I watched her, her blonde hair flowing wildly in the wind, and her beautiful eyes blazing angrily at the coffee throwing male.

He threw his cup in our direction, narrowly missing us as he did. He screamed at us, calling us dykes and abominations in the eyes of God and all religion. He left us amazed, not by his homophobic words, but by the fact that he thought we we're a couple.

He got me to think. Could I be with my best friend, and would we suffer this kind of stuff everyday if we were together? I don't think so, the majority of people, especially the ones our age, are generally accepting of same-sex relationships. We'd be okay, but could we actually be together in the romantic sense.

It's not like we aren't even slightly interested in each other. Who carries their best friend who they have absolutely no feelings about up sixteen flights of stairs because they passed out at a party and Lewbert was having a picnic in the elevator? Hopefully not Sam, I hope she was trying to show devotion by doing that. She's a bit odd that way, and a little bit closed off. Emotionally I mean.

Anyway, she's fully prepared to go and kill the man, but my hand on her shoulder seems to instantly calm her, strange how she always reacts that way an accident, or coincidence perhaps?

She looks at me questioningly, but I only offer a chaste kiss on her lips.

Sequel number two is officially started, I'm so proud. Start a story based of the alphabet, and a month later its having five or more sequals, makes a parent proud, really.

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