Bruce was standing at the entrance of Wayne manor, looking in, eyes following Alfred as he moved around arranging books on a shelf on the second floor. It was nice to see him alive and healthy, impossible, but now Bruce knew how to cure Alfred should it happen again. Last time, he'd been too late, but this time…this time everything would be better. Harvey was even more passionate about supporting Batman in his efforts to better Gotham, and Bruce was doing what he could to support Harvey back. This time he wasn't working against the Gotham's public servants, and the bat signal was still in working condition. But Bruce knew, one day, they wouldn't need it. One day he wouldn't need it.

The crunching of gravel sounded behind him and Bruce smiled and turned. A young man, seventeen or slightly older and dressed casually in black slacks with a white dress shirt under a black sweeter vest, walked up the drive. Bruce let him finish walking to him, and waited for the man to say something once they were standing a foot apart.

Finally a smile curved his lips and a dark chuckle escaped him, "It's nice to meet you, my name's Bruce Wayne. What's yours?"

Hands reached out and Bruce automatically held his own out, and the man let a silver chain followed by a small silver hourglass fall into them, but still said nothing. Bruce lifted the hourglass to peer closely through it, but the sand was settled at the bottom and wouldn't move even when he turned it.

"If you want, you can keep it. Keep it until you need it." A soft voice whispered from the man, he looked tired and worn, as if he had been using up all his power to do something, and whatever was left was being used to keep him standing.

Bruce looked back into his tired green eyes, then back down to the hourglass and laughed again…of course.

One – take a breath

Two – his heart stopped

Three – let it out

…and open his eyes…

…and Bruce let if fall through his fingers, to shatter on the marble entrance, and he took the boy's hand in his to lead him into the manor. With his back turned to the shards of broken glass, he didn't see the necklace disintegrate to gold specks and drift to the man he was leading in, but he did see him smile.

"My name is Harry Potter."

Bruce smiled wider and took a deep breath.

"Alfred, I'd like you to meet someone."