Pete's Bar is a small room with a couple of tables and a bar at the front. It is dark and usually very quiet. It's the kind of bar that you only see old alcoholic men sitting at the bar looking drowsy. It is a place that none of my friends like except for me, and that is why I came to love it. I knew that if I came here no one would follow me, and no one would bother talking to me. I could sit in a corner all day and night and not have one soul come up to me and ask me a question. At times like this, this is the place I come to. I let the door shut behind me, hearing the little bells jingle as I walked towards the bar. Pete, the man who owned the bar, stood there in a stained button down shirt, unshaven, and with a rag in his hand. He barely ever talked and I liked that. I quietly told him I wanted a whiskey and waited for him to pour it out, completely ignoring the voice in my head that was telling me the last time I drank whiskey was when everyone was at the bar and I got angry at Bella. That was a long time ago, I thought to myself, so I shook it off. I quickly grabbed my drink and walked to the abandoned table in the corner.

I didn't need a book or a laptop to keep me busy, all I needed were my thoughts and I had a lot of them. I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket and I knew it was Bella, so i did not bother to answer. A few minutes later it buzzed again and I saw that it was a text.

Hey sweetie just wanted to make sure you are ok. Saw you by the tree and next minute you were gone? When are you coming home?

I frowned. I hated lying to Bella but I knew she would be angry if I told here where I was at. One little lie wouldn't hurt.

Im fine I was just doing some thinking. Got called in at the hospital. Ill be home ASAP.

I turned off the phone knowing I was not going to be bothered till I got home. Sitting back in my chair I finally allowed myself to think. I loved Bella, that was without a doubt, but did I love her enough to have children with her? No, I wouldn't let myself believe that. You can love someone enough and not want children. I love her enough but I don't want children. So why not be honest with her and tell her I don't want kids? I knew the answer to that one. I was scared. What if I told her and I hurt her? What if I told her and she left me? I didn't want neither of those to happen but it was inevitable. It was either have me suffer or have her suffer. I was so deep in thought that I did not notice Pete standing by my chair until I heard the clank of the whiskey bottle against the table. Pete, without a word walked back to the bar and then looked up.

"You look troubled. Thought I'd give you the rest. It's on me." I gave him a tired smile and poured myself some more whiskey.

When I woke up my head was hurting and it was dark. I lifted my head and found that I was still in the bar, with several drunk men in the same position as I was. I looked at my watch and saw that it was nearly two. I had been gone for almost ten hours. Jumping out of my seat I grabbed my keys and ran to the car. I made sure that I was sober enough to drive, and oddly enough it felt like most of the alcohol had left my body. Making sure to follow the speed limit I quickly drove home.

I threw off my shoes at the front door and when I looked up Bella was sitting on the couch staring at me. The TV was off and so were the lights, she was waiting for me. Even in the dark I could see she looked beautiful. Her long brown hair was still wet from her shower and her cheeks pink. She was wearing a short nightdress with her arms crossed across her chest, and she looked mad. I smiled, loving how sexy she looked when she was mad. She never seemed to get angry enough and when she did it made me lust for her even more.

"You look pissed," I laughed.

"This is not funny. Where have you been?" She was still sitting there.

I had suddenly forgotten where I was supposed to be, my only answer was a deer in headlights stare. She raised one of her eyebrows still waiting for me to answer. "Were you at work, Edward?"

I sighed with relief, "yes baby I was at work."

"Mmhmm" She stood up and walked towards me, arms still crossed. "So why does your breath smell like alcohol?"

"Me and a couple of coworkers stopped to get a drink." I leaned down and kissed her collar bone, and she finally uncrossed her arms. I pulled her towards me and wrapped my arms around her waist. I felt her do the same.

"I missed you. I came home early hoping to spend some time with you."

My lips twitched. I could have been spending the day with her, but instead I went and got drunk. "I'm sorry I wish I could have. I missed you too." I gave her neck a kiss as I felt her skin get hot under my lips. I continued kissing knowing where this would lead. "I missed you so much," I whispered. Her grip around me got tighter. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me. She kissed every part of my skin, making it feel like it was on fire.

I made my way to the stairs and carefully climbed up as Bella was still in my arms, her head buried into my neck. The smell of her shampoo and perfume was intoxicating, making me feel more drunk than the beer.

I gently laid her on the bed and looked down at her. She looked like an angel with her hair fanned around her head. I knew at the minute that I had to have her. Everything else became a blur to me. The words that Bella mumbled became nothing but silent whispers as her nightgown slid to the floor.