Edward. Jasper, Carlisle and Emmett escorted me to the altar. Carlisle was the ring bearer. The other three slipped off into the half full church.

A bead of sweat rolled down into my collar. I fidgeted by the altar. I really wanted to be with Haley, on a cliff, as wolves, watching the ocean. Damn vampires and their big weddings!

I tried to ignore the crowd. None of my friends really wanted to come, my dad was still mad that I was marrying a vampire, so that left…no one. Just all of the Cullens friends. Very reassuring. Then, the music started.


I started to hyperventilate behind the doors. Why oh WHY did I agree to this???? My mom put both hands on my shoulders.

"Stop that. Alice already had a vision that said this was going to turn out fine." She whispered, and straightened the veil.

"I wish Dad was here." I whispered, and felt my nose tingle and my eyes get ready to water. That's one bad thing about being human. You can cry.

She frantically wiped away a tear, she didn't want my makeup to smudge.

"I wish he was too baby. But I'm sure wherever he is, he is so happy for you right now." She said. I bet she would be crying, if she could.

I took a deep breath, just as the music started.

"Oh my god." I gasped. My mom squeezed my shoulder. After 5 seconds, I composed myself. "Let's do this." I said, trying not to freak out, smudge my makeup, or trip. The doors opened.


The doors opened about 15 seconds after the music started, and all heads turned to look at my bride. Haley looked so beautiful! She slowly made her way down the aisle.

When they reached us, I gave her a small smile, which she returned. She must be freaking out like I was.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this couple in holy matrimony." Intoned the priest, which gave me the creeps. 'If anyone has a reason why this couple should not be joined, speak now, or forever hold your peace." He said. Dead silence filled the chapel. And it was pure torture. The seconds seemed to tick by, like the world was in slow-mo.


Trying to stifle my mini panic attack, the priest went on. I didn't pay one spec of attention. My hands were shaking, and my heart was pounding. "Do you Haley, take this man to be your lawfully married husband?" the priest asked.

"I do." I said, trying to not make my voice shake. Jake smiled.

'And do you Jacob, take this woman to be your lawfully married wife?" He asked.

Jake grinned. "I do." He said, sounding thrilled.


This was a breeze! I don't know why I was so worried…"I do." I said, and grinned. Haley was still freaking out.

"Then you may kiss the bride." He said. Without further ado, I did just that.

I kissed her gently at first, then with more passion. She had to pull her head back to break the kiss, or I would have kept going. Everyone applauded in the audience.


I took Jacob's hand, and we nearly ran down the aisle. We reached the outside of the chapel, were vampires were already waiting, all of them from the audience.

I love all vampire weddings. Rice poured down, and Alice's smile was almost too big for her face.

Then, we did something totally unexpected. As the limo pulled up, we walked around to the wrong side, so the limo covered our entire bodies.

Then, we took off our clothes. I thought my moms eyes were going to fall out of her head. But hey, I kinda made Alice happy by not ripping the dress to shreds. We phased.


Haley's white fur was a stark contrast to my dark russet brown. We turned, and ran into the woods. Who needs a cruise when you can spend your honeymoon as a wolf with your wife? Plus, since we couldn't elope, this was just what I needed. As we ran, I couldn't help but feel a little bit sad. My freedom was gone. But that was insignificant compared to what I had gained.

And I was so glad to be part of her world.