"When I Lost Hope"

A Troyella Story Three-Shot:

Disclaimer: I own Nothing but all characters I Created. All characters belong to their rightful Owners.

There was no doubt In my mind. I loved Troy. There was also no doubt in my mind, that he didn't love me. My Name is Gabriella Montez.

Tall, Brown eyes and Hair, Smart, strait A+ student, go to East High, In Albuquerque , New Mexico. I have been living here my entire life and I love it. The people are friendly, Loving, and Kind... Most People.

About my School life and Such… I'm not considered a total popular person, But I'm more popular then most people. I have amazing friends and for my love life… Not much is needed to know. I've had my share of Boyfriends and all that stuff but none of them compared to the love I felt for Troy. The only Reason I went out with them, was just to show Troy that I wasn't a Stupid, Ugly Girl who couldn't get Dates, and that he wasn't the only one who had been in a relationship before.

I've known Troy My whole life, ever since we were babies…. We were born in the same month though were 4 days apart. My Mom and Troy's were both pregnant at the time they met. And they met because My mom and Dad moved here to get a better house, now that I was going to be born, and yep you guessed it… were neighbors. And were closer then ever. And back to the age and everything, were so close in age that every year we always have a quiet birthday party at one of our houses together. Its really nice and its always fun. I can remember last year for our birthdays. We turned 16...


I woke up to someone jumping on my bed. I rolled over and saw Troy, grinning like mad and pouncing on me like a monkey. I looked up further and saw my parents and Troy's in the door way with cake and Presents.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" They all yelled. God it was only like 8:30 in the morning. I pulled the blanket up close to my face and snuggled close to it. I was cold, considering I was in a tank-top and short shorts.

"Come, on Gabs! Its our Birthday today! Well… our birthday Party, but still! Wake up" And Troy continued to jump on me. He was so obnoxious sometimes. And Hyper.

"Troy! If you Don't give me 20 inches of space and let me go to sleep, I'm taking our birthday Cake and slamming it in your Face!" Like I said I had a huge crush on Troy and I love him but seriously, I need my sleep and he knows that. I am not a morning person.

"Gabriella! Come on!" My dad chimed in. "Its you and Troy's birthday Party! Now Get up!"

"Yeah Come on, Ella! Lets go!" Troy's Grin got bigger and he just jumped on my bed more. I looked at him and grabbed his face and pulled him close to mine. "Troy! I am trying to sleep! " He just inched his face closer and said "Well Brie… I don't care because my parents have presents down there and I am not allowed to open them unless your there!" Then He leaned down and kissed my cheek, I get one of those all the time.

"Please…" He asked and he gave me one of those stupid puppy dog faces, but I wasn't buying it. "N O!" I spelled out.

"Sorry, Ella, I didn't want to do this but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to now…"

Oh-No, I thought. Please , No…. Please No

Suddenly I felt his hands on my waist and he threw me over his shoulder, he only does this when he's really mad or he's in a good mood and decides to torture me. "TROY! DAMMIT, PUT ME DOWN!!" I screamed and hit his back. We walked past my parents on the way out of the door, and I heard them laughing and they followed us down the stairs. I Gave them the best glare they could and they covered their mouths but still continued to snicker.

Sometimes I wish Troy wasn't that Strong and I wasn't so skinny, that way he couldn't pick me up and all the other stuff he did to me.


It was now 1 hour later and we were opening our presents. Troy was opening mine and I couldn't wait to see the way he reacted when he saw it.

"Oh My God…" He took all the wrapping paper off and looked at me Grinning. "Happy Birthday!" I smiled.

"What is it Son?" His dad asked.

He Yelled and stood up. "She got me two tickets to Next Week's Laker Game!"

I just smiled and then felt him pick me up. He spun me around and hugged me. "God, You're the best! Thank you so Much… But who's the other ticket for?" he asked, stopping to pull away from the hug and he raised an eyebrow. He knew who it was and he knew that I knew that he knew.

"Well…. I was thinking you could take….. I don't know? Who do you think you should take?" I smiled and shrugged.

"I Think I'm gonna take Chad!" He said and walked back to the couch.

"Auh! I scoffed and crossed my arms, I gave him a mean look.

"Aww, Gabi, you know were going together!" He said and smiled.

It was an awesome birthday…. And Basketball game.

End of Flashback

It was 2:55 Now and I was walking out of my last class for the day. All I had to do was go to Homeroom and wait for announcements. But first we had ten minutes in the hallway to gather our crap so we could just leave right after the announcements.

I suddenly felt a buzzing feeling near my hip and I looked down. It was my cellphone. I had a text message from my mom. I opened my phone and read it.

Hiya, Hunny!

Just want 2 tell u 2 invite

Troy to dinner

2 night.

His Family

Will be there


Seya soon! Bye, Sweetie!

There's my mom for ya! Thinking she's hip by texting with abbreviations. Let alone texting at all.

I smiled. I loved having Dinner with Troy and his family it was so much fun. We played Games, watched T.V or something, we always found something fun to do. I Walked down one of the hallways of our school and looked around for him. He wasn't anywhere in this Hallway so I turned the corner in the direction of his locker. Surely he would be there.

"Where is he?" I mumbled to myself. I walked about ten more steps and then I saw him… I sighed an looked down. I saw him in a full heated make-out session with his cheerleading, inappropriate outfit wearing, cant commit to anything, Slut of a girlfriend. Her name was Makayla.


I was so sick and tired of this. This was the sixteenth time I have caught them like this. It made my heart litterly break every time. Can you imagine it? Troy Bolton. You have had a crush on him your whole life and he's your best friend and you see him kissing another girl, but not just any girl a total slut who hates your guts! I almost cried from seeing it so many times. I decided to just breath in and get it over with.

I walked up to him, his back facing me and tapped him on the shoulder. "Troy…. I kinda need to talk to you." I said as politely as I could. Without becoming angry and ripping the hair extensions out of that Bitch's head.

And Troy just continued to Kiss her. I spoke again but this time a little louder. "Troy, Come on I need to talk to you" He still didn't answer. I was getting annoyed a little.

"Troy! We Need to talk!" I tapped my foot impatiently and thought that maybe if I gave him a few seconds it would register in his brain that I was trying to get his attention. I waited…. And waited.

It Didn't work.

"Oh My God…" I muttered. It was disgusting, hearing them slobber all over each other…Eek! I Jerked his shoulder and called his name louder. "Troy! We Need to Talk!"


I Took about two steps back and I dropped the book in my hands. Troy had turned around so quickly and yelled so loudly I thought his head was surely going to snap off. I was mortified. I knew that tears were now starting to well up in my eyes. I covered my hand over my mouth and breathed in a shaky breath. Everyone in the hall stopped cold. Even some of the teachers who were on their way to go home and leave the building. I now felt tears streaming down my face. I wasn't crying so much because I was scared…. I mean I was but that's not the main reason. It was because when me and Troy were 4 years old we made a promise to never get in a fight for longer then 20 seconds and to never yell at each other. We had kept that Promise….

Until Now.

"Oh My G-God…Gabi…. I-" His eyes were soft like always now, they turned that way immediately when he saw it was me. "I Didn't Know-I thought you Were…"

But I didn't give him time to say one more word. I had already ran out of sight.