were joking about if worst came to worst, they would take their dad's to the prom" she said, taking in my confused look.

"What the hell are you on about?" I asked, starting to get a headache.

"I was in that change room Jasper. I know for a fact that that little conversation went on longer. If Elisa had stayed, she would have seen me come out of that closed change room. Bella and Alice's imagination went a little wild, but it was completely harmless. So you see brother, you are an idiot" she said, nodding wisely. "And that Elisa…I think all of that peroxide went right through her brain" she said darkly, shrugging.

All the while Rosalie was chattering away, a part of me began to fall apart, which was instantly followed by guilt. I was speechless.

Rosalie took one look at me; there was a resounding horn outside the house. Emmett was waiting outside. Rosalie stood up, and then looked down at me. "The rest is entirely up to you. You owe someone a big apology" she said before walking out of the house.

I sat on the sofa, feeling slightly crestfallen. I am such an idiot. I thought, burying my face in my hands.


Alice's POV

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked beautiful. My pure white corset and the princess skirt made me look just that: A princess. But despite the entire make up and all the glamour, there was certain sadness in my eyes. No amount of glitter could ever hide that away.

Without the make-up, my complexion would have looked ashened and gray. Thank God for the beauty of make-up. Any moment now the limo would arrive, and then Bella and I will descend down the stairs. Then I will force down the tears that will threaten to fall when envy takes over as soon as I see the love in Edward's eyes for Bella.

I have to face reality; the only look I'm going to get is from my father who will no doubt exclaim something lame like "My baby girl is growing up!" I am so looking forward to that, not!

I caught Bella's reflection behind me. I turned around and smiled satisfactorily. I had kept myself busy by making her over, and forcing her to wear one of my dresses when she threatened to wear jeans and t-shirt to the prom.

Now Bella was a vision in powder blue crystal. The detail of the crystal pattern on the top area went flawlessly with the powder blue airy skirt. The thin material that went around Bella's neck made her look delicate. Unlike me, Bella was glowing inside and out. Although they haven't truly said 'I love you' to each other, I just knew that those words were less than enough when it came to described how they felt about each other.

"This is so lame…" Bella said self consciously, fidgeting with her straps. I chuckled then.

"No its not, this is a tradition that we can't miss" I said matter-of-factly. Bella rolled her eyes and turned to look at me. She stood there for a while, just staring at me in awe.

"Alice…you look so pretty…" she said with a half smile. She walked towards me and we hugged tightly.

"I can't believe Jasper was stupid enough to let you go…" she added sadly. I could feel my breath shortening, felt the tears coming.

"Don't say that, you're going to make me cry!" I said, my voice shaking slightly. "You have your fun; just don't worry about me okay? This is your night" I said sniffed. I couldn't help the tears that went down at that moment.

"Look at what you made me do" I chuckled. I pulled away from Bella and wiped under my eyes. I took a few moments to take a few deep breaths before looking at Bella again.

"Lets get out of here before I start crying again; I'm such a sap" I said, brightly this time. Bella nodded and we linked arms as we walked out of my room.

We started going down the stairs, the first face that I saw was Edward's. And just as I predicted, his expression was of absolute love for Bella. But instead of feeling pain, I couldn't help but feel happy for them; their happiness was so contagious. Once we reached the bottom of the stairs I gave Edward a bright smile, which he returned.

"You better look after my best friend, or I'm going to kick your butt in the end of the night" I said jokingly.

I looked at dad, noticing his proud smile. "Come here sweet heart" he said, beckoning me. I obediently walked in to his arms. I had almost forgotten the warmth he often provided with his hugs.

"Love you daddy" I mumbled. Carlisle chuckled in to my ear.

"You look beautiful sweetie" he said tenderly. He pulled away, and twirled me around like a little princess. I could feel the waterworks acting up again. I looked around to find Esme, my mum, fixing Edward's tie, while he tried to push her away, turning pink.

