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Ha-ha this is going to be the best day of my life. I'm going to explode a shoe!! Now I can cross that off of the bucket list! I slowly lifted the lighter with the picture of the traditional "American stupidity" expression on it for extra patriotism (bush would be so proud of me!!) Then all of a sudden the fuse on my shoelace was light. Ooopps I forgot to take off the shoe. Let me untie them and put them on Alic

"OWWWW my little bitty finger!!"I screamed!!

"Don't worry Bella I'll fix that because I have my trusty Handy Manny tool set with me" Edward declared.

"Leave me alone Edward go back to slee…"

"Hey is that a travel sized shoe bomb?"


"Ohhhh okay nighty night"

"I thought vampires couldn't sleep!"

"Shhhh don't ruin the moment!!"

"Okay whatever you say Edward!!"

I started to leave to go to the bathroom but then I tripped and my shoe bomb fell off of my feet.


I conspicuously walked to the bathroom and ignored Alice's screaming.


I heard Alice screaming and then Bella walked into the bathroom.

"You should really lock the door you know" Bella said.

Ohhhhh I thought Bella looks hot right now!!


Ohhhhh Rosalie looks really hot right now


mmmmmmmmmmmmm… Kissy kiss


I like making out with girls, Carisle included!!

"Cough cough" a flight atteddent apperred at the door "You really should close the door but any ways we are going down a travel sized shoe bomb went off."

"Oh" I said

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