James Potter: Butcher's Bill

(working title)

"Harry Potter, throw down your wand and come out of there!" the Auror yelled at the outside of the building he had tracked the boy to. "I know you're in there, surrender now and come back to England to face trial for your crimes!" the man shouted, trying to unlock the magically sealed door.

"How about I just escape and leave your sorry ass here by yourself?" a voice shouted back from the warehouse. "I committed no crime, they were just Death Eaters!" James's green eyes peeked out the window at the growing crowd of Aurors.

"No one has the right to go above the law!" the man screamed. "Aurors, open fire!" he ordered as two dozen wands raised and fired.

"Milord," Narcissa Malfoy bowed to the figure in the throne. "There is news, the Aurors have tracked him and are returning him for trial," she explained.

"Begin preparations, I want him to beg me to kill him," the man smiled evilly.

A/N: Yeah, it's a cruel teaser, I know. Current projects (since as of today I decided not to write 2 stories at a time) in order of what I will finish are:

Unified Theory

Super Soldier

The Demon Barber of Diagon Alley

James Castle: Butcher's Bill

Sorry for delays in updating UT and SS, but I got busy in RL, and it is just going to get worse until the holidays are over. And yes, if you look at #3, if you catch the reference, it is what you think it is.