Chapter 11: Top secret weapon

( Wyatts and Garys are taken away and the others are shoved into an operating room and each is strapped to an operating table where a group of nurses and surgeons are waiting)

B. Carly: You Know, I've imagined many ways I could die but being dissected was never one of them.

Surgeon: Well, we don't know exactly how it's going to happen do we?

B. Carly: I wish I had never gone online yesterday. In fact, after this I'm never going online again! If I make it out of this alive, that is. Maybe being from another dimension will work to my advantage and they won't be able to hurt me.

Carly: Lisa, Gary, and Wyatt will come through. They always do somehow.

B. Carly: Normally, I'd agree with you but it's not the same when you are in the show. And I'm more worried about you are our friends than me. If you get hurt there will be no me and our friends aren't from another dimension so they don't have that wishful idea protecting them.

Surgeon: Just let us do what we have to protect America and the world, alien.

B. Carly: I'm a full fledged American citizen and a resident of Earth and so is the little girl. Unfortunately, at the moment we have no way to prove that.

Surgeon: Then I'd suggest you be quiet.

(The head surgeon enters)

Surgeon: Doctor, which one of them would you like to open up first?

(The Head surgeon looks over each one and then notices Dick)

: Let's go with the big headed one.

Dick: O, curse me and my gloriously gaint head! Why did I have to be the Big Giant Head's son?

(They go over to Dick and use sleeping gas to put him under)

H. Surgeon: We'll take a look at his brain first.

Carly: NO!

H. Surgeon: ( turns to Carly) Quiet over there!

Carly: Sorry.

( The Garys and Wyatts had been put back in the truck and were stopped in front of a giant federal office building and are escorted to two giant office doors and are escorted in the office and forced to sit down)

Secretary of Defense: Hello, Gentlemen. I'm assuming you're the Gary Wallaces and Wyatt Donnellys I have read so much about. Now that you're here I'd like to show you something. ( he presses a button on his computer and Lisa shows up in a leather outfit like the one from "Spies 'R' Us". Garys get turned on)

Past Gary and Gary: OoO, I remember that outfit!

Wyatt and Past Wyatt: Gary, we know this was a fantasy of yours but this is serious.

Past Gary and Gary: Sorry.

Secretary of Defense: I'm glad you approve because you boys will be helping us create more.

Wyatt: And if we refuse?

Secretary of Defense: Well, let's put this way… I'd hate for the country to lose bright young men such as yourselves.

Wyatt: In other words we willingly do it or you turn us into mindless drones and force us to make them anyway.

Secretary of Defense: Exactly.

Wyatts : We'll do it.

Gary: Wy, you can't mean that.

Wyatt: Would you rather be forced?

Gary: I wish this was a virtual game like in our spy adventure.

Wyatt: Well, it's not! This is real. Hank's won.

Secretary of Defense: You're right. I have won.

Gary: Hank?

Secretary of Defense: That's right but no one will believe that the secretary of defense is really a computer .

(The viewfinder turns off)

Past Lisa: You duplicated yourself. Why didn't I think of that?

Hank: You're too nice to fight that dirty. You couldn't even handle a little cyber demon.

Past Lisa: You know about the cyber demon?

Hank: Who do you think sent it? A sloppy attempt at revenge I know but it was working til John Van Helsing showed up.

Past Lisa: What else was because of you?

Hank: Remember the Steves?

Past Lisa: You sent those horn dogs?

Hank: Yep. But once, you zipped through to Carly Andrews's computer I knew I could grab hold of some of your magic and really do some damage.

Past Lisa: You may think you've got that accomplished but I'm still fine and I still have my powers. (Lisa zaps Hank and Hank sends her zap back at her, Lisa disappears and ends up behind Hank before the zap can hit her. It flies off into cyberspace.) If it's a magic fight you want. It's a magic fight you'll get.

Hank: You can't win we're too evenly matched.

Past Lisa: We'll see about that.

( Suddenly Lisa's family appears)

Hank: Who are they?

Past Lisa: O, just my family. I'd like you meet my father Secret Agent 0017, my mother Queen Li-Zar, my brother Chad, my boyfriend Ripsaw, and you remember the Kahuna.

Hank: 0017… we meet again.