Mum turned to me and smiled prettily. "My little angel, come here Alice. You look gorgeous" she said, giving me a once over before hugging me tightly. She pulled away and took out a camera. "Come on you three, in front of the camera!" she said enthusiastically. Edward and Bella groaned, but I stayed quiet.

Edward and Bella stepped in front of the camera, while I backed away slowly. There was that ripping loneliness coming on again. Mum looked at me expectedly.

I avoided eye contact, "I think I'll pass" I said in a small voice. Mum and Dad looked at each other worriedly.

"Alright baby" Dad said, putting his arms around me.

They took a few snaps. I was able to breathe easily once they were done. Bella took my hands and we both went out the door. We halted when we saw the two stretch limos in front of the house.

"Oh crap…I forgot to cancel that" Edward said, stunned. "Bella and I are suppose to take one, while you and Jasper…sorry" he said, turning apologetically towards me.

I looked at the two limos, then at Jasper. I thought of the prospect being the third wheel all through the night, and I almost cringed. I bit my bottom lip as I looked at Bella and Edward.

"Nah its cool, I'll take this one, you take the other" I said abruptly, walking towards the second stretch limo at the back.

"Wait! Alice…" Bella said, running after me, which wasn't such a hot idea since she was wearing very high heels. She almost slipped, luckily Edward caught her.

I turned and bit my lip. "I'm serious guys, it'll be fun, and I'll have all of the free stuff for my self" I said jokingly. Edward and Bella looked at each other with a concerned expression.

"Alice…" Edward said, shaking his head. I gave him a condescending look.

"I'll be fine" I said with finality. "I'll be right behind you guys" I said reassuringly. I sat inside the limo, glad of the cover the tinted windows provided. I sat inside my limo, feeling oddly isolated.

My limo followed Bella's limo closely. I could feel the strained silence in the air, it was suffocating my senses. I grew even more depressed when I thought about all of the other couples in the dance. And just like that, Jasper's face came to mind.

I pressed the intercom button and spoke up. "Umm…Can you please turn right?" I said in a small voice. There was a crackle on the line as the driver picked up the receiver.

"But the school is the other way Miss" the driver pointed out, confused by my abrupt decision.

"Yeah I know, but do you mind though? I mean you can drive me around for a few hours right?" I said consciously. There was silence on the line as I waited patiently for the driver to answer.

"Whatever you say miss. I'll go wherever you want me to" he said, his voice deep. I took a deep breath and looked out the window. A part of me just knew that he was never going to show up in the playground, but there was still a small part of me that hoped that he would.

"Can you stop at the nearby playground, sir?" I asked.

"Yep" he said simply.

The limo stopped out the front of the small playground. I stepped out, the small crystal beads of my gown shining brightly under the pale moonlight. The limo driver parked the limo under a tree and a tall man wearing black stepped out.

I turned and gave him a small wave, which he returned. I slowly began walking towards the swing, ignoring the cold night air. I sat down and waited…

I sat there for what seemed like forever, under the stars that looked like they were winking at me. I gently pushed myself and savored the gentle feel of the breeze.

I may have stayed that way for an hour or so since I didn't even notice the driver walking towards me until he was at least a 5 foot away from me. I looked at him, not saying anything.

"It's almost nine o'clock Miss…" he started, his voice drifting away. Just then a flash of thunder could be heard from a distance. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the heavens was about to open up and drown me in the process, but I didn't care.

I felt faded and incomplete, and it felt like the whole world's emotional problems were on my shoulders, pushing me down, just sitting there waiting to crush me.

The driver slowly backed away, and sat on top of the slide, just watching me. I could feel the rain coming, but I didn't care. I leaned against the cold metal of the swing handle and let the tears come out. Moments later the sky cried with me.

Tears that had been suppressed ever since Jasper first broke my spirit finally came pouring out. I kept on crying, that I didn't even know where my tears ended since the water had began mixing with my own waterworks.

