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"Allen?" Kanda softly nudged Allen's side. She had fallen asleep while he was in the shower.

"Huh?" Allen stirred. "Oh hi Yu.. I mean Kanda." Allen corrected herself. "I guess I fell asleep again, huh? I must be really tired..."

"It's okay, you can call me that if you want to." Kanda tried to smile and pulled his shirt on.

"Seriously? I can?" Allen asked, amazed. So far he didn't know anyone who was allowed to call Kanda by his real name. This made Allen feel really special and happy. She smiled.

"So, I was thinking... Would you want to go somewhere today? To do something?" Allen asked.

"Actually, I think Komui had something to tell us today, should we visit his office first?" Kanda asked as he stood up.

"Normally, I would, but right now, I'm a little afraid of him." Allen laughed nervously and combed her white hair with her gloved hand.

"It's ok, I guess. It could be something good too, right?" Kanda flashed a grin at his 'girlfriend'.

Allen smiled widely. "Ok, let's go then?"

Kanda opened the door and took Allen's hand before closing the door. Allen blushed. Of course.

They had only walked a few meters when they ran into Lenalee. "Hi Lenalee", Allen smiled at her.

"Oh, Allen! Kanda! Hi!" Lenalee smiled widely. "Nice to see you two being all friendly and stuff. I think Komui had something to say to you two by the way." She said and ran off again.

"I guess she was busy or something..." Allen wondered.

"Hmm, I guess." Kanda agreed. "Come on." He said and started walking towards Komui's office, still holding Allen's hand.

They walked in silence. Allen had a lot to think about though. 'I wonder... If I turn back into a boy... will Kanda still like me..?' She thought. 'I... What if he doesn't want to be with me when I'm a guy...' Allen wondered. 'I should ask him, maybe... But I'm afraid to, for some reason...' She pondered. She was interrupted when they arrived to Komui's office.

"We're here." Kanda said as he opened the door for Allen. She sat down on the couch, soon followed by Kanda.

"Hi you two." Komui said and grinned nervously when Allen glared at him. "I would have a mission for you two but in case you don't want to go, I can have two other people go." He informed. "So, are you willing to go?" Komui asked.

Allen looked at Kanda. "Do you want to go?" Kanda asked her. "Hmm... I'm not sure. What about you?" She replied.

"I don't really care, as long as you're willing, I guess we can go." He looked at Allen.

"Hmm... I think... Can I eat before thinking about it too much, I'm starving." Allen laughed as her stomach growled. Kanda laughed a little too. "Sure." He said. "Komui, we'll be back soon." Kanda informed.

"Okay." Komui laughed.

---later in the cafe---

"Jerry! I'd like some noodles, pizza, sushi, dango of course, lots of them, rice, chicken, fish... *the list goes on*

"Coming right away!" The head chef smiled and disappeared to prepare Allen's order.

"So, what do you think?" Kanda asked.

"About what?" Allen asked as Jerry came with her order. She took it, thanked Jerry, and stood next to Kanda, waiting for his soba.

"The mission, do you think we should take it?" Kanda asked as he received his soba. He thanked Jerry and walked toward a nice table in one of the corners. Allen followed him.

"I'm not sure, let me eat before making important decisions." She laughed in her girly voice, before eating.

Kanda thought he'd better let her think about it, so he started eating his soba. After a few minutes of silence, Allen decided to say something.

"So, Yu", She started. Kanda looked at her. "I was just wondering, if, you know, are we like... a couple now?" She asked and blushed, hiding her face behind the pile of empty dishes.

"I suppose." He answered and returned to eating.

'How can he be so calm about it?' Allen thought. She then smiled. "I'm glad."


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