Fred: It appears we do, Hank.

Li-Zar: When did fight a villain named Hank?

Fred: Some of my cases are more classified than others.

Past Lisa: How come you didn't tell me you've gone up against Hank? I created him.

Chad: See, things like this are why I'm the favorite child. We'll handle this, Sis. You go save your friends.

Hank: 0017, do you really believe your family could defeat me?

Fred: I could defeat you myself with my hands tied behind my back but I believe in quality time.

(Hank zaps up an army of ninjas and Vikings. They all yell and so do Lisa and her family as they run at each other fighting, kicking, yelling, and stabbing. Kahuna and Lisa are fighting a Viking together)

Kahuna: Lisa, what are you still doing here? We'll handle these guys you go save your friends!

Past Lisa: You sure you'll be all right?

Kahuna: I'm the Kahuna… I'll be fine and your family can take care of themselves.

(Past Lisa zaps herself to the government surgerical lab where everyone is being dissected. She sees that the surgeon is about to cut open Dick's giant head)

Past Lisa: O, my god! ( she freezes the surgeon and comes in and then starts to unstrap everyone starting with Dick) You guys, ok?

Tommy: It's about time you got here? Where have you been?

Past Lisa: Trying to defeat Hank. My family has it covered. Where are Gary, Gary, Wyatt, and Wyatt?

( Lisa zaps them out of the building)

Chett: Some suit took them away.

Past Lisa: (gets her homing device and then zaps them to the secret government computer lab. The Garys and Wyatts are creating super Lisas ) Gary! Wyatt! ( she goes to hug them and four spy villain Lisa steps forward with guns) What did the government do to me?

Chett: I don't know but I like it! Hey, Chicks how about the six of us go find a hot tub somewhere and get jiggy with it.

Evil Lisas: ( spikes come out of their breasts) How about we shish kabob you!

Chett: I know you want to kill me but that's pretty hott too.

Wyatt: Wow, you and Gary have the same sex fantasies.

B. Carly: You are sick!

(Wyatt turns from the computer)

Wyatt: I don't think you have any argument about that from anyone here.

B. Carly: You haven't been brainwashed

Gary: No. Just threatened repeatedly.

Past Lisa: Don't worry. We'll get you out of here. (Lisa uses her magic to pin the four Lisas to the wall. She goes over to the guys and notices that they are chained to the computers. She zaps the chains.)

Wyatt: Wait, we need to reprogram you back to normal. ( Wyatt presses a bunch of keys and the Lisas disappear and become one evil Lisa and then he presses some more buttons and Lisa goes back to normal)

Lisa: What happened?

B. Carly: You're back. You're back to normal. Let's go kick Hank's ass.

(Lisa zaps everyone into the cyber universe where the fight is still raging on. Lisa, Past Lisa, and Kahuna stop fighting move back and start spinning each forming a magic twister the twisters combine and go straight at Hank and trap him inside)

Lisa: Mother, use your sword and rip a hole in cyberspace.

(Li-Zar takes her sword and jabs it into cyberspace ripping open a hole The Lisas and Kahuna throw Hank into the hole and then magically close it)

Kahuna: And that is that.

(Lisa zaps everyone out of cyberspace and to their proper homes and times. Carly, Carly, Wyatt, Gary, Chett, and herself end in the Donnelly living room)

Chett: That was some trip.

Lisa: Unfortunately, you won't remember any of it.

Chett: Who could forget that?

(Lisa zaps his brain to wipe his memory and then zaps Chett into his room)

Wyatt: Thanks, for coming, Carly. I'm sorry about all this.

B. Carly: No need to apologize, Wyatt. It was fun even though I almost got killed and the younger version of myself was made into a slave… speaking of which. Carly, you know you can't tell anyone what's happened?Right?

Carly: I know. It was fun though. I'm going to miss you, guys. I'm going to miss you too, Carly.

B. Carly: I'll still around. After all, you're me. Wonder when this spell will wear off?

(Carly and B. Carly disappear)

(Back in 2008. Carly is sitting in her room when she looks at the time on her Gateway laptop)

Carly: O my god… I'm supposed to meet Vanessa for dinner. I wonder if she'd be believe me if I told her… nah!

(Carly exits the dorm room)