I impatiently pushed back a lock of my maroonish colored hair as I knelt to examine the graduated cylinder before me. I was in science class, trying to not get up and punch the teacher in the face. I was in Physical Science, my last class of the day. It was also the class I hated the most. Whoever thought it was important to teach freshman how to find the density of a nail was going have to deal with me. It was utterly pointless!

My name is Haley. I am a freshman at Riverview West High School. Currently, I am in science class, trying to get my useless lab team to do something. But again, I was doing all the work. My lab partners consisted of two douchebags who were currently higher than a kite. Fed up, I pulled my shoulder length hair into a messy bun after it fell in my eyes for the fifth time as I tried to read the level of the water. The stoner in my lab group laughed as the other stoner started drawing crude images into the desk top with his pen. Neither of them was paying attention. Resisting the urge to smack them both, I quietly finished the lab, wrote down my answers, cleaned up, and walked away. I spent the rest of class finishing the homework and doodling. It was a pity that I hadn't been able to take a higher level class. I'd written it into my schedule, but an upper classmen had taken my spot, forcing me into this class. I jumped when the bell rang. Saved by the bell… I thought without humor; I had literally been saved by the bell, the stoners had just realized that they didn't have the answers to the lab. I got out of science as fast as I could, glad too be free.

The short bike ride home to my house wasn't all that bad, even though it was nearing winter. All of the trees were slowly shedding their leaves, and the ground was starting to freeze. Where I lived, Wisconsin, there were two seasons: winter and construction. Winter lasted so long that I was pretty much used to it. It was relaxing to just breathe and pedal, instead of having to think for five people, have useless facts shoved into your brain and dealing with kids making out in front of your locker. The air was nearing a crispness that burned in your throat, but it felt good. I put my bike in the garage when I got home and was greeted with a note.


I have to stay late again tonight, but tonight is the last time, I promise. I don't want to, but hey, that's life. I'll be home around seven-ish. I think there is a pizza in the freezer for you for dinner…But I'm not sure. I know you'll manage on your own, though. Stay out of trouble please?

Love, Dad

Used to it, I merely took the note off the door and let myself inside. It was always nice to have downtime after school anyway, right?


I was suddenly frozen as a vision flashed to my eyes. A short, petite girl with pretty brown eyes and an oval face was backing slowly away from Victoria. Victoria snarled and threw herself at her, intent on ripping her to shreds. The girl brought up her forearm across her face, for protection, and Victoria bounced off. Victoria flew back about twenty feet, smashing through a tree. Off to the left, Edward was crouched in front of Bella with a shocked expression as Victoria whizzed past. The girl obviously wasn't a vampire, so how did she get her arm up in time, and why did Victoria bounce off, leaving her unhurt? That was impossible- why was I seeing this? Jasper jerked me back into reality by touching my elbow.

"What is it?" He muttered as the car bounced over a small rut. We were in Wisconsin of all places, way up north. We were dealing with an infestation of bears- it would be a bit more humane for us to kill them rather then having the bears be tracked down and shot. Bella had wanted to come too of course, so the whole family was here. Emmett was driving, and the Hummer we were in was bouncing and rolling as he energetically drove 'off road' style.

"Yeah Alice, what's up?" asked Rosalie, examining one of her perfect fingernails. Everyone was so bored, they were noticing every little thing that happened in the vehicle. I made a snap second decision. Judging by the lighting from that vision, we wouldn't meet Victoria for another half an hour yet. I didn't have to spill right now.

"Nothing." I said quietly, and began to recite the Greek alphabet in my head, trying to keep Edward out. I could always fake getting all upset because this vision was 'private' anyway. I'd used that excuse before.

"Alice, what's the matter?" asked Edward from next to Bella, staring at me through the rearview mirror with narrowed eyes. Since Bella was with us, he was on red-alert, paranoid and positive that something terrible was going to happen to her.

"It's nothing to be worried about." I lied again. In my vision, there wasn't a scratch on anyone except Victoria. Why make everyone worry? Besides, we'd get there soon enough.


I dropped my messenger bag on the back steps and strode off into the woods. I lived in a small section of land that wasn't included in a state park. It had lots of woods and wildlife, and the forest made for a great place for walks. My dad was always worried that I'd run into something I couldn't handle, like a bear, but I wasn't too worried. I kicked a pinecone and watched it roll away, off the small path I had created. I took walks often, and I'd started to form bare patches on the ground to my familiar haunts and paths. After a while, I reached my favorite clearing. It was large and oval shaped, surrounded by towering oaks. A great place to be, all year round. I'd often go there to study and do homework when the weather was nice. If I was feeling adventurous, I'd tan there too, if it was warm enough. Since it was nearing winter, all of the cattails and flowers that usually grew in the clearing were dying. Curious, I looked down as I walked, looking for good flowers to take home and make into potpourri.

