MAXIMUM Ride: Are you up for the challenge

MAXIMUM Ride: Are you up for the challenge?

Okay, so it's not the best title in the world! But hey it's only my 2nd fanfic okay so yea otherwise please review!! Starts off online then to where they live because Max has decided she doesn't want to live with anyone but her stubborn self! Anyways, she has a laptop because her mom gave it to her so yea… it's black (Fang's favorite color btw if you haven't noticed already!) Anyways, if you want Niggy, Fax, or anyone else tell me in your review! BTW… Max and Fang live really close other characters will come in later but I love FAX so whatever


Max: Max is the best!

Fang: Fangalator

Iggy: BlindGuyWhoCanSee!!

Nudge: Talkative!

Gazzy: The Bomb! (boy that's an understatement!)

Angel: Angel (hearts)

Chapter 1

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