The Power of Five

The Power of Five

The Crowning of the Dragon Knights

"The White Moon of Wisdom, the White Star of Truth, the White Cloud of Love, the White Stone of Power, the White Egg of Growth. These five Symbols are the Key to unlocking the Dragon Knights…" Taimat looked up to two sets of eyes.

"The White Bone of the Mind shall unlock my Strength…" The deep gold eyes glittered.

"The White Fossil Shell of the Body will release my Strength…" The dark blue eyes closed halfway.

"The White Tooth of the Spirit is going to free my Strength…" Taimat's dark hazel eyes remained still. "Confusion!"

The gold eyes narrowed slightly. "Yes Taimat?"

Taimat blinked once. "Remember to protect your Symbol with your Life."

"Yes Taimat. With my Life."

"Diamond Rush!"

The blue eyes opened fully. "Yes Taimat? I suppose the same applies to all three of Us, correct?"

"Indeed it does. I pray she Body is still able to defend the Mind and the Spirit?"

"Of course Taimat."

"Very well then…" Taimat closed her eyes. "Dismissed."