Author's Note: And this is the last part. It's been a fun ride, and I hope that you've all enjoyed it.

66. Tired

Will was watching closely, so he caught William when the boy wilted as they finished. As he did so, he staggered himself. Apparently, binding a god took a lot of energy.

Everyone else looked tired as well, including Calypso. But in the center of their circle, surrounded by the nine binding stones, a man sprawled face down.

Will backed away, taking William away from the man- the god now trapped- on the deck.

"Jack, Barbossa? Thank you for your help," Will said.

The Captains of the Black Pearl- neither could keep her from the other for long- nodded at him.

67. Done

"So, we put Ishkur here off at the nearest port and we're done with it."

Will nodded. "Aye. We'll need to scatter the stones- perhaps some wealthy idiots could be persuaded that they're valuable and should be protected- but we're done."

"You never did explain everything."

"He tried to kidnap William; he's an enemy of Calypso. What more do you need to know?"

Barbossa shrugged. "Just curious."

Will sighed. "I'm just glad it's over with." Before anyone could say anything else, he looked up. "I suppose this break couldn't last much longer. Father, Maccus, back to the Dutchman!" he ordered.

68. Over and Done

The crews of the Empress and the Black Pearl watched as the Flying Dutchman dove. William was waving at his father from the rail, and the last any of them saw was Will waving back.

"So, Mrs. Turner, what was it that we weren't told?" Barbossa asked.

Elizabeth gave him a look. "Quite frankly, Captain Barbossa, I don't think that it's anything you need to know. This," she nudged the unconscious Ishkur with her toe, "decided to kidnap William. William ended up on the Dutchman instead- though we're not sure how."

"The little whelp is the whelp's son," Jack said.

69. An Explanation

Calypso appeared on the Dutchman, which brought Captain Turner running. Captain Turner skidded to a halt and bowed. "Goddess."

"Captain Turna." Calypso smiled. "I've discovered how your son ended up on the Dutchman, when Ishkur tried ta take him."

Will smiled. "What happened?" he asked.

"Cronos, a god of time, interfered. William would have been taken by Ishkur if he hadn't."

Will nodded. "Did he try to do it to kidnap William on his own?"

Calypso shook her head. "No, he wanted ta help."

Will leaned back in though. "Will you convey my thanks to him?"

"Of course," Calypso said.

70. Consequences

William looked up at Elizabeth. "Mum… can Da take me underwater next time he visits?"

Elizabeth looked down. "William, you know your father doesn't want to risk you."

"But Captain Jones took me underwater. It was fun," William protested.

Elizabeth stiffened. "Bill didn't mention that."

"Granddad acted weird when he did- so did Mr. Maccus and everyone else."

Elizabeth sighed. "You'll need to ask your father," she said. "But if it's safe, then I won't tell him no."

William cheered and skipped away. Elizabeth frowned. She needed to talk to Bill, it seemed. He shouldn't have kept that from them.

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