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"Um, Allen?" The red-head teen asked. "Yeah?" Was the only answer the white haired exorcist gave. "Ya wouldn't mind escaping the head-quarters with me for, lets say, a month?" The older teen asked. "Why?" Asked the younger one, concentrated in eating his dinner. "Well, let's say i 'accidentally heard' that Komui has a new 'plan' to use on us." Lavi said, now sounding rather nervous. "W-what kind of 'plan', exactly?" Allen asked and stopped eating for a moment. "Well, i heard he has some kind of 'matchmaker' plan, so I really would mind being VERY far away from here." Lavi said and looked around making sure no-one else heard. Allen was also VERY nervous now. "Alright, whenever you're ready to leave!" He said without hesitation. They both knew, that being near Komui when he's got something up in his mind will only result in trouble.

Just then Komui's voice could be heard through the loudspeakers. He sounded extremely happy, what would never be good. "As we all know, tomorrow's valentines day, and i have arranged you all a free day off." He said. "BUT..." the voice continued. "You will all stay here, because I have an activity we all we participate!" He said, with an extremely chirpy voice. "All of you, exept of course me and my precious lenalee-chan!" He added. "Told you." Lavi said and looked very NOT-AT-ALL happy. "Now we're in trouble." Allen said and left the rest of his food on the table, uneaten, since he'd lost his appetite. "Oh and Allen and Lavi." the voice continued after a while. "I need you in my office. Now." He said and the turned the loudspeakers off. "Crap." They said, completely in the same time.

"You said you needed us." Lavi said and sat down on the couch, next to Allen. "Well, I have a new invention, and i thought..." He was cut off short by Lavi and Allen. "No WAY!" They yelled, and stood up ready to run. "No, it's not like that..." He lied. "Well, what is it, then?" Allen asked, a hint of suspicion in his voice. "I can show you, if you want to see." Komui said and pointed at the other door in his office. "This way." he said and walked over to it.

Komui opened the door and revealed a giant machine behind it. "What.in.the.world.is.that.?" Lavi looked first at the machine, then at superhyperKomui and then stared at Allen who stared back. They slowly started taking steps back, but Komui took Allen's sleeve. "Since you're interested, I'll be happy to see you try it!" He said and pushed Allen into the machine, closed the door and pressed some buttons randomly. "Stop you idiot, what are you doing, Allen could die, you know!" Lavi yelled and tried to stop Komui, but couldn't stop the machine anymore.

A few suspicious sounds could be heard and then the door opened. At first the place was covered in smoke, but when it cleared up, it revealed a 'girl Allen'. Yes, you heard right. "Strike!" Lavi yelled. "W-what do you mean?!" Allen grabbed Lavi's shoulders and shook him. "Allen, I think what he means is..." Komui started but burst out laughing. "TELL me! Now!" Allen yelled and went looking for a mirror. Soon he discovered one in Komui's room and saw the 'new' himself. Or should we say 'herself'

"Komui, I will so murder you! What have you done to my perfect moyashi body!?" Allen yelled. She was a lot taller than when she was a, well, he, and of course she was a she now. "Calm down Allen, I am sure we can find a cure for that..." Komui started. "Good." Allen interrupted. "In a couple of months." Komui finished. "A couple of WHAT!?" Allen yelled and activated crown clown to attack Komui. At least it worked normally. "Now now, Allen, I'm sure we can figure out a way to talk about this." Komui struggled as he was being nearly strangled.

"Do You know how dangerous it is to be a young, hot girl, when Cross Marian is near?!" Allen yelled and didn't let go of Komui. "Im sure he's not that bad..." Komui said, struggling to get of Allen's tight grip. "Not bad? He's a pervert!" Allen laughed and dragged Komui to his office. "We better keep this a secret from everyone else!" She hissed. "I promise!" Komui said, and lifted his hands up, as to say, 'deal'. "Good, I'll leave now, but if you tell anyone, I will take it to be my personal mission to make sure you're dead, I am a general now, after all, and you can't give me orders anymore." Allen glared at Komui before exiting his office. Lavi followed straight after Allen.

"Nee, Allen?" Lavi asked as they had walked in silence for a while. "What is it?" Allen asked. She was not in a talkative mood right now. "What are you going to do about your little... problem?" Lavi asked and kept on walking, his hands in his pockets. "I don't know, but I am going to kill Komui afterwards. And what comes to tomorrow, I will not leave my room the whole day, I'll just make sure someone bring me food." She replied, walking silently. "You know..." Lavi started. "What?" Allen kept on walking. "You know, you are pretty cute like that..." Lavi said and turned his face away, pretending he was looking out of the windows. "Lavi, remember, that I will kill you too, if you tell anyone." Allen said and blushed slightly at what Lavi said.

