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Backways of Eternity
By Starlite1

Sitting in his darkened living room, Gene Hunt slowly swirled the whiskey around the bottom of his glass. He sighed, bringing it up to his lips and relishing the far-off feeling of the burn of alcohol.

Without turning, he muttered, "I know you're there."

The Other's presence in the room just exuded slightly more smugness than usual.

"I'm doin' my job, aren't I?" He grumbled, down the amber fluid once more, "Watchin' out for 'er, keepin' 'er on the right path." He laughed sardonically, "Whenever I'm needed, I'm there. Whenever I'm needed. Jeez, it'd be nice jus' ta be there 'coz I'm wanted. Jus' once."

The Other became disapproving, the sensation drilling into Gene's mind.

He snorted, "Yeah, you can keep it to yerself. I've bin doing this an 'ell of a long time. I know the deal. Knew it with Sam 's well. Don't make it any easier, does it?" He somehow resisted the urge to turn, "But o' course you wouldn't, would you? Not a bone in you that belongs to this place, is there?"

The Other remained impassive.

"But, Bolly! She's jus'…" with a shake of his head, he turned to the fire, his eyes focused on a point far beyond the normal plane, "I know why she's here. I know why she's come to me. To us. Doesn't change the fact that…."

For the first time in as long as he'd been aware, Gene felt the slightest wave of curiosity coming off The Other.

Slightly surprised, Gene continued, "I'm falling for her…Not falling, falling, but she's…"He shrugged, the words letting him down once more, "I feel like all the miles I've walked, all the people I've been around, all were fer 'er. And yes, I know it don't work like that, we do the Duty, we walk the paths beside 'em, and at the end we see 'em onward to wherever they belong... But this time, I want to go with 'er. Don' think I could really leave 'er."

A wave of apathetic concern flowed through the room.

"Yeah, pathetic. But that's me. Jus' another angel with hidden wings, walking the backways of eternity. 'S my place in this great big mess, and I've never denied it. Just the way of things, and that's the end of that bollocks."

Silence. Nothing.

At the back of his mind, there was a slight tugging, the stirrings of eternity pulling him towards his next destination.

"Well, been wonderful, thank you very muchly, but duty once again calls." He announced half-heartedly, draining the last of the glass in a single swing before pulling himself off the chair. As he moved towards the door he paused, "If I asked to go with 'er, to stay, I mean, would you let me? Course, I know there's buggerall chance of that 'appening. But jus' a thought."

As his hand fell on the handle, and the Backways opened up to him once more, and the call of the woman who held his soul echoed louder, another voice echoed through the room, one he had never before heard.

"GENE," The Other stated, speaking in a voice that echoed through his mind and soul and the room with the sound of eternity and old books and time itself, "YES."


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