'You will find happiness with a big change', said her horoscope, confusing me greatly. I didn't like the ideas the silly astrologer-type-person was putting in her head so I glared at the picture of the man and tried very hard to put a hole through his head and the word 'Capricorn' above the offending words.

It was a matter of happiness-preservation really. I needed Carly to be happy, this much I could gather from ten years of knowing her. But this horoscope was telling her to find happiness elsewhere. Now I'm not being arrogant here, but I knew that I was the biggest thing in her life, she said so on many an occasion. So forgive me for getting a little worried over a few words.

I went to voice my disapproval of this silly and stupid horoscope when Carly stood up and left the Shay apartment.

Oh God, I thought back then, she's going to leave me for Freddie. So I was an arrogant little idiot who didn't quite trust Carly as much as I should have, I changed I swear.

I was near hyperventilation when someone knocked on the door. I opened to door to find a slightly ticked Carly standing there, newspaper in hand. She pointed to my own zodiac sign. It read:

'True love and happiness will come knocking on your door.'

"I think we should find a place of our own, what do you think?" she said, smiling. I nod dumbly before kissing her soundly.