Summary: Happiest Ducks Finale The Ducks head one more time to Orlando for Aimee and Luis's wedding. Will the magic that brought them together once still be there?

Author's Note: Sooo, I planned this story a while ago, and my roommates and I began planning a possible trip to Disney this weekend and I looked it up again. Hope you guys like.

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Wedding Belle

Chapter 1: Couples and Plans

"Aimee Mendoza," Aimee said staring in to the mirror in her wedding dress, "Aimee Louise Prescott Mendoza," She sighed happily, "Mrs. Aimee Mendoza, Mrs. Luis Carlos Mendoza."

"Aimee?" She heard Luis's voice coming in to the house. "Baby? You home?" She ran in to the bathroom.

"You have to leave!" She shouted.

"Wow, OK," He laughed, "What did I do?"

"I'm in my wedding dress and you can't see me," she sighed, "It's bad luck." She could hear him laughing.

"OK, I'll stand outside in the hallway until you get changed," He said, "Does that work?"

"Yes," she said. She undid the back buttons on the dress, slipped it off and put it back on the hanger she pulled her jeans and tee shirt back on, and walked out into the hallway. She came behind Luis and put her hands over his eyes. He turned around and kissed her. "Hi,"

"Hi," he smiled, "So were you saying your name over and over again in the mirror, again?" She blushed. "You're such a cliché."

"I'm excited," She whacked him in the chest, "I wish you were more excited."

"I am excited baby," he said and kissed her, "It's just, it's still kind of far away."

"A month is not far away," she said, "It's really close."

"Yeah, I guess so," He laughed, "I'm looking much more forward to the honeymoon." She giggled and they kissed. "And of course spending the rest of my life with you. I mean, the past four years have been perfect." Four years, since he had come down and into her life, Luis Mendoza the smooth, sexy boy who walked up to her while she was dressed as Belle in the Magic Kingdom. So much had changed in the past four years. They had both finished college, she no longer worked for Disney World (Thank God!) and they both had steady jobs in Orlando, where they rented and were soon to buy the house they shared. And now, they were getting married.

"And speaking of your friends," Aimee said, "The only person we haven't heard from is Julie. Is she coming?"

"Um," Luis said, "Well,"

"No," Julie said on the phone with Connie, "No, no, and no!"

"You can't skip Luis and Aimee's wedding," Connie said.

"Portman's going to be there," Julie sighed, "And he'll bring a date."

"Julie, it's been a year," Connie stated, "You should bring a date too."

"I don't have a date to bring," Julie sighed, "And I'm not dead set on hurting him."

"He is not dead set on hurting you," Connie said, "He's trying to move on."

"Bringing some slutty little tramp to the New Years party," Julie said, "And making out with her all night with no consideration for ex girlfriends standing two feet away, is not moving on. It's deliberately trying to hurt me."

"She wasn't that slutty," Connie sighed, "And OK they were kind of all over each other, and that was sort of insensitive of him, but you can't punish Aimee for it!"

"It would be too hard," Julie said, "I mean, its Orlando, that's,"

"I know," Connie said, "Everything big in your relationship happened in Orlando. Your first kiss, your first date,"

"When I gave him my virginity!" Julie said pointedly.

"Yeah, I was going to just say, your first time," Connie said, "But that too. So maybe, the first time you guys move on and act like grown ups."

"Or the first time I kick his ass," Julie grumbled.

"Julie," Connie said. "I know the breakup was hard on you, but it has been a year. Maybe, if you just,"

"If I just what?" Julie said.

"Stopped brooding," Connie said, "You two had a great relationship, but you were also great friends, maybe you could have that again. When was the last time you talked to him?"

"New Years," Julie said.

"Ok, I mean actually talked to him," Connie said, "'Hey Julie,' and 'Uh, hi Portman!' and then running away doesn't count as talking."

"Oh, well then," She said, "That would be when he broke up with me."

"Jules," Connie took a tone that freaked Julie out. "You can't avoid him forever. At least consider coming to the wedding?"

"I'll think about it," Julie said. "But I'm not promising." Suddenly a baby cried in the background.

"I have to go," Connie sighed, "Eric woke up, I'll talk to you later."

"Is this OK?" Layla Loughlin stood in front of the TV, Charlie looked around her.

"Yeah, baby its great," he said, "Move please."

"You didn't even look," She said. "Charlie," she stamped a foot.

