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I can still feel their fingers all over me. Their eagerness to touch me; to hurt me. Their lips against my skin. The purple bruises marking my skin, proof that it had truly happened. They had left their fingerprints all across my body, down my hips, across my thighs and stomach. Covering my neck. The smell of alcohol had long since been washed off me. But the feeling of their fingers pressing threw my hair would probably never leave me. Or the sound of my shirt ripping. Or the hand that had covered my mouth. My teeth biting down so hard against my own lip that I had made it split; because I could not scream. Because I needed to feel something besides them.

When it was over and they had finished with me leaving me a crumpled mess on the floor they had panicked. Not knowing what to do with me.

And that is how I ended up out here floating in the frigid water. Hoping beyond hope that I would simply die, the chance to end it quickly had faded the second they had taken me out of my cabin.

Before they had thrown me over board they had been courteous enough to give me a long shirt that reached my knees to cover up my ripped up shirt and pants. But they had only done that to get me onto deck. Then they had thrown me over board without so much as a word whispered between them.

Now staying afloat is even getting difficult. Not that it really matters. I'm going to die out here; from the freezing water. But its almost fitting, I wouldn't have wanted to keep living anyways.

I let out a heart broken sob simply because I am tired of holding it in. Who cares? No one can hear me crying out in the middle of the ocean anyways. When the three of them had stumbled into my cabin completely drunk I had simply frowned: "I'm sorry gentlemen this isn't your cabin" I'd said in a careful tone trying to keep myself from shuddering at there harsh demeanor, not that I hadn't seen men like them before.

But I was a runaway who had managed to get herself swept off on a ship headed for England. My mother was probably still furious that I had gotten enough money to pay for the passage.

The ship wasn't all that bad. But the only women were a handful of old maids. The majority of the ships inhabitants were men. That hadn't bothered me when I'd boarded the ship but the realization that I was sixteen, fairly good looking, and all alone finally dawned on me when the men stepped a little bit closer to me "told ya she'd be here now didn't I?" one of the three slurred grinning triumphantly at the other two.

I shudder from the memory forcing it to the back of my head. I can't even curl up into a ball unless I wish to float under the freezing water. A shiver roles threw my body. I loosen up. Tightening my muscles only bring on shivers that make my entire body jerk about.

Staring up at the star studded night sky I know that there will be no magical delivery for me. No hero will suddenly appear for me.

I am going to die.

"I'm sorry mom" I whisper my jaw shaking. Salty tears slide down my already drenched face and mingle with the salt of the ocean before dispensing. I feel so useless and violated. As if my body is no longer my own.

The cold has been seeping up my legs for the past four minutes. I can't even feel my thighs anymore. Closing my eyes I take in a deep breath feeling the frigid water cover my chest like a blanket when I let the breath out in an instantly cold white fog.

"This is all my fault" I say forcing my eyes open to stare up at the magnificent black sky. The stars twinkling happily, the full moon shining down on this seemingly endless ocean. Completely unbothered by anything that happens down here. I don't know weather to be unnerved or reassured by the fact that the moon will continue to remain exactly as it is when my last breath leaves my body. "I'm so stupid, thinking I could just run away and nothing would happen" but I'd needed to. The thought of spending another long winter at a boarding school had terrified me. The boarding school had been slowly killing me ever since I'd first gone there. Not that anyone cared.

And here I am floating in the ocean. Berating myself for boarding a ship. I'm going to die talking to myself. If I could muster enough heart I would laugh at myself. But I can't even smile.

I can't even think straight.

Can't even…I feel myself letting out a final breath my body shaking with the freezing water. I can hear my heart laboring in my chest. It faltered. Unsure.

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