My vision was starting to blur when I made out a bright light coming from a car. I ducked my head and closed my eyes. The rain was starting to get heavy.

I heard an engine stop abruptly, followed by footsteps. I opened my eyes and was surprised to find Jasper walking towards me. I sat there mutely, hoping against odds that I wasn't dreaming him up. I closed my eyes again, muffling the sound of my cries, feeling utterly pathetic.

The rain was playing tricks with my mind; I could swear that somebody was really standing in front of me.

"Open your eyes Alice…" a familiar voice whispered softly. I swallowed hard, I was hearing voices. Surely that was a sign of insanity.

I began to open my eyes. My sight was unclear, but I knew that somebody was standing in front of me. I licked my lips and gasped; Jasper's beautiful face was inches away from mine.

All I could do was stare at him like an idiot. After a few moments I tried to look calm and collected, which was completely pointless since I just did the best impersonation of a fish that was humanly possible.

"Shouldn't you be at the dance with Elisa?" I asked, my eyes never leaving his face.

"I don't think so…I never wanted to take her in the first place" he said, staring right back.

"Really…" I said, biting my lips until the bottom one began bleeding. I looked away from him, keeping my eyes on the ground.

"You see, there's this other girl I've been crushing on…" he said, walking around, standing behind me. He began pushing me gently.

"I use to think that she was the most annoying thing in the world" he pushed. I closed my eyes, listening to him talk.

"But for some reason, I never stopped her from bothering me…She more or less stalked me" he chuckled. I looked back at his beautiful face, washed with rain.

"She did now, did she?" I said, smiling slightly. He laughed gently, giving me another gentle push.

"Ah huh, made my life a living hell this week. We made a bet, and she completely kicked my ass" he laughed.

"Sounds like a great girl" I whispered.

"She is…" he said.

"I asked her out non-stop, but she kept turning me down. I pretty much made an ass of myself. So after doing karaoke for her, I decided that maybe it was a lost cause, and for a while I thought so too" Jasper said. He stopped pushing me. He walked around and stood in front of me. He was beautiful under the moonlight, his hair was sticking to the nape of his neck as it got soaking wet.

"I was an idiot to ever take somebody else's word over yours Alice. I'm sorry. It's just…I've never felt this way about anyone. And when Elisa showed me that video of you talking about taking somebody else to the prom other than me, I kind of lost it. I'm such an idiot, I can't believe I got jealous over your dad" he said to himself darkly as though he wanted to punish himself for his stupidity. I couldn't help but wonder at what he was talking about, but asking him at that moment would have ruined the atmosphere.

Jasper had his head down, and his hands were in his pockets. I couldn't help but smile. Despite the heartache that I went through earlier, the happiness that I was feeling at that very moment covered everything else.

I just stood there staring at him. I couldn't get enough of him. Even in the rain Jasper was beautiful. When he finally looked at me, he had wonder in his eyes. "Say something…Anything" he said nervously, his eyes never wavering from mine.

I bit my bottom lip and shook my head. He must've taken that as a rejection because his face fell, and he cast his gaze away.

"There's nothing else that I want you to say" I whispered. He looked up then, his blue eyes shining brightly. "I've loved longer than I realized" I said, my voice welling with emotion. Then it was as though time stood still; I stood on the tip of my toes, ran my hands gentle over his jaw and brought his lips down to mine. The result felt like a miracle. We melted in to each other, turning a simple kiss in to something beautiful.

I didn't even care that the heavy rain was doing a terrible mess to my hair, I didn't care. All that mattered to me was that moment in the pouring rain, that kiss, and of course; the boy that I got to share it with.

When we finally pulled out for air, that's when the limo driver stepped in awkwardly. "Ms, I think we better get going if you ever want to make it alive to your prom" he said in a kind voice. I couldn't see anything behind his dark sunglasses. Jasper and I nodded. He took my hand and we headed towards the limo. He decided that he was going to leave his car, and he was just going to pick it up the next day.

