"Edward?..Edward! Please calm down!" The voice yelled.

"Calm down!? How do you expect me to calm down Alice!?" His golden eyes darkened as they stared at Alice. Her face never changed from its calm demeanor. His shallow breathing became erratic. "Tell me Alice!"

"Edward.." Her voice was almost pleading. "You have to calm down."

"Then tell me what I just saw! Tell me what your vision was!" He stood before her face, his eyes pleading with her to say it was some sick joke she was playing. "Tell me it was wrong!"

"I'm sorry Edward, Bella..." She sighed and looked at the ground. "Bella's sick...she's dying Edward." Her voice becoming an inaudible whisper. Edward's nostrils flared and he looked at each of his family members, their gaze fixed upon him with sorrow. His anger boiled and he could contain it no longer, as a loud growl emitted from him he quickly left the house shattering the door behind him.

"Where is he going?" Esme quickly worried.

"...to see Bella of course..." but Alice's voice was no longer filled with its bell-like quality. The house was quiet, no one moved. They became statues, mourning for their brother, their son, for the loss he was soon going to feel.

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