Slowly, I made my way to the center, watching the ground. When I looked up, I noticed a guy and a girl backing away from a tall red-headed girl on the farthest side of the clearing. This looked like a fight- the guy was protecting his girl, facing the red-head. Fantastic, just what I needed. A lot of people came onto our property to do stupid things, and this wasn't any different. I jogged closer. They didn't seem to notice me at all, too absorbed in their argument. The red-headed one growled ferociously and threw something that exploded against the guy. Growled. At first, I was surprised- who the hell growls? Assuming she was just psycho, I picked up a pinecone and chucked it at her head. Thanks to me playing softball, it landed perfectly in the back of her head. She whirled, snarling.

"Hey, back off, alright?" I said wearily, but then I clearly noticed her face. It was beautiful, but she was snarling, and had HUGE fangs. My words died in my throat when the look on her face changed. She shifted out of her crouch. Mind whirling, I simply looked at her in surprise. After a second, I got it. She was probably one of those goth kids, who wore fangs like they were animals and pretended they were vampires or something stupid like that.

"Why can't I smell her?" She asked rhetorically, sniffing like I had an aroma, which was a crazy thought, people don't have scents…

"Excuse me?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. This girl must be crazy as hell.

She smiled at me, but it was forced. The guy looked from his girl, to me, and back at the red-head. Suddenly, crazy-chick was in front of me, even though she had been a good ten feet away before. Somewhere in my head, I wondered how the hell she'd done that. She leaned in, inhaling, as if I was wearing perfume. I shoved her back.

"Stay away from me." I warned, wishing dearly all of a sudden that I wasn't alone with two useless kids and a crazy lady in the woods. Her eyes turned black. Wait, what? Black? There was no way- She crouched, and then launched herself at me. Time seemed to slowdown, but I could see her moving towards me, hands curling into claws. There was no way I could duck in time, so I put my arm across my face, protecting it and hoping for the best. I felt her crash into it, and my whole body shook as she bounced off. I watched her fly back and hit a tree on the edge of the clearing. "Holy shit-" I whispered, and slowly began to back away, mind reeling. What had I just done, and how did I do it?


Jasper, of course, had picked up Victoria's sent and sent us running towards it, considering she was by Edward and Bella. I already knew this was going to happen, so I just ran fast enough to keep pace- we'd arrive with time to spare, in fact. We came out of the woods and into the clearing just in time to see Victoria fly back into a tree and land with a crunch, breaking the whole tree in half.

"Holy shit-" I head the girl whisper. I turned my head to the sound, and watched her back away. Victoria sat up, snarling, obviously confused, but even angrier than before. Edward had crouched in front of Bella, ready to rip out Victoria's throat if she came over. It was a good tactic, but I began to wonder where her mate was, James. He was probably around here somewhere…Victoria shot forward, and just clipped the girl's side, even though she turned with speed only a vampire should have to avoid her. She gasped as Victoria's hands scooped out a hollow of flesh as she passed.


The red-head launched at me, so I tried to leap out of the way, but I wasn't fast enough. Her hands somehow ripped away the first three or so layers of skin on my side. I tried to smother the gasp of pain that escaped my lips as I examined the damage. My whole side was stinging and burning, and the very large scrape was starting to bleed pretty heavily. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the creepy red-head chick whirl around and run back at me. I turned and went on the defensive as she threw herself at me again, clearly intent on killing me. This time, I brought my fist up and punched, closing my eyes and praying that going on the offensive at the last second would work. With a large crack, she went soaring back to the edge of the clearing. Confused, I watched her fly back. My punch should have landed her right on her ass, not shoot her twenty feet backwards. What was happening?

My side felt like it was on fire, so I turned my attention to it now that I was, for the moment, safe. I rested all my weight on one hip and pulled up the remains of the side of my t-shirt. A long gash wrapped all the way around from my belly button to my spine. It was gory and disgusting- but the girl shouldn't have caused that much damage, not in a million years. Glad that my mother was a doctor before she died, I ripped off the hem of my shirt and put it against the gash and pushed. She'd instructed my dad and me on how to treat injuries like this. I was too little to remember, but my dad had taught it all to me again. I pushed, and my shirt immediately turned bright red as it began to soak up blood.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my attacker get up again, the clear intent of murder written on her face. She started to book it for me when suddenly, in a blur of color, a whole line of people formed a barrier in front of me, keeping her back. Bewildered, I stared at their backs. Where the hell did they come from? They snarled just like the crazy-lady, but they were clearly warning her to stay back, and they weren't trying to kill me, so they weren't a threat…yet. Without warning, the pain in my side flared sharply and then immediately tapered off. With all of the snarling creatures of doom entertained, I began to back away, intent on running the frick away from here as fast as my legs could carry me, but I noticed something when I shifted back. I had stopped bleeding already. Intrigued, I removed my makeshift bandage and took a closer look. This can not be happening. The gash was gone. Gone! Only a faint pink line and some dried blood was left. The pad slipped from my fingers in shock, and I could only stare at my side for a second. If the creatures in front of me hadn't created an aura of the supernatural all up in here, my wound disappearing certainly did. With both hands, I felt all the way around my side. The gash was completely gone. Sensing that I was being watched, I looked up into the eyes of 8 curious people, some of who, had fangs.