Chapter 1:A dark and gloomy night

Chapter 1:A dark and gloomy night

I'm sure most of you have had the pleasure of seeing Enchanted and know all about Giselle and her adventure in New York and how she found her true love Robert. Well like most stories do that story took out another character who had also ventured to our world from Andalasia. That's right. Giselle was not the first. Before her Natalie came here. Natalie's story begins 17 years ago on a sunny afternoon.

Natalie: Would you like more tea, deer?

Deer: No thanks, Natalie. (giggles) I have enough.

Natalie: How about you bunnies?

Bunnies: We're ok, Nat.

Natalie: Blue birds more tea? Or some cake maybe?

Blue birds: No thank you.

Natalie: I think I made too much. Maybe I should invite more friends.


Come friends… come one and all to my tea party.

Come friends… there is enough for all… at my tea party.

Come friends and bring your friends to the greatest event today.

It is my tea party. My fun tea party. The don't be shy with me party.

Tea Party to-day.

(animals from all over start coming up to where the tea party is set and Nathaniel comes in shooing them away)

Nathaniel: Go get out of here. Get out of my yard!

Natalie: Daddy, these are my friends.

Nathaniel: O… well then that's ok. Where's your mother sweetheart I have the greatest news. Sophia! Sophia!

(Enter a tall woman with the same color hair as Nathaniel)

Sophia: Nathaniel, is something going on? What's the matter dear?

Nathaniel: Let's go inside so I can tell both of you.

( they go inside the house)

Well, I was walking home from town when I bumped into the queen. She was lost apparently and was not sure how to get back to her castle. So, I told her how to get back there and she was so grateful she invited to us to dinner at the palace… Tonight!

Sophia: Tonight?! O my goodness, this is so sudden. This is amazing.

Nathaniel: Get ready both of you. We eat in an hour.

(An hour later they are dressed in their Sunday best and are at the palace)

Reginald: O… the queen is waiting in the dining room follow me.

( they enter the dining room and kneel before the queen and prince when they enter)

Master Nathaniel of Andalasia and his wife Sophia and daughter Natalie your majesty…

Narcissa: O, yes… Nathaniel was it the man from this afternoon who graciously helped me get back to my castle.

Nathaniel: Yes, your majesty.

Naracissa: You didn't have to confirm that! Sit… sit… all of you. I am queen Narcissa and of course this is my stepson Edward and on behalf of both of us. Welcome. O and Nathaniel there was something I wanted to tell you. Hold on a second… Reginald…remember when I told you that you would be punished in due time for getting us lost? Well, you're fired.

Reginald: What?

Narcissa- get out of here.. now.

(Reginald exits)

O, yes. Nathaniel… You are my new personal assistant.

Nathaniel: Your Majesty… I don't know what to say… this is quite an honor… I might have to think about this.

Sophie: Nathaniel, the queen just offered you a job I don't think there is much to think about.

Nathaniel: You're right, dear. Thank you, your majesty. Thank you so much.

Narcissa: I have total faith in you Nathaniel.

Edward: I'm bored. (to Natalie) Do you want to go outside and play?

Natalie: May I… daddy, mommy… your majesty?

Nathaniel: You can if you want to.

Sophie: I'm sure the queen won't mind.

Narcissa: Go right ahead.

Edward: Race you outside.

(Edward runs from the table and Natalie follows)

Edward: tag you're it.

Natalie: Wait up… you're running too fast… wait up!

He runs over to the wishing well and then passes it. She can't move in time and slides toward the edge and into the well. She falls very far and these sparkles start sticking to her. And she explodes and end up laying on top of a sewer grate. She opens it and ducks back in as a car comes by and then pokes back out and climbs out of it.

Natalie: I have a feeling I'm not in Anadalasia anymore.