Sakura P.O.V