A Digital Switch

Don't think I'm sick or anything for writing this, but I thought this would be a nice change to the normal stories we get. And compared to some other stories I've read, this is nothing.

Part 1

Demidevimon zoomed through the forest at a neck-breaking speed. "Oh man, oh man!" he wheezed, "How do I get myself in to these messes?"

Thunder sounded behind him. "You can't escape!"

"Great!" Demidevimon thought,"Thats not thunder, thats its wings flapping!"

Outloud he said,"Come on, what did I do to you?" When he didn't hear a respond, he risked it and looked behind him, no one was there. "Yes!" he said,"I've lost it!" Turning back around he slammed into something.

"Ahh!" Demidevimon cried, staring up at the Digimon. He couldn't believe his eyes, the left side of it was Devimon, but the right was definitely Myotismon. "Wha-what are you?"

It moaned and seemed to speak in two voices at once,"I, we were two entities called Devimon and Myotismon. After we were destroyed, are bodies meet each other on the other side. Then we were reborn as...THIS."


"We will explain later, but for now, we have need of you."

Demidevimon swallowed. "Wha-what do you want with me?"

"We will have revenge on those that cursed us to this existence. You will find them for us. Find us the Digidestined!"

Demidevimon's beating heart started to slow down. "Okay, sure, no problem, heck, I even know where they are right now!"

It smiled. "Good. Take us there."

"Sure thing, boss, er, bosses. If you don't mind me asking, how are you going to get your revenge?"

"The Digidestined and their Digimon form an unbeatable combination, paired up as they are, they fight in perfect harmony. Our plan is to disrupt that harmony."

"But how?"

"You will see, now, take us to where they are."

Demidevimon nodded, and started to fly away. "Sure, no problem, uh, what is it you want to be called?"

It smiled. "Call us...MyoDevimoin!"

Tai threw the stone as hard as he could, causing a giant splash in the lake. Stupid Matt, why did he always have to disagree with him? They chose him as the leader, so why couldn't Matt agree with what Tai ordered? It was because he was trying to show off in front of Mimi, thats why!

Tai grabbed a bigger rock and chucked it into the pond again. Stupid Matt and stupid Mimi, those two make a perfect couple, they both argue with Tai, and they're both nice to Sora. Tai remembered them sitting together and talking before. Sure, he knew that Matt had the hots for Mimi, not Sora, but it still made him so jealous. And then when Tai went to tell them that they were leaving, he made a big deal about staying here for the night. Tai knew Matt was right, but he couldn't back down with Sora right there, could he?

Tai started to calm down a bit, realizing that the reason they were both so stubborn was because of the girls, Matt wanted to play the rebel in front of Mimi, and Tai wanted to be the commander in front of Sora. Tai should be yelling at Sora, not Matt, but he knew it wasn't their fault that Tai and Matt acted like idiots.

He sighed and decided that he had to go back, he was getting hungry. He swallowed his pride and walked back.

"Tai!" Kari screamed running over and hugging him.

"Geez!" Tai said,"I was only gone for a few minutes, it wasn't like I never came back."

"I know," his sister said to him,"But I don't like it when you run off. We all get worried, especially Matt, but he'll never admit it."

"Hey!" Matt shouted from the other side of the campfire,"I was not worried!"

"Then how come you kept tripping over everything?" Mimi asked,"Face it! You were so distracted, you couldn't see two feet in front of you!"

"Come on, Tai,"Kari said,"I've saved you a seat."

Tai followed her lead and sat between Sora and her, with Agumon at his feet. "Glad you came back," he said.

"You doubted me?" he told his friend.

"Not really," Joe said,"Its a cycle. You and Matt fight, then one of you runs off, but you always come back."

"True," Izzy said,"We've pretty much grown accustomed to it."

"Don't worry," Sora said beside him,"I still get worried every time you run off."

"Just me?"

Sora turned red. "I meant you too, that's what I meant!"

MyoDevimon hover in the air, following Demidevimon's lead. "See, there?" Demidevimon pointed below them,"right like I said!"

"You've done well," they told their hechman,"Asleep as well. We are truly pleased! Now to go to work!"

MyoDevimon held out their hands and said," Vice Versa!" A ball of energy formed in their hands. They through it down, where it encircled everyone before blacking out.

"That's it?" Demidevimon asked,"That didn't even wake them!"

"Patience!" they told him,"Now we hid and watch!"

Tai opened his eyes, and yawned. Quietly getting up, he stretched. He shouldn't have drank so much, he felt like he was going to explode.

Quickly running to get to a safe spot in the forest, he felt and itch on his calf. He stopped and reached down to scratch it, but something was wrong. His leg was covered in a rough material, but he wasn't wearing jeans. When he looked down, the obvious told him other wise. There were jeans on his leg.

"What the?" he thought, it had to be a mistake. Yeah, that was it, it was so dark with the tree tops blocking out to starlight, he couldn't even see his shirt. So his eyes were playing tricks on him.

He walked a bit further until he emerged from the forest and saw the stars reflecting off the lake. He breathed in the night air, and started to walk towards it, when he slipped on something and fell backwards. He closed his eyes, waiting for the pain that was sure to follow, but it didn't. He felt a little uncomfortable in his head, but no incredible pain.

Now he knew something was wrong. Reaching up to his head, he felt something hard there, covering his entire head. As he tried to figure out what was going on, his mind flashed a possible explanation through his head. His heart started to beat as he began to realize that that explanation was probably right, how else could he explain why he was suddenly wearing jeans, but it was impossible, right. Then again, being transported to the world inside the computer was impossible not that long ago.

He quickly got up and ran to the lake. Taking a deep breath, he looked at the reflection. His explanation was right.

Staring at the reflection for a bit longer, he screamed and Sora's face screamed back at him.

All he knew was he wasn't going to the bathroom now.

to be continued....