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Journey's End

Epilogue: 5 Years Later

3-year-old Jacqueline Donna Tyler-Smith skipped through the corridor, her two blonde plaits bouncing around her shoulders as she entered the Tardis console room. She paused when she entered, smiling at the three adults around the brightly-lit console.

Her mother sat on the captain's chair, cradling Jackie's twin sisters, Cassandra and Reinette. The twins were 9-months old, and had their father's brown hair and wise brown eyes, while Jackie looked more like her maternal grandmother, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Rose Tyler looked up when her eldest child entered the room, her face brightening, "Morning, Jacks,"

"Morning, Jackie," her father, the Doctor, grinned from by the console.

"Morning, Blondie!"

Jackie turned to glare at her uncle David, who smiled innocently back.

David, who wasn't actually her uncle but more a human-Time Lord metacrisis, was a dead ringer for Jackie's dad, so much so that they often were passed off for twins. Rose always complained that she'd never be able to tell the difference, but luckily David was different from the Doctor. David had to wear glasses all the time due to short-sightedness while the Doctor only wore his for show, and due to his high potassium levels, couldn't eat bananas – much to his double's horror.

"But bananas are good!" the Doctor had exclaimed loudly, ignoring as the metacrisis had muttered "I know, I know." under his breath.

All in all, David was human, unlike the Doctor, who had two hearts and was over 900 years old. David just held vast knowledge and almost a millenia's worth of memories in his head.

Jackie yawned and walked over to her father, holding her arms up. The Doctor beamed and scooped her up, kissing her head. Rose smiled at the father-daughter moment.

It was hard to believe it had been 5 years since that emotional day on Bad Wolf Bay. Some people thought it was odd that for two people so madly in love, they waited two years to have Jackie. In truth, Jackie was conceived the night Rose returned, but the pregnancy lasted 2 years (something Time Lord-y that had pissed Rose off no end), at which time the Doctor had to perform a caesarean as Rose's body had begun to shut down under the strain.

When she discovered she was having the twins 18 months earlier, she instructed him not to let the pregnancy last longer than the average 9 months. The Doctor agreed, as apparently Time Lord pregnancies were generally shorter the more babies there were anyway.

Rose kissed Cassie's head, grinning as the baby babbled. Cassie was easily the louder baby; meaning she was gonna be the "chatty" twin when she was older. She gurgled, and wailed and was generally noisy, while Rein mostly slept, and when she was awake was rather docile.

"Mummy, can I hold the baby?" Jackie asked, leaning her head against the Doctor's shoulder. Rose smiled cheekily.

"Which one?"

Jackie looked from one baby to the other, before pointing randomly and crying, "That one!"

Rose looked down at Rein and frowned, "You mean, Reinette."

"Yeah, that's what I said."

David chuckled and swigged the rest of his coffee. Jackie looked up at him.

"Unkie David, where's Aunty Donna?"

David rolled his eyes, "Asleep, probably. She gets tired easily nowadays,"

"Fine, fine, fine, fine. Jeez, I'm up!" came a familiar irritable voice as Donna came stomping into the console room. David rolled his eyes up to heaven, instantly wishing he had acute Time Lord hearing and could've heard her coming.

"Morning, Dons," Rose smiled, making space for her friend on the Captain's chair. Donna plopped down, stroking Cassie's face affectionately, "How you feeling?"

Donna shrugged, "Okay, considering."

She got up and reached for David's coffee cup while his back was turned, only for the Doctor to snatch it away.

"Uh-uh, no caffeine," the Time Lord sang, shaking his head. Jackie giggled while Donna grumbled. David wrapped his arms around Donna from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Morning," Donna said, turning her head, only for David to capture her lips in a kiss. The Doctor quickly turned away, distracting Jackie with something on the console.

About a year before, the Doctor had had suspicions about the wedding planet Union, where couples went to get married. Considering Rose was heavily pregnant with the twins here, Donna and David had grudgingly offered to pretend to be a couple getting married, with Rose and the Doctor as witnesses.

After discovering the business was a set-up, with fake alien ministers robbing people of their money, and after shutting down the 'business', the Doctor was horrified to discover the minister who had performed Donna and David's 'ceremony' was actually the only one who really was ordained on the whole planet. After dishing out several helpings of the Noble-slap, Donna and David had agreed to remain married for the time being, as David didn't actually have a real profile back on Earth therefore couldn't get a lawyer or a divorce, and the Shadow Proclamation couldn't help because a) they entered marriage by choice and knowingly and b) they were the same species, technically, so it was legal.

Rose and the Doctor just assumed they were married just because they had to be, which is why it came as a complete surprise when Donna announced she was pregnant a few months earlier. It also came as a shock to poor David too, who had promptly fainted. Since then, they had decided maybe this whole marriage thing wasn't just an annoyance.

"How you feeling?" David asked, one hand on Donna's protruding belly. Donna smiled fondly.

"He's kicking up a storm," she grinned.

"She." David corrected.






"She, and don't you say 'he'!"

Donna frowned huffily, "How can you be so sure?"

"Well, I am the same person as the Doctor and he's only had girls," David pointed out. Donna pulled a face, ignoring Rose's laughing.

As the two continued to argue, the Doctor and Jackie wandered over to Rose, joining her on the captain's seat.

"They're just…incredible!" Rose giggled, shaking her head.

"Aw, but you're more incredible," the Doctor said lovingly, kissing her cheek. Rose blushed slightly, turning her attention to Cassandra who was fussing. The Doctor took Reinette in his spare arm, sitting Jackie on his lap so she could talk to the baby.

Rose looked up at the Doctor once Cassie was quiet and smiled, "I love you, y'know,"

The Doctor's smile grew, "I love you too,"

"And it certainly took you long enough to say it," Rose giggled, leaning forward and pressing her lips to his. One of the Doctor's hands came up to cradle her cheek.

"Ew," Jackie announced loudly. The Doctor pulled away and pulled a face at the back of Jackie's head, making Rein laugh. Jackie swung around to see what was so funny only to see her dad smiling innocently.

Rose grinned and leant her head against the Doctor's shoulders, "Our Tardis is gonna be full up soon. Four kids, four adults, probably more to come judging by those two's behavior sometimes…"

"It's better than it being empty," the Doctor mumbled into her hair, "Like it would've been if you hadn't been so stubborn and insisted on staying with me,"

Rose chuckled, "True."

The Doctor sighed, "And I'd rather have it full than being on my own. With you and our kids, I have the family I thought I'd lost. With Donna and David…well, I have no need to watch soaps anymore."

Rose laughed again, especially hard when Donna spun towards them and said, "What?!"

The Doctor apologised quickly and allowed Donna to go back to arguing with her husband. The Doctor smiled fondly.

"And, Donna has been a better David then I could've hoped for." he exclaimed, "Like you were to me,"

Rose grinned, "All those years ago…"

And so was life on the Tardis. Filled with family, friendship, drama, fights (lots of fights), but in the end, a lot of love.

The Doctor would look back on his life and realise it was better to have let Rose stay with him, instead of leaving her on the parallel world. Because of her stubbornness, and David's revelation about how a Time-Lord metacrisis worked, both the Doctor and Donna had something they had always dreamed of.

The Doctor had been well and truly proved wrong.

And so was David, when Donna gave birth to John Nigel Smith, a bouncing baby boy, three months later.



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