Woo! My second Naturally Sadie fanfic! This one is Rain/Arden. It takes place after the episode English Patience, which, coincidentally, is the episode after the one my last fic was based off of! Weird, right?

Anyways, this is dedicated to GilbertDrone328, who requested a Rain/Arden fic. I hope you like it! (And that you still read it, since it's been like a billion and one years since you requested it.)

This is just the prologue. I have this and the first chapter finished. :)

She had to go see him.

She had to go see him. She couldn't take it anymore. For three days, his words played over and over in her head. "It's your loss," he said, and she knew he was right. It was eating away at her, and she had to go and make things right.

"She" was Arden Alcott; pretty, popular, and smart. "He" was Rain Papadakis; goofy, clumsy, and awkward. Their social circles were nothing alike, but when the two of them were together, there was undeniable chemistry. Somehow, beyond the ties of the status quo, Arden found herself falling for Rain. She kissed him when they were alone, and for that moment, it didn't matter how different they were. She liked him. He adored her. It was that simple.

Until the next day at school, of course. As Rain approached Arden when she was with her friends, it was clear that Arden had to make a choice. If she chose to acknowledge Rain, she would lose her friends and the popularity she had always known. If she chose her friends, she might be ruining a relationship with a lot of potential.

As a spur-of-the-moment choice, Arden chose to keep her popularity intact. It took her about three more seconds before she realized she had made the wrong choice.

Since I haven't written the whole fic, updates will be sporadic. Chances are, though, the more reviews I get, the more motivation I'll have to write! :P