In the pass just before the gate to the Eastern Port, Ladoran lay on the dirt path, Darin's sword still in his chest. He stumbled to his feet, yanking it out of him. The wound healed almost immediately, but there still remained a hole in his armor. "Ouch" Ladoran groaned and stretched. He reached for his katana only find nothing, not even a sheath. "Ugh... dirty thieving soldiers..." He eventually got up the energy to push the gate open somewhat and walk through. The sun caught him off guard and briefly blinded him as it began to rise over the horizon of the ocean.

The dirt turned into wooden planks, which spread along the coast for the length of five small buildings. Two ships were docked at the moment. Ladoran approached a Hylian sitting outside a building that a sign with "Hylian Coast Inn"

"Did a boat leave last night?" Ladoran asked him.

"Have I seen you before?" The Hylian looked at him strangely.

"I don't think so. Please answer my question." Ladoran insisted.

"Yeah. One of them shipment boats to uh..." The Hylian thought for a name. "Flaya I think. Funny thing too. Was supposed to pick up its shipment this morning, but it a couple people ran on board and it just suddenly lifted anchor and left. A bunch of soldier-ey lookin' guys came out of the pass looking for a couple criminals." The Hylian suddenly looked like he just had an epiphany. "Hey, do you think the criminals were on that there boat?"

Ladoran groaned. "Was that the last boat?"

"Uh... I think that one," The simple Hylian pointed towards to boat on the far- right dock, "Is going to Frenu." Ladoran groaned as he kept guessing Freya's name. He looked at Ladoran like he was accusing him of something. "You're not going there, are you? Full of human's you know. I don't like them, keep talking in long words." He looked down pick a sticky substance from his shoe. "Them humans and their round ears. Sometimes, when I am real angry at them, I wish someone would just go there and kill 'em." He looked up only to see that Ladoran had walked away.

Ladoran approached a man standing on the docks next to the boat the Hylian indicated. "This ship going to Freya?" He asked.

The sailor "This is the finest ship I'll ever work on. She be the Sapphire Pearl. Can go through any-"

"Yeah, yeah." Ladoran interrupted, "Is it going to Freya?"

The sailor looked at him with a touch of anger. "Yeah. What about it?"

"I need to get there as soon as possible." Ladoran said in a pleading tone, "Could I join you on this voyage?"

"Depends. How much cash you got?" The Sailor said.

Ladoran reached for his rupee pouch, which was also missing. "Damn thieving soldiers..." He muttered.

"Soldiers took your cash?" The sailor asked, over hearing him. He looked pensive. "Fine. Scrub the decks, and you're on."

"Thank you." Ladoran was eager to catch Darin for answers, and Kaede, who he wasn't sure was a dangerous murderer or not. "[i]Job or not, if she's dangerous to a lot of people, she needs to go.[/i]" He thought.


Back in Kakariko, the Quadro were being kept in a cramped Inn room. Midna peered out the window, seeing that soldiers practically covered the entire road. "This is what we get for trying to say hello." She remarked, sitting her small imp body on an undersized mattress. Her fused shadow sat on the floor.

"It's kind of depressing to see that Malo grew up to be what he is now." Link realized something just after saying that. "Loomis has been pretty quiet lately."

"I've grown tired of putting words in this test subject's mouth- Hey!" Two people spoke out of Spencer's mouth, but when Loomis talked it was in a noticeably colder tone. "I do think that I might be gaining bladder control" Spencer's eyes widened. "What do you-" He paused. "Oh god damn it." He left the room to find cleaner clothing.

Midna found it hard to not look out the window. "Remind me again why we're not just making a violent escape from this dusty town?" She sneered at the soldiers who noticed her looking out the window.

"They already think we've sided with a mass-murderer." Andima explained, "We don't want to give them more reason to hunt us."

"What about your son?" Midna argued, "The sun is setting and he's probably already on a boat. How will we catch up if we have to stay here for days?"

"What exactly do you suggest we do?" Andima asked, getting frustrated.

At that moment, Spencer entered the room with baggy white cloth pants. "You know, when we were on earth, we really should have got more pairs of jeans." He said, walking into the room. He noticed Midna and Andima's glares at each other. "Did I interrupt something?"

Midna turned back to Andima. "I think we should unleash the twilight fury on their asses." She seemed determined.

"Who's asses?" Spencer leaned against the wall.

Andima began to explain. "She wants to-"

"Hey Spencer, do that arm-blade thing of yours." Midna interrupted. Andima considered the repercussions of drop kicking a certain imp across the room.

"Huh?" Spencer looked at his right arm. "Yeah, I'm not quite sure how to do that."

"Then figure it out." Midna shrugged, laying back on the mattress.

"It's not that easy!" Andima replied hotly.

"Sure it is." Midna looked at Spencer. "When did it show up?"

"Uh... when it was needed?" Spencer guessed.

"No, it can't be that." Midna looked pensive.

"Why the hell not?" Andima questioned her.

"He didn't really need it when he killed a helpless old man on the ground, did he?" Midna reasoned.

"When you word it like that it make me sound the bad guy." Spencer said with a touch of guilt.

"I got it!" Link snapped his fingers. "Both times it came out, you were really angry!"

"Thanks for stealing my thunder." Midna grumbled.

"I think you're right." Spencer remembered the events in the castle. "But what's there to be mad about?"

"Are you kidding?" Midna asked, bewildered. "You're being held against your will in a cramped inn room!"

"For some reason that doesn't bother me too much." Spencer sighed.

"How about this, then?" Midna persisted. "You've been separated from your son, who hasn't seen you in six years. Not only that, but right now he is probably alone on a boat with a bunch of strange men! He's even a wanted criminal! Not to mention he's travelling with only a girl you barely know and she's-" She was interrupted by the bar on Spencer's forearm suddenly extending into a blade.

"Happy?" He asked, irritated.

"Very." Midna smiled and put on her fused shadow.

Moments later outside the Inn, the soldiers drew their weapons. This was most likely caused by the Inn doors slamming open, an unconscious guard flying through. He was immediately followed by the Quadro running out the doors, making their way to the north exit of the village. Link and Spencer used the blunt of their blades to knock them down, Midna used a fused shadow hair-fist, and Andima shocked them with weakened bolts of electricity to stun them.

They ran up the pass, crossing the narrow stone bridge into Hyrule's grassy eastern fields. "Wait a second!" Midna turned around as the rest of them stopped.

"What are you doing?!" Andima yelled. The crowd of remaining soldiers appeared in the pass.

"Giving us time." She flung twili energy at the stone bridge, a portal opening above. "Nnnngggg.... YAH!" She grunted as she lifted her tiny arms and the midsection of the bridge detached itself and flew into the air, disintegrating into black particles. The soldiers stopped dead in their tracks, throwing their weapons down and yelling in frustration.

"Nicely done." Link complemented her.

"T'was nothing." Midna boasted.

"Maybe we can get some rest now." Spencer suggested, the blade on his arm receding back into a block.

"Sounds like a plan." Andima yawned. "I don't think I've used that much power in a long time."