Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

01. Sweets


A sheepish grin was plastered onto the girl's face, while she watched the Uchiha throw his next kunai.


A long pause drew until the sound of the kunai hitting the target emanated.

"Shut up."

The pink-haired teammate let a frown grace her plump, blood-red lips. "You don't have to be so mean about it..."

Sasuke rolled his eyes and didn't reply.

Wasn't it already enough that he was allowing her to accompany him.

The boy's head tilted to the slightest degree to see her face. A wide grin, like she was withholding a secret, graced her lips, her emerald eyes gleamed with a triumphant "I know something you don't know" look, and her nose flared with that "I'm not gonna tell you either" look.

Sasuke groaned and shot his hand out, receiving a peculiar glance from Sakura.

"Hmm?" She hummed with her lips pursed together.

Furrowing his brows, Sasuke gave her a peeved look. "Give me a kunai."

An hearty, un-ladylike snort escaped surpassed her throat. "You're kidding me, right?"

Sasuke sent a glare at her, but turned his head back towards the bulls-eye target. There was a moment of hesitation, but eventually Sasuke stalked up to the tree and pulled out the weapon.

"What are you here for then?" Sasuke had an annoyed tone in his voice.

"Hmph." Sakura scrunched her face in anger, "You're horrible."

The Uchiha feigned hurt.

"Jeez." Sakura sighed, "You make it sound like I have to have a reason to come visit you Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke scowled in disbelief, "Sakura."

"Yes, my dearest?"

"Hn." Sasuke grunted, rolling his eyes.

A giggle came from behind him, while she plucked the kunai from his hand.

"Sakura." Sasuke hissed in annoyance, "Stop bothering me."

Sakura lipped his words.

A sigh then followed, "You need new lines, sweetie pie."

Sasuke glowered and concocted a horrifying glare. "Shut up."

Sakura flicked the kunai at the target. Horror filled her eyes when she saw the kunai falter and tumble gracelessly to the ground. A squeak of annoyance was withdrawn and she pursed her lips. She was about to make a comment for the Uchiha not to say a word, but it was too late.

"You suck."



"Excuse me?"

"Are you deaf?" Sasuke scoffed, a smug smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.


Sasuke raised his brow, waiting for her to finish her sentence.


The Uchiha sighed and walked past her to retrieve the kunai off the grass. "And you said I needed new lines, darling." Sasuke dryly replied.

Sakura ignored his comment and watched the raven-haired boy twirl a kunai on his finger.


There wasn't any reply, so Sakura didn't go on.


He wouldn't give into her—

(treacherous. weak. heinous. disgusting. sly.)


But, you know what?

His teammate was more annoying when she wasn't speaking, than when she was.

"What?" Sasuke deadpanned.

The girl's features brightened up within seconds, a dazzling smile, complimented with her shining, emerald eyes and pale, pink hair.

"It's a secret." Sakura giggled.

Sasuke's body strode slowly, and swiftly, in her direction. An unreadable expression remained on his face, while his eyes kept their mysterious, obsidian glow. His raven locks were tumbling awkwardly across his face, almost covering all of his forehead.

"Tell me, now."

Sakura backed up with each step Sasuke took.

A soft, surprised shriek escaped her mouth as she felt the hard, wooden bark of the tree against her back. The boy had already cornered her to where there was no escape.

She would be damned if she let it slip.


She was gonna be a martyr, just out of spite.

Sasuke was now bent down—

(resembling that of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.)

—and his face was merely inches away from her own.

"Say it."

Sasuke frowned in disapproval, his body continuing to hover over hers. She held a furious blush upon her cheeks, feeling his broad chest rising against her, when he took in a deep breath.

Sasuke sighed, "No."


He would give into her—

(childish. immature. ridiculous. stupid. totally not funny.)


Nada. No way. Zilch.

"Fine." Sakura grinned, "I won't tell you."

Sakura strode under the arm that was above her head, stomping off in the opposite direction of the Uchiha.

Behind her, however, she knew it.

She could sense that arrogant boy smirking at her, with the slightest possibility of a small chuckle.

Sakura grimaced and didn't turn around, her direction:

The Ice Cream Parlor—


There was a pause in her stampeding movement, quickly she spun on her right heel facing the Uchiha.

"I'll just go spent time with my darling, lovely, scrumptious and delectable Itachi..." She left a pause filter in between her finish syllable, wanting the dramatic emphasis to sink into that Uchiha's FAT—

(Yeah. Utterly FAT and big...and pretty.)


"...KUN!" She screamed with a feral—no, indescribably insane smile on her face.

A moment and the words sank in.






Scowling, Sasuke stalked after her.

Tch. Women.

An extremely annoyed sigh escaped from his lips, while the Uchiha stuck a handful of money on the counter next to the cashier.

"Here." Sasuke muttered, turning around to go back to the table.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun." Sakura grinned, hugging him by his side.

Sasuke didn't want to push her too hard—

(with that obvious god-like strength)

—so instead of prying her off, he just slowly poked her by the shoulder until he was saved by the ice cream man.