We sat comfortably inside the limo for a few moments until what I was wearing finally registered. "I look like a drowned dog" I said, looking down at myself. Jasper put his arm over my shoulder.

"You could never look like a dog" he whispered before kissing my lips. I could get use to this, I thought to myself as Jasper's kiss melted me once again.

I told the limo driver to drive us back home. Jasper and I stepped out of the limo to be greeted by a stunned Carlisle and Esme. "Sweetheart, what's going on?" Esme asked worriedly as she took in mine and Jasper's appearance.

"Just a little rain is all!" I said happily. I ran up the stairs and quickly changed in to another dress. This time it was a little less princess, more like a siren or a seductress. The dress was red with a plunging neckline, it had complicated strings that tied to the back, exposing my delicate pale shoulders. It hugged my body perfectly, with an opening just above my thigh, opening up, so it looked like a swishy tail in the back. It looked like a gypsy dress, what with the intricate flower pattern on the skirt. I decided to wear a black choker.

I quickly dried my hair, styling it messily, so it was all over the place. When I was done, I walked down the stairs where Jasper was waiting for me, smiling in awe. Our eyes met, and it was like I had waited for the moment our eyes would meet while he stood at the bottom of the staircase all my life.

Jasper took my hand and kissed it. I blushed slightly. I looked at Esme and Carlisle.

Carlisle bowed and held out his hand. "Your carriage awaits my lady" he said majestically. I moaned at the cheesy line and shook my head.

I looked up at Jasper and smiled. "Let's go beautiful girl" he said. And we did. We got inside the limo, and the driver drove off.

Jasper and I talked about everything. About our first meeting, and we both agreed that perhaps we really might be soul mates.

I kept pinching myself just to check if I wasn't dreaming. I never knew it was possible to be so in love. Jasper made the limo driver stop just when we were by Forks High.

"I want to have you for myself before we face everybody else" he whispered, kissing my neck. And to be honest, I wasn't in any position to object; So I happily obliged.


Bella's point of view

Edward twirled me around the dance floor. His green eyes sparkled, and his smile was contagious. I had repeatedly told him that I never wanted to dance, but he insisted.

Despite the fun that I was having, I couldn't stop worrying about Alice. Edward and I hadn't anticipated her running away at the last minute. When I screamed at the limo driver to stop and follow Alice's limo, Edward had stopped me and told me that she needed time to be alone seeing as our presence wasn't making Alice feel any better.

For a bit I thought that she would be alright, but now I can't help but worry. I should not have left her. What if something happened?

The music changed to 'Iris' by the googoo dolls. Edward and I moved closer, the part of his body touching mine leaving tingling sensations. He was looking at me intently.

"You are so beautiful…" he said in a serious tone. His melodic voice was leaving me breathless, I actually thought that I was going to pass out. I tried to distract myself.

"Do you think Alice will be fine" I said, pressing my face against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

"My sister is a strong girl. Besides, haven't you noticed? She's not the only one missing. Jasper isn't here either, and I can see Elisa making out with Mike Newton over there. If she doesn't watch it, Jessica is going to come and pull her hair out" he chuckled.

I shivered. He noticed.

He was right, Jasper was absent as well. My mind started making up excuses for the two of them, Edward probably noticed my body tensing up.

"Don't worry about those two. I've got a feeling that they will be alright" he whispered in my ear. I pulled away then, looking at him. "How do you know that?" I said defiantly. Edward laughed a small laugh; then gave me his beautiful crooked smile.

"Because they just walked in" he said, his eyes twinkling. My forehead wrinkled in confusion. What was he talking about? I thought. Edward turned me towards the door and my heart soared. Everybody in the room was looking at the couple that just walked in, looking utterly in love in each others arms.

I resumed dancing with Edward in peace, finally able to breathe.

Everything is finally back to how they should be. I thought to myself. And to think what a week we've all had all because of a small little kiss.



The end

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