Authors Note: This is me…just writing what I think about sometimes…I dunno what it's going to turn out to be so far…so just bear with me…

Authors Note: This is me…just writing what I think about sometimes…I dunno what it's going to turn out to be so far…so just bear with me…

Disclaimer: I do not own D. Gray-man….but can you imagine what would happen if I did?

"Inspire Me"

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Something Not Quite Known

There's a boy who resides at the Black Order—a simply stunning boy, a boy who always commands your attention whether he knows what he does to you or not. Your eyes take in every inch of alabaster white skin he allows you to see, which leads you up to his abnormal, yet beautiful snow white hair. And to see that boy smile is like to see the face of God. The world could stop for that boy's smile. That smile spread through his whole face, leading you up to a bright red scar that ran fro his left check to his forehead, inevitably leading you to gaze upon his large, round, moonlike silver-gray eyes.

This boy's name was Allen Walker, an exorcist of only one year. He was loved by so many exorcists and finders a like…until the Inspector came along. Allen's face lost that shine we most adored, and his smile no longer reached his eyes.

"Kanda, Lavi, Allen…" Komui started, still sleepy from being just woken up from a wonderful dream about his precious sister, "You will all be sent to Japan, on account of a rumor a finder picked up. There may be innocence."

"Che." Kanda scoffed, and looked at the two idiots he was supposed to go on the mission with. Lavi fiddled with his scarf, wearing a goofy smile, but anyone who knew the apprentice bookman as long as Kanda had would have known he was quite nervous, maybe even on the lines of discomfort.

Turning slightly, he shot a sideways glace at Allen. He was fixing his annoying red tie he wore around his neck and smoothing out invisible wrinkles on his gray vest. Kanda hated to admit it, but the Beansprout had actually gotten a little taller this past year, and even more than he hated to admit that, he loathed to acknowledge the fact that he had visibly changed ever since Inspector Rouvelier and his pet Link came.

Speaking of two-spot, as Lavi dearly called him, was standing close to Allen's right hand side, staring at him. No matter what Allen was doing, that annoying twat was always with him. God, that guy was just asking to be punched in the face.

Komui spoke again after the awkward silence, "You'll all leave tomorrow morning, alright? So rest up!"

And they all walked off without a word to Komui or themselves. Allen gave a small smile to Link as they left; probably silently wishing that he could be left alone for at least five minutes.

Both Kanda and Lavi unknowingly followed Allen to the cafeteria, where the small exorcist proceeded to order his usual amount of food, though he seemed to order less Dango this time, which Kanda dully noted as strange behavior. The four sat down together, Link a little off to the side due to the huge amount of Allen's trays. Lavi ordered curry and Kanda had his usual tempura soba.

"What do you think about the mission, Allen?" Lavi spoke up.

"Ne…well, it's a mission, I guess," Allen replied between chewing.

Lavi gave a weak laugh, "What about you, Yu-chan?"

"Don't call me that," Kanda replied, though he meant it to sound much sharper than that.

Allen laughed a bit as the "friends" continued their half-hearted bantering. In actuality, he was scared to go back to Japan after fighting the Earl last. He was scared of the man in the mirror and of the music in his head. He was scared that his master was missing, the he, himself, was being accused of another deceased man's crimes. Allen did not know what to expect out of another mission to Japan, but he knew that it wasn't going to be a good one.

So, the next morning the three proceeded as planned, literally hoping on the train at a very early hour, busting through the roof and demanding a small, private compartment. They wore their old exorcist uniforms, greatly differing from the black and red ones they wore when they first reached the new headquarters. Allen's excuse was that it would be winter soon, but they really knew he had dragged out the cloak to hide his white hair.

They sat in silence, Lavi and Allen quickly dozing off out of boredom. Link had not come on this mission with them, which was quite the surprise. He has stayed behind with the Inspector for "business".

Kanda whipped out the case file, leafing through the pages until something caught his eye. An extremely powerful unidentifiable being was terrorizing the people of Japan, near the area they had investigated not too long ago. It was described by one of the finders before he finally died—"It was created in the likeness of a man, but had the voice of a teasing child. And it had a pentacles, just like an akuma would have, only on the palms of each hand."

Kanda tucked the folder away, sighing at the mess Komui might have gotten them into. He looked at Allen's sleeping face, who sat at an uncomfortable angle next to him, his head falling back, exposing his neck, and his bangs hanging limply all over his face.

Kanda let another sigh escape him as he tugged the boy closer to himself, so that the snowy head would fall onto his shoulder. Kanda realized he was going to kill himself with Mugen later, seeing as Allen immediately snuggled up and made Kanda's arm a make-shift pillow, although rather enjoying himself.

A tinge of pink dyed Kanda's face as he reached to his right and held the boy's left hand, half hoping the boy would feel it, and half hoping that he wouldn't wake up. Letting his walls down, he leant into the boy, resting his head on the other's, drifting off to sleep.

Lavi then cracked an his good eye open, grinning like a maniac. Quickly, yet quietly, going through his baggage, he pulled out a camera, snapping a photo of the two.

"This mission to Japan is going to be quite a thrill."

Lavi crept up to the two sleeping exorcists, deciding to take a close-up of Kanda's face, "You better not do anything stupid to him, Yu."

Kanda grumbled something that sounded like "idiot rabbit" and snuggling closer to the smaller boy.

Author's Note: So I guess this is going to turn out to be…an alternate plot to the current D. Gray-man chapter in Japan…with an added splash of Yullen? Read and review, this is going to be an ongoing story if it's worthy.