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Chapter 19:


7 years later:

"Look, there's the Playa Linda sign!" Demi said enthusiastically.

"Yay." Sean said sarcastically from the back seat. She turned to look at the 8 year old, who looked the double of his father. "What? You say it every time we come down here! And we come down for a week, like, once every 2 months!" Her husband chuckled next to her. She cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Baby, he has a point." Bradin laughed. She and Bradin were both 27 now.

"Will Tara definitely be there?" 6 year old Maddie asked. She was referring to Susannah's 7 year old daughter. Demi had gotten pregnant with Maddie the same night, or morning, she'd gotten engaged to her wonderful husband. They'd married whilst she was still pregnant with Maddie, 5 months in. Demi had sold her deceased mothers house and it paid for the wedding and their late honeymoon. Then, when Maddie was 4 months old, they'd moved into their house in Kansas, previously owned by Bradin's parents. Luckily, this was at the time that Ava G really took off and went national, all the greatest cities having an Ava G boutique. Demi was the manager of the Ava G boutique in Kansas, getting 100 percent discount for being family instead of the 40 percent discount employees usually get. Bradin was now a doctor.

"She will be, and so will auntie Nikki and uncle Derrick." Demi assured the little girl. She was wearing a cute pink dress, from the Ava G kids clothing line. Her face was framed with chocolate brown curls, a little lighter than Demi's own shade.

"Aunt Ava?" The smallest boy asked, seated in a booster seat next to Maddie. Dylan was 3 years old now. He was wearing jeans and a top with the words 'The Incredible Sulk' emblazoned across it. His hair was a light brown, quite similar to Derricks.

"Yes, aunt Ava will be there to, sweetie, we're going to her house!" Demi chuckled. Ava was quite a grandmother figure to the kids, but having heard she and Bradin calling her 'Aunt Ava' so much decided to call her that, too. "We need a bigger car." Demi commented, resting her hands on her 35 week bump. Bradin assured her again that they would get a new car once the baby was born. She had just a little over a month to go but looked like she was going to pop. She had had a bigger baby with each pregnancy, however, so didn't expect this one to be an exception. Demi becoming pregnant with their fourth child had came as quite a shock. Although Dylan was the only planned pregnancy, Demi had thought she and Bradin would plan any other future pregnancies, that they wouldn't come as surprises. Actually, she hadn't expected to have more than 3 kids, which made this fourth one an even bigger surprise. But she didn't mind. She liked having a big family. She wouldn't mind having more than 4 kids with Bradin. And she enjoyed being pregnant and wearing pregnancy clothes that show off her bump. Since getting pregnant with Dylan, Ava brought out 'Baby G', a line consisting of baby clothes up to 3 years and maternity clothes. There were, of course, clothes beyond 3 years, like Maddie's dress, but Baby G was the only line Ava had ever made for anyone personally, this one being inspired by Demi and Dylan. They'd both modelled the clothes in Ava's catalogue and Ava had already asked if Demi would mind doing maternity clothes modelling whilst she stayed at the house this week. When she'd agreed, Ava said she was glad because she already booked the photographer and studio and it was too late to cancel, to Demi's amusement. Ava tried her best to get all of the family helping her out with her clothing line, and so far Derrick was the only one too reluctant to model clothes. Demi figured it was because he's generally quite a quiet person. Ava still used him for sizing and so on.

"We're here." Bradin informed them all. Sean and Maddie rushed into the house and Bradin helped Dylan out of his booster seat before he followed suit. Demi chuckled as she heard the words 'you've grown so much!' come from Ava's mouth. Bradin locked the car and took Demi's hand, giving her a quick peck on the lips before following the kids inside. Sean was talking to Lily, Jay and Isabelle's daughter; Maddie was talking animatedly to Tara; And Dylan had been scooped up into Ava's arms. The house was certainly full of people. There were Bradin and Demi and their children; Ava and Johnny and their 4 year old twin daughters, Bridget and Haley; Nikki, now 25, and her boyfriend of 3 years, Dan, and also her 4 month baby bump. Nikki had took Demi's advice to wait until she was in a good relationship and had a career. She was now a successful journalist and Dan is studying to be a lawyer, working part time as a fitness instructor at the local gym. They have their own apartment not far from Ava's house. Derrick, now 23 and getting a job as an astronomer (planning to move out once he gets it), was also there and his girlfriend of Demi didn't know how many years, Martha(It seemed she really was his one and only); Jay, Isabelle, Danny, Lily, 9, and there newest child Emma, 6; and last but not least, Susannah, her husband Matt, their 7 year old Tara and 2 year old Lucas. Luckily for Demi and Bradin, everyone except Ava, Johnny, their twin girls and Derrick didn't live here, so they should fit since this house was known to hold quite a lot of people.

"Ok, everyone! Barbecue on the beach!" Johnny announced. They all filed out of the room behind him, down the steps and onto the beach where two tables and blankets had been set up. The adults claimed the tables and the children happily ran around, playing on the beach. Especially Bradin and Demi's children, who didn't get to see the beach as often as the rest of the kids.

"Who wants the first burger?" Johnny called over everyone's talking from where he was stationed in front of the barbecue. The chorus of 'me's began and Johnny began giving the food to the kids first.

"So, are you thinking of names yet?" Demi asked Nikki, who sat on her left.

"Yes!" She squealed, excited. "I like Ashley, for both a boy and a girl, but Dan thinks it's too much of a masculine name for a girl. He likes something more plain like Alice or Beth..." Bradin, on Demi's right, was talking across the table to Jay about surfing. Martha had joined in with Nikki and Demi's conversation and Derrick, who loved and was brilliant with the kids was playing with them a few feet away, who were playing all-pile-on-uncle-Derrick. Ava and Johnny smiled at the group from the barbecue at the head of the table. This was their family. Their large family. But they wouldn't change a thing. Life is perfect.

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