"I won't tell, you can trust me!" Lavi said and looked at Allen with a grin. "I trust you." Allen said and smiled at Lavi. "But I'm afraid I have to tell Lenalee, so she can give me some clothes that would actually fit me." Allen said. "Fortunately, she is not a person who would tell others about it." Allen said and smiled once more. "But now I'm really hungry, I need to get my coat, the one with the hood, to keep my little secret a secret." Allen said. "Can I come with you?" Lavi said, and acted as if he didn't have anything else to do. "Sure." Allen said and proceeded on walking towards his room.

"This should cover up nicely." Allen said as she was putting on a brown coat with a hood. It was baggy so it would do nicely. "Let's go shall we?" Lavi asked and offered Allen a hand. "Umm, sure?" Allen said and took Lavi's hand. At the cafeteria people were staring at Allen because she wore her cape. "Lenalee!" Allen waved. "Oh, hi guys!" Lenalee waved back. 'If it were like that...' Allen thought. "Can we sit it the same table, I have something important to tell you." Allen said as she lined up into the long line, everyone in it waiting for food. "Sure, but Allen, is it just my eyes, or have you grown?" Lenalee asked, and it was true, Allen was taller that Lenalee now. "That relates to what I had to tell you about." Allen said and made her giant order for all the food she wanted. She found a table in the furthest possible corner and waved Lavi and Lenalee to come.

"So, what did you want to talk about, Allen?" Lenalee asked as they were eating they're dinner. "Well..." Allen started. She told Lenalee the whole story. "Nii-san should really stop messing you into his experiments!" Lenalee said and made a face. "But I'll gladly borrow you my clothes." She added. "Thank-you, Lenalee, you always help me when I'm in trouble." Allen said and bowed down at her, and then started to eat her ice-cream. "But could you find the most simple clothes you have, I don't want to look like I'd be wearing girl clothes." Allen added between spoonfuls of strawberry ice-cream. "Sure." Lenalee said and also ate some of her ice-cream.

Later that day

"Where is my idiot-apprentice!" Cross yelled, as he entered Komui's office. 'Oh yes, Cross was supposed to come back today, Allen will NOT be happy' Komui thought and gulped. "Well, Komui, you know where he is, so don't waste my time!" Cross growled. "He's in his room, but I don't think it's good to go..." Komui said but Cross was already going. "Here you are, you idiot, I have some bills for y-..." Cross was cut off as he saw Allen sit on her bed, wearing a dress Lenalee gave her. "Hmm, Who is this pretty lady here?" Cross asked as he walked closer. "I don't know what you're doing here, but you're really cute." Cross said and ran his hand through her hair. "So you were a pervert." Allen said, but she had a girlier voice so cross didn't recognize it. "Hn? What do you mean?" Cross asked innocently as he touched her face. "I know you, but apparently you don't know me..." Allen began. "Master." She finished.

"Allen!?" Cross was so suprised he fell of the bed. He got up and sat down on the bed again. "I kinda wandered why you had white hair and that scar." Cross said and then a grin popped up on his face. "How did you turn into a hot girl anyway?" Cross asked. "A long story, and I am not telling you." Allen said. "And if you'll excuse me, I was trying on the clothes Lenalee gave me, so get your ass out of here!" Allen yelled. "Calm down, hot- I mean Allen, I came to bring you some debts to pay, but if you keep on staying that cute, you don't have to pay them." Cross said. "Good to hear, now get the hell out before i throw something at you!" Allen yelled and closed the door after Cross left. "Such a pervert..." Allen sighed as she was alone again.

"Komui, was it you who turned Allen into a girl?" Cross asked as he stepped into Komui's office. "I didn't mean to, but yes, why?" Komui asked, tired of his paperwork, all over the tables and floors. "Thank-you." Cross said and tapped Komui's back. "What?!" Komui almost choked. "I said, well done, and thank-you."Cross said and left, propably to go smoking.

knock "Allen?" It was Lavi, and before Allen had time to say anything, Lavi already swung the door open, and saw Allen only wearing a tank top and really short shorts. "Uhh, Lavi, can you come back later?" Allen said, blushing. Lavi just walked closer and sat next to Allen. "L-lavi?" Allen asked nervously. "You know, your eyes look really pretty." Lavi said and leaned forwards to Allen. "L-Lavi!" Allen yelled. no reaction. "Lavi!" nothing. "Lavi, what are you doing?" Allen said and blushed madly, as Lavi was now on top of her, lips almost touching hers. "Allen..." Lavi was saying something, but was interrupted, when Kanda opened the door. "Oh.my.god." Was all Kanda could say.


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