Isidora: I'm on my fifth story for Daa

Isidora: I'm on my fifth story for Daa! Daa! Daa! and still no sign of my promised Miyu and Kanata's dreams. I might discontinue unless divine intervention takes place. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my readers and reviewers for the stories; The Evil Gang's Bubble Gum Bazooka and Miyu's Hair; Merry Weather, Take Care; White Day, Happy Birthday and Love the Man in the Mirror! It means so much to me.

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Seiya flipped through the pages of the newest edition of Earth Guide for Tourists as he drank Planet Sharaku's famous iced-tea-in-a-can.

"There's nothing interesting in this magazine." He sighed.

He gulped the last of his iced tea and smiled with delight. "Nothing really beats the taste of our iced tea. Even Earth's couldn't beat it even though it's good too!"

Seiya blinked.

"Now that's an idea! How about a visit to Miyu's? It's been awhile since I last went there. I guess I'd bring some of these iced tea with me. I'm sure they'll love it!"

Seiya stood up from the table he was occupying outside the convenience store and came back in. He went out holding a bag of five of his planet's specialty iced tea.

"I can't wait for them to taste it!"

He rode his floating scooter and sped off. As he did, the magazine he was leafing through turned its pages, stopping at an article which talks about how Planet Sharaku's iced tea is similar to Earth's beer, only it's sweeter and ten times the potency of the extra strong beer on Earth.


To be continued…