"Mommy, Mommy! Can we go and watch the fireflies tonight?" A girl with short black hair looked up into her mothers face, her amber eyes shining hopefully, her little white ears twitching in childish delight.

"Yeah! Lets go! Daddy come too!" cried another child. A boy, a little younger than the girl with white hair and brown eyes. His tiny fangs glistened in the firelight. He grinned mischievously as he grabbed his father's leg with all four limbs.

"Yes, ok, ok," laughed the mother as she pulled the girl into her arms. "Let's go Inuyasha."

The family made their way out of their hut and into the blue light of the evening. The boy sat on his father's shoulders, his little hands holding onto his dog ears. The girl was in her mother's arms; her fingers wound into the ends of the dark hair and then pulled into fists as she held onto the white material of the priestess hakui. They stood still and watched as flecks of luminous yellow began to flit around the silent village edge.

"Fireflies are so pretty," murmured Kagome as she held her daughter. "Don't you think so Aiko?" She turned her chocolate eyes to the child.

"Pretty like you Mommy," replied the girl, her golden eyes never leaving the dancing fireflies.


Both father and son turned as the child who sat on the shoulders name was called. Deep violet eyes gazed up at them.

"Hey Haru!" said the boy on the ground, his thin black fringe moving gently with the breeze, caressing his round face. A mini Miroku.

"Hey Daisuke!" grinned the boy from atop his fathers shoulders. Inuyasha let Haru down and the two small boys ran off together, laughing into the silent night.

Kagome felt fingertips on her shoulder blade. She turned slightly to look over her shoulders. A beautiful face with light brown eyes and an evenly parted fringe met her gaze.

"Sango!" said the young priestess, turning fully around. Her eyes automatically dropped to the demon slayer's swollen, pregnant belly and then across to the two other children. Yuki, who was seven and had black hair like her father but warm brown eyes like her mother, was the second youngest after Daisuke. Her young face blushed lightly as Kagome smiled down at her. The other child was a boy, visibly older than his younger brother and sister. He had Miroku's purple eyes and Sango's brown hair, although it grew like his father's. It hung around his face, framing it and making his violet eyes look a lighter shade than Miroku's. Zen, who was 11, was the most beautiful of Sango and Miroku's children. He smiled and stepped forward.

"Hello Miss Kagome! Is my little brother or sister going to be here soon?"

Kagome giggled and raised her eyes back to Sango. She moved Aiko's weight to one arm and then bent a little, placed a hand on her pregnant friend's belly and said, "Any day now Zen." She straightened up and her eyes flicked to the monk who stood by his wife's side.

"Good evening Lady Kagome," he smiled as he wound an arm around Sango's waist. "And good evening Aiko," he reached for the child and Kagome handed her 6 year old daughter over to him. Aiko reached her arms out to wrap them around Miroku's neck.

"You ladies go and chat, I'll take care of the little ones," he called as he walked over to where Haru and Daisuke were playing. Sango and Kagome turned and walked to where Inuyasha stood watching the fireflies at the dark and quiet edge of the village.

"Hey," murmured Kagome, linking her arm through his. The still young half demon shifted his gaze to his still young wife/mate. She was twenty eight. Still so young, still so much she could have done with her life, but she had chosen him. He smiled crookedly at her. She beamed up at him and then slid her hand down his arm to intertwine their fingers. She reached for Sango's hand and pulled the demon and the demon slayer close to her sides. Soon Miroku joined them and put Aiko on the ground. He then moved to press against Sango's side, their finger's linked. All five children sat on the ground in front of their parents, quiet now, entranced by the dance of the fire flies.

"We've been through so much…" whispered Inuyasha, his eyes following one firefly and then another.

"Yes," agreed Sango.

"But here we are at the end of it all, ready to start anew in this time of peace," murmured Miroku.

"We were there for each other though," said Kagome.

"Yeah," the others agreed in quiet union.

"Through it all…" she whispered as the fireflies began to retreat.

"We were there for each other. Through it all…"

And there you have it... The end of Through it All. I have really enjoyed writing this story. Although it is very long I feel like it was good. Thankyou to everyone who has read the whole thing and reviewed it all the way through. Do you know what i want form you now? i want a final overview. An overall assessment. None of that one sentence stuff woould be -much- appreciated. Thsnkyou once again! Thats it from me for... I dunno how long. Thanks!