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"Inspire Me"
Chapter 11: Fireworks Finale

Allen hummed a small tune while getting ready to meet Kanda to see the fireworks outside the Order that night. He really hoped that Kanda was genuinely doing this because some part of him actually liked the white-haired exorcist, and not just to save his ass from a potentially embarrassing reveal of Lavi's Christmas present to them.

He sighed while putting on his cross and remembered how excited he was the last time he put it on before going out into the town alone with Kanda. It had been one of the most fun days he'd had at the Order. Deciding to be a little different, Allen done away with his white shirt and gray vest, and pulled on a white v-neck shirt and paired it with a purple hoodie he got from Jerry. He smiled when the colors complemented his golden cross, but decided that he needed a scarf to go with it since he would be standing outside. He wrapped his neck in a gray scarf twice for warmth and watched as a good amount of it dangled well past his waist. The cursed boy smoothed his hair a bit before brushing off his usual tight-legged black pants.

Then, he immediately brightened when he head a knock at the door, "Kanda!"

He swung open the door to greet his "date," but he was stifled by Lavi's hand and lifted off his feet. Allen kicked at Lavi, trying to break free, but the Junior Bookman's only response was a slight laughing noise.

"Don't worry Allen!" Lavi assured.

That was when Allen decided he was pissed enough to bite the redhead's hand, "What the bloody hell are you doing to me?!"

"It's not like I'm raping you, jeeeez."

Kanda tucked a lock of raven hair behind his ear and cursed because he was told to leave it down. Grumbling, he brushed the back of his head, checking for knots. When he found none, he moved on to grab his navy sweater before leaving to retrieve Allen.

When he arrived there, he knocked on Allen's door, only to be surprised at how it suddenly fell of its hinges. Peering in he cursed loudly when he didn't find the boy he was looking for, "….it must be Lavi…"

At a loss for what to do, Kanda stepped into the room to wait and see if either of them would come this way.

"Lavi…where are we?" Allen asked, tired of the other's antics.

"Well, we're at the highest point in the whole Order! Pretty neat, huh?"

"No," Allen struggled a bit against the cool metal on his wrists, "And why are you chaining me to the wall?"

"I'm making you a damsel in distress, of course!"

"Kanda might not make it in time…"

"That could happen…" Lavi pondered, "But that's what makes this fun!"

"You're the only one that's having fun!!!" Allen screeched.


"You're quite literally fucked up."

"I know!" Lavi agreed with a smile.

Laughing, he pulled a black golem out of his pocket, "Hey, golem thing! Remember the message I recorded before? I need you to play that for Kanda. He should be in Allen's room by now. Be as speedy as you can, little guy! Bye!" The cheery exorcist flung the golem into the air and it sped away.

"I hate you, Lavi."

"You know…people have been saying that a lot lately…"

"I wonder why?" Allen deadpanned.

"Well, I better be off, too. Wouldn't want ol' Yuu-chan to find me here, would I?" And with that last sentence, Lavi bounced away, leaving a very confused and agitated Allen alone and chained to the wall.

Kanda sat impatiently on Allen's bed, punching the boy's pillow as hard as he could without possibly ripping it to shreds. Then a ball hit him in the face. Swearing in pain, he picked up the golem, throwing it away from him.

However, the golem played a message, "Yuuuuuu-chaaaaaan!"

Kanda nearly threw up in his mouth at the sound of Lavi's voice on the recording, "You may have noticed that your little Moyashi isn't there waiting for you. Well, that's because….I KIDNAPPED HIM!!! HAHAHAHA!"

Kanda plopped back down on the bed disbelievingly, "He's still currently at the Order, and you can still go with him to the fireworks show. That is…if you can find him!"

Kanda could almost feel his blood pressure rise, "Oh! And the same rules still apply. If you don't confess tonight before midnight, I show everyone your present! If you do, you can have the present to keep, and you get the lovely Moyashi-chan as your boyfriend! Hopefully I'll see you there, buddy!"

Kanda stared at the golem as it flew away slowly. He felt all the color drain from his face, "Holy shit fuck!"

"Shit…shit…shit…shit," Kanda chanted as he checked each and every room. He sped around corners and ran down numerous hallways. He didn't even know which floor he was on anymore.

"Shiiiiiiiit," Kanda cursed, breathing heavily. He came upon another set of steps and nearly threw himself at them. He thanked whatever god was listening to him because he hadn't fallen once yet.

But…oh, god is cruel, and Kanda found himself tripping up the steps and lying prostrate, face into the ground. He checked his nose for blood and rubbed his injured knees, "Motherless fuckers…"

Kanda laid there for a while, catching his breath, but then realized what he was running around for, "SHIT! Moyashiii!!"

And thankfully, Kanda heard a small noise back. He ran down the corridor and around another corner, "Moyashi?!"


"Bingo!" Kanda said and dashed up yet another flight of stairs. In the corner of his eye, he caught sight of clouds outside the window.

Allen hung his head. He had been waiting up there for God knows how long, and his arms were growing to be tired of being held in the same position by the handcuffs. Lavi had even made sure to really bind Allen's left hand, knowing well that his Innocence could easily break through the chain.

He stared dismally at the spider on the far corner of the room. It climbed up the wall and Allen prayed that it wasn't going to go anywhere near him. Shaking the stiffness out of his neck, he sighed.

