Thanks you CSI Granger you are a great beta-editor! I don't know who made up the whole 'Love is a name, sex is a game' thing but my friend just said it to me and I thought I could make a story out of it. No unfortunately I don't own CSI…yet…

Grissom practically ran towards his office, purely charged up on the amount of adrenalin pumping around his body, he pushed the door open then slammed it after him. He stomped over to his desk sat down and was about to start on his paperwork when a pink heart shaped sticky note caught his eye.

Love is a name
Sex is a game
forget the name
play the game ;)

He was taken slightly aback by the note, removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes; he looked again. He recovered from the shock when he realised it was from Sara.

Talk about being forward!

His phone started to beep, flipping it open, he was greeted by the message:

"Exchange files with Sara?"

He pressed the accept key and typed in a security code. He realised then that she was sending him a song.

What song could she be sending me?

I have not told her about any new songs that I like?

It took around about two minutes for it to finish sending the song to his phone. When it had finished, he when into his music file and there next to 'Mozart' was 'GSR', when he saw the title of the song confusion spread across his face.


Gun Shot Residue, maybe?

I mean come on, who would call a song Gun Shot Residue?

It's not called Gun Shot Residue it's called GSR...will you just listen to it.


He clicked the play button and music flowed through the speakers on his phone.

Come on closer
I wanna show you
what I'd like to do
you sit back now
Just relax now
I'll take care of you

I've heard this song before…

But I am pretty sure it's called "Come on Closer"…


Hot temptations
Sweet sensations
Infiltrating through
Sweet sensations
Hot temptations
Coming over you

Innocent thoughts of Sara flooded his mind as he listened to the song, pleasant memories that he has shared with her – both of them at the park, both of them in the lab…

Gonna take it slow babe
Do it my way
Keep your eyes on me
Your reaction
To my action
Is what I want to see

…both of them in bed. The once innocent thoughts turned to those of would could only be described as, erotic.

Sara, naked, me, shower, bed, morgue table, snooker table, my office.

Rhythmic motion
Raw emotion
Infiltrating through
Sweet sensations
Hot temptations
Coming over you

Jeez what is she trying to do to me?!

He ran his hand down the back of his neck, and back over his head. He looked down, embarrassed.

Geez, if this is what she can do to me when she's not even in the room…

And now you're satisfied
A twinkle in your eye
Go to sleep for ten
And anticipating
I will be waiting
For you to wake again

Grissom turned the song off. His anger had disappeared and was being replaced by the desperate need to tell Sara how he felt about her.

"That's it; I'm going to find her."

He began to stand up when his pager went off.

"Damned thing!"

End of Shift.

He hadn't seen Sara all day and gave up on looking; he would have to talk to her tomorrow. As he was making his way over to his car when he saw yet another pink heart shaped sticky note, stuck underneath his window-wiper. This time the sticky note had nothing written on it, there was just a picture of a butterfly stuck on top of it.


Grabbing the note, he quickly jumped into the car and headed for his town-house. Walking up to the front door, there was another pink heart shaped sticky note stuck on it, with the words:

Will you play the game
And remember the name?

He was now completely confused so he yanked the pink heart shaped sticky note off his front door, and shoved it in his pocket. He unlocked the door to his town house walked in and searched the front room for another form for sticky note. Not finding any he walked into his kitchen, where, a pale white box lay. It had another pink heart shaped sticky note on top of it.

Ok, how the hell did she get into my house?!

Not that you mind…


You'd love to have her around the house.

Billy Crystal once said "Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place."
I have a reason and I have a place ;)
P.S Open the box, it won't bite but I can't promise that I wont; D

Grissom hesitantly opened the box. Inside lay a butterfly in a see through case. Grissom was intrigued so he examined it closer.

From first glance I would say that it was a Five-bar Swordtail…

But that species is endangered!


So you're not meant to have it

Well it's not me that got it, it was Sara who got it for you so be grateful.

Underneath was another sticky note saying 'GSR'.

What the fuck? I mean the butterfly is great but the whole GSR thing!?