"Layla," he sighed, "You're being childish, and the game's on Stanley Cup! Banksie's playing!"

"Charlie," she pouted, "Please!"

"You look beautiful," he said looking at her, in a little black dress, "What's it for?"

"You are impossible," She stamped off, her blonde hair flying behind her. He sighed, and stood up.

"Sorry Adam," he said to the TV, "Baby," he walked in to the kitchen where she was sitting on the floor with her arms crossed, "Layla," he slid down.

"I shopped for like a week," she sniffled, "So that I could look nice for your friends, and you don't even care."

"I do care," he smiled, "This is for the wedding?" She nodded, "It's perfect, and you will look gorgeous, just like you always do." He kissed her. She kissed him, climbing on him, she started kissing his neck. "Layla," He said softly.

"Mmhm," She smiled, unbuttoning the shirt he was wearing and kissing down his chest.

"The game," He said, "I'm sorry baby, but it's really important." Her eyes flared and she stood up and walked away.

"I'm only here for two more days Charlie," She said shrilly, "And then I go back to Jersey, do you really want to waste that time?"

"I'm not wasting the time," Charlie sighed, standing up, "But Adam is playing, in the Stanley Cup, are you aware of the fact that this is a really big deal?"

"Fine," she said, "It's just fine, I only dealt with you choosing hockey over me for the whole winter, and here I was thinking, oh season's over, finally I get my boyfriend back, but no, Adam's in the Stanley Cup, we can't miss that." Charlie sighed. Layla had impulse control problems, and suffered horrible mood swings. The impulse control was pretty fun for him, because it usually manifested itself in random sex acts in extremely random places. However, the mood swings were less fun, because she got angry or upset about very small things that he had very little control over.

"Layla," He groaned. "Please!"

"I'm going back to the dorm," she stamped out, "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Baby, come on," he said, following her, "I want to spend these next few days with you."

"Too bad," she shrugged. "I have to finish packing anyway." He sighed, giving up and walking back into his apartment. He would be more upset if this kind of thing didn't happen every couple of weeks. Knowing Layla she would be back in two hours in a bikini asking to make Pina Coladas to celebrate the coming summer.

"You really want to bring me to Orlando for your friends' wedding?" The small brunette in her bra and panties lying under Dean Portman asked.

"Course I do babe," He smiled and kissed her.

"But won't your ex girlfriend be there?" She cocked her head to the side. He sighed and rolled off her, there was no fooling Maya.

"Yeah," he nodded, "Probably. I don't really know, I haven't talked to her in a year." It was true, he had also taken to dating lots of girls, all of whom were as opposite of Julie as possible, usually small, dark, slutty brunettes, in contrast to Julie's tall blonde purity. He and Maya had gotten back together about a month before, and he knew it would drive Julie crazy if he brought anyone to Luis and Aimee's wedding, but especially Maya, the girl who he had lost his virginity to, the girl who he had told Julie a million times meant nothing to him.

"So I'd be there to what?" Maya said, "Make her jealous?"

"Yup," he nodded, no reason to lie, Maya had entered in to this knowing he wasn't over Julie. "If you don't want to,"

"Just wanted to be clear," she shrugged, and kissed him. As he moved down and started slipping off her panties, "Dean," she moaned, "you're much better at this now than when we were sixteen."

"Can you call me Portman baby?" He whispered in her ear. It was weird, since leaving Julie he hadn't been able to stand hearing girls call him by his first name. "And thank you."

Sherry Dawlins brushed out her long dark hair taking it down from the tight bun where she had it under her red Ariel princess wig.

"Hey you," Her boyfriend Derek whispered and kissed her neck. She looked at him and smiled, "What are you up to tonight?"

"I um, I was going to go with Aimee to try on my bridesmaids dresses and pick out shoes," She said. "You can come if you want."

"Mm, shoe shopping with Aimee, that sounds like lots of fun for me," He nodded, "Come over after?"

"Sure," She smiled and kissed him. She glanced over at the TV. "Ooh! Rangers won! Yay!"

"I don't get it," He sighed, "You're from California, you live here, and yet you love the Rangers. Explain please."

"Adam Banks plays for the Rangers," She laughed. He nodded. "I should call him."

"Hey," Derek whispered. "I'm sure he's out celebrating with one of his little hockey groupies, you've got a very sexy boyfriend right here in Florida!" She laughed, "He's coming to the wedding right?"

"I think so," She nodded and kissed him, "I'll see you later."

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