Thankfully, a loud crashing sound startled him, accompanied by swearing. The white-haired boy perked up and called for Kanda. When he wasn't answered for a while, he called again.

When there was still nothing, he cried desperately, "Kanda!" He heard a small noise that sounded a lot like Japanese.

He let a tear escape his eye as he craned his neck to look out the window. He knew that the show was going to start soon for he could hear the quiet chatter of people outside. But Allen also knew that he was tired and scared of being up there alone anymore, "KANDAAAA!"

"KANDAAAA!" The samurai nearly smiled at how loud the voice was. He ran down one last corridor and broke down a door to see Allen taking another large breath to call for him.

"Shit." Kanda cursed and made quick work of the chains that bound Allen to the wall, and, thinking quickly, he hefted the smaller boy up over his shoulder and ran, carrying him like that.

"Kanda, Kanda!" Allen called, slightly embarrassed that his ass was practically right next to Kanda's face, "Put me down!"

"Shit, Allen! Not right now!" Kanda came back down the corridor and through other passageways. He was careful, however, with the staircase he tripped on.

Then, Allen heard the sound of Komui's voice talking outside, "Kanda! There's no time! We've lost."

Right then, Kanda's mind shut down and he broke the glass of the nearest window, "FUCK!!"

He placed a hand quickly over Allen's head, and jumped out the window without any sort of hesitation. Allen screamed at Kanda's idiocy. Clearly Kanda had given up trying to make his way through the Order and deduced that the next best thing to do was to jump out the next window he saw, which just so happened to be very high up. Allen clung to Kanda as the cold air bit at his face.

"Do something," Kanda plainly said.

"Do something?! You're the one that threw us out the window!" Allen screeched. When the younger exorcist saw that Kanda had no retort, he activated his Innocence and tried to slow their descent by scraping along the side of the building.

Thankfully, they came crashing down on something remotely soft—Lavi. The Junior Bookman cried out while Kanda sat atop him and Allen in his lap.

"That was…unexpected," Komui admitted.

Kanda's mind then decided to jolt back to life and he stood all of them up, literally flinging Lavi to a standing position before punching him in the face. He looked around the crowd and saw that the fireworks hadn't started yet and smirked triumphantly.

"Fuck you, Lavi. And fuck all of you people. I love Allen Walker," the swordsman declared before pulling Allen into a crushing hug, slamming their lips together passionately in their first public kiss.

"Yay! Let's start the fireworks now!" Komui happily pressed a button and a few brilliantly colored fireworks jetted into the air, exploding loudly.

"My Yuu-kun…" Tiedoll cried, "My Yuu-kun is all grown up!!"

Kanda turned to his new and first boyfriend, "You DO realize that we're going on a date like…TOMORROW, right?"

"Sure," Allen agreed and smiled up at the raven-haired man. Then he turned to watch the fireworks, ecstatic that he had got to be one of those people to have a New Year's kiss.

"Allen!" Kanda called to the white-haired boy sitting on the new couch Kanda ordered in his room.

"Hey. Where have you been?" Allen stood to place a kiss on Kanda's cheek.

"Bunny boy finally gave us our Christmas present," Kanda informed, holding up the square object.

Allen laughed. It had been several days since the New Year's party when Lavi had promised to give it to them if they had won his stupid game. The smaller exorcist allowed the Japanese man to sit on the couch, but was pulled down to sit on the elder's lap. Allen giggled happily at this.

"Let's open it."

Allen removed the bow painfully slow, almost teasing the both of them. Impatiently, Kanda ripped the wrapping paper off and tossed it behind them. They were greeted with an large, unsightly pink book.

"Memories?" Kanda read the title questioningly.

"Well…I don't know! Open it!" Allen placed his hand over Kanda's larger one and together they flipped open the front cover.

"Wow…" Kanda sighed, eyes softening, a bit embarrassed.

"Awww. Yuu! When were all these taken?" Allen exclaimed. He looked through all the pictures. They were all of him and Kanda. On that mission back to Japan, their first "date", them in the baths together, decorating the Christmas tree…nearly everything that they had done together in the past year was in this book.

"Lavi outdid himself this time." Kanda smirked, slightly nuzzling his nose in Allen's hair.

The younger giggled in response, "This is really nice."

"It's embarrassing."

"It's you being cute, Yuu!"

"That's why it's embarrassing."

"Shut it!" Allen playfully smacked the man behind him and happily received a kiss from Kanda. He grinned toothily, "I love Yuu!"

Kanda's face contorted, "I said you could call me by my given name. I didn't say you could make puns out of it."

"But it's so fun!" Allen planted a big kiss on Kanda's lips.

"Moyashi!" Kanda reached to tickle Allen a bit.

"Hey! Don't call me that!" The younger warned between laughs.

Kanda stopped and wrapped his arms around Allen, placing the book beside them on the small table. Allen sighed contentedly, leaning fully back into his lover. Many thoughts ran through his mind, but he smiled all the bad things away… 'This has been such an ordeal. But…I realized that I had my inspiration right here, in the form of two protective arms encasing me with the only love I have known since Mana. We both have minds that knew each other so well, and all Kanda and I had to do was inspire each other to keep on walking.'

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