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I can feel my body being jarred about, but it's a far away, almost dim, feeling. I know that I'm not breathing, but I can't make myself breathe. Horror builds in my chest, yet my limbs refuse to move. My body is suddenly dropped and my head lulls to one side. I can't see anything, and I'm not really feeling anything. Abruptly I can clearly feel the soft sensation of warm fingers gently pressing my head back and opening my mouth. Then air is pressed it my lungs. I want to reject it; but I can't. Pain emanates from my chest as someone pounds on it.

Suddenly water is coming up my throat and I'm turning on my side and spitting the salt water out. It burns my throat so very much. I curl into a ball taking in gasping breaths. I slowly open my eyes and peer around. A blurry form is walking towards me. I know it's a man. A gasp escapes my lips before I throw myself away from the man. He keeps coming towards me.

"Don't touch me," I beg as I retreat farther away from him. I hit something, a warm, narrow body. Abruptly I feel tears begin to poor down my face as I relive those horrible moments.

A shushing sound comes from the person I've run into, and I'm being pulled onto a lap and rocked gently. My body begins to shake uncontrollably and my eyes are closing. Before I know what is happening I'm falling into freezing blackness again. I can still feel but it is once again far away, my body feels hollow and strange.

My skin goes from bitter to freezing in a matter of seconds. Something is being wrapped around me and I'm being pressed against a warm body. I can see nothing, and my senses are beginning to turn foggy. For a few desperate moments I struggle to hold onto the strange sense of awareness. But after an unsuccessful fight I give in to unconsciousness.


The first thing I feel is a hand softly caressing my cheek, I pull away and the feeling stops. Warmth leaves my body and moan softly, my brows furrowing as wakefulness begins to press against my droopy mind. Regretfully, I open them to find myself in a small cabin. For a moment I just frown confused. Then I see the shirtless boy and I am flying up in the bed throwing everything off all at once and pressing myself into the corner.

He blinks several, shakes his head slightly and slowly approaches me.

"What's your name?" he asks when he reaches his bed.

I look him over quickly trying to remember why I'm here. Trying to remember who he is. Trying to remember anything. I remember last night, remember them touching me. Throwing me into the water. Dying. But I don't remember who I am. Horrified my eyes widen, frustrated tears spill out of them.

"I-I can't remember," I stutter, a sad look graces his boyish features as he slowly climbs into the bed. He's sitting next to me, his shoulder brushing mine. Then he pulls me into his arms and lets me cry against his naked chest. Their faces keep appearing over and over again in my mind. I try to block it out, but can't.

"Do you remember how you got this?" he questions tenderly lifting my bruised wrist up and peering at it. I look from his face to my wrist and feebly nod my head.

I clamp my jaw shut as I feel fresh tears stream down my face, I open my mouth to try and say something but find that I can't. He lets my wrist fall, and I cradle it against my chest pulling away from him. He studies my face as if he's trying to understand something. To find something that is not there.

I try to find the words to express what they did, but I can't. They ripped my soul from me. Left it in tatters, then forced it to return to my body. My childish innocence is forever gone.

"They took everything," I whisper, my voice hitching. His frown turns dark as he glances across my body critically. Abruptly, I can see comprehension in his dark blue eyes.

"Oh," he murmurs running his fingers through his unruly blond hair. He slides out of the bed, his back to me then looks over his shoulder a small, crooked, smile pulls his lips up. "You should try and sleep, I need to go talk to the captain," He sees my eyes widen at the aspect of being left alone and full on grins, "don't worry, I'll come right back." He grabs a shirt off the ground and slides it on over his lean figure.

I bring my knees up under my chin and watch as he snatches a hat off the bed-stand and gabs it on, then he's leaning. He opens the one door gives me one last critical look reminds me to go back to sleep, and leaves.

I sit in my curled up state for some time, feeling the slow movement of the boat under me I close my eyes and am almost lulled to sleep.

"Jazlyn!" My eyes fly open and I look around the room. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I blink several times and frown. Just a dream, I think. After a few moments of looking around the boys cabin a thought hits me. Jazlyn that's my name. Smiling I test the name.

"Jazlyn," I murmur then shorten it, "Lyn, no. Jazz."

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