Thank you. He silently praised the man, who had handed her the ice cream.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted.

OK. Well, he was praising him, until that old man's fingers brushed against Sakura's hand.

In a petulant manner, Sasuke scowled and grabbed Sakura's other hand leading her to the furthest table. "Hurry up." Sasuke demanded, stopping at the table and crossing his arms.

"Are you seriously going to stand there and watch me eat?" Sakura asked, bemused.

"Hn." Sasuke reverted back to his sedate manner and chose not go bother with an actual (rhetorical) answer.

Her tongue slipped out and took a slow lick of her ice cream.

"Maybe I'll just take forever, so stop staring that blatantly at me." Sakura hissed, the hand that wasn't holding the ice cream cone pointed to the chair opposite of her.

Sasuke ignored her.

Like hell he was going to sit there if she told him.

"Fine." Sakura shrugged, "Stand up and get tired for all I care."

Sasuke inwardly cursed—

(she was telling him to stand up now.)

—and sat down, "Whatever." Sasuke said, his eyes narrowed and lips frowning in her direction.

"What?!" Sakura asked, paranoid.

Sasuke smirked and mimicked sarcastically, "Nothing."

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you liked me." Sakura grinned her eyes squinted when she began laughing.

A long silence filtered between the two.

"Good thing you don't know any better."


Sasuke closed his eyes for the slightest moment, clearing his eyes. However, his eyes shot open when he felt something cold placed directly on his lips. Knitting his eyebrows together, while depressions formed on his forehead, Sasuke scowled at the girl in front of him.


"Ice cream is good for the soul." Sakura announced.

"I hate sweets."

"It shows with that personality of yours." Sakura sneered, "We all know you need a soul anyways, so eat it."

Sasuke let out a sarcastic chuckle to annoy her, but was deterred when more strawberry flavored ice cream seeped between his clenched teeth. Sasuke's hand shot out and grabbed the ice cream from her's, holding it out of her reach, Sasuke then followed by grabbing the closest napkin and futilely spat the sweet flavor out.

Little success.

Standing up, the Uchiha began walking to the trash can.

Sakura gasped, "NO!"

"Oh, yes." Sasuke growled in pure sadism.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura cried, "I'm sorry—DON'T—NO!"

The boy was inching closer to the red topped trash can, a pink headed girl lunging at him.

Pink flew everywhere.

Sasuke didn't know whether he wanted to know what it was.

It was either her hair or the either cream that was all over him.

And he swore, it was gonna be the latter.


Sakura's weight was on top of his body, pressing her weight down on the Uchiha. "YOU SUCK!" Sakura screamed, tears forming at the corner of her eyes. Her hands trembled and her breathing stopped, the ice cream cone was crumbled and splattered all over the ground, on her, and on the boy.

"Shut. Up." Sasuke mustered through his tightening teeth, his jaw clenching in pure annoyance.

What had he done to deserve this?

He bought her ice cream.

He put up with her day to day.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura breathed into his blue—and smeared pink, courtesy a la Sakura—shirt.

He (unwillingly) comforted her fall.

She punched his chest, "YOU STUPID, PRETTY—"

He let her call him PRETTY.

Sasuke's lips captured hers.

She owed him.

A furious blush plastered on Sakura's cheeks when Sasuke's tongue ran against her bottom lip. Her body melted and sunk onto the body below her, Sasuke's left elbow keeping him stable.

The Uchiha then took his right hand and trailed up her cheek, past her ear, until it finally reached the top of her pink locks. The cold feeling of his hand against her warm skin, caused her to shudder. His hand finally swooned downwards, bringing her head closer to his, deepening the kiss.

Sakura let the smallest moan escape from the bottom of her throat, her hands beginning to tangle in his raven locks.

She daringly let her tongue slip into his mouth for the shortest moment.

(Then and there:)

Sasuke decided, that maybe there were some sweets that could be an exception.

"Excuse me." A voice hissed from above, "Will you please continue this...THIS—ehem—somewhere else?"

Sakura's lips escaped from Sasuke's for the shortest moment, ready to reply; however, the Uchiha growled and reclaimed them nanoseconds later.

"This is a child's place!" The cashier hissed, pointing at several kids who were waiting in line behind the counter, horrified with their mouths agape.

The Uchiha's eyes raised the slightest to meet with the cashier's hazel ones, a grunt and dour expression on his face.


Slowly, Sasuke lifted Sakura up and he followed.

Turning to the kids, who were now blatantly staring at him, wide-eyed. The Uchiha gave the queerest expression and soon enough, it turned dour.

"Keep staring, I dare you." Sasuke hissed.

Sakura gaped and smacked the boy on the top of his head, "Sasuke-kun!"

Gripping Sakura by the waist, Sasuke stalked out of the store—trying to ignore the many weird and traumatized expressions he was receiving. A second thought ran across his mind, while he tilted his head to the slightest degree, facing the children.

"It's much better than ice cream."

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