The Beginning

Flashback & Dream

24 years ago-The Underworld

A young girl with pastel pink hair and emerald eyes was running away from a couple of demon guards.

They were trying frantically to return her pack to the palace, but it was futile the young girl was doing everything in her power to stop or distract them.

"Leave me alone!" yelled the girl.

"Princess!! Wait!!" yelled a guard.

"NO!! I'm not going back!" yelled the girl.

"We're not gonna let you leave so easily!!" exclaimed the other guard. The girl was running out breath and energy. She didn't know how much more running she could do. All she was hoping for right now was a way to leave this place but everything she has tried has failed. She was about to give up but she then remembered something that could help. It was an incantation that will take her to the human world. The girl stopped running.

"So you've given up, Eh?" said a guard.

" In your dreams!!" she spatted back putting up her hands in a hand sign.

"Eh?" said the other guard not knowing what the girl was doing.

" Hmph, Gods of the underworld hear my plea……"the girl started.

" Wait!! Daigo!!" exclaimed one of the guards.

"What" said the guard frustrated.

"She's doing some kind of incantation. We have to stop her." replied the guard

"Take me away from this place!!" yelled the girl using the last of her energy to perform the spell.

"NO!! Princess!!" yelled the guards. The girl disappeared.

24 years ago- Konoha

(This is when the nine-tailed fox was attacking the village and the yondaime gave up his life to save the village)

The Harunos were returning home from the big battle with the nine-tailed fox. Mrs. Haruno spotted a baby girl that was covered in blood and crying. Mrs. Haruno didn't spot any people around and thus concluding that the baby's parents were most likely killed.

"What's wrong?" asked Mr. Haruno.(a/n: I don't know their names and I don't really think its important )

"Look what I found" replied Mrs. Haruno showing him the baby.

"Oh." said the husband with a look of pity.

"I'm not leaving her here you know" said Mrs. Haruno."I knew you'll say something like that." said Mr. Haruno sighing. "Okay, we'll take her home and figure out what to do after that, Okay?"

"Okay" replied Mrs. Haruno cradling the baby in her arms. A few days after they brought the baby home they found out that it had no family that the Hokage could find. With the help of a very convincing argument by Mrs. Haruno they decided to adopt the baby.

"What should we name her?" asked Mr. Haruno

"What about… Sakura… for the color of her hair?" replied Mrs. Haruno.

" It fits perfect." said Mr. Haruno with an approving expression on his face.

End of Flashback & Dream

" Argh, What time is it" said a girl with pastel pink hair and emerald eyes just waking up.

" Crap! We're going to be late!" said inner Sakura.

"No duh, I know we're gonna be late." replied Sakura. She quickly got up, took a shower, got dressed, and ate breakfast before leaving to go train with her sensei before her mission.

Chapter 1-End

Yuki: This is the rewritten version of my first fan fic- Akatsuki's Demonic Cherry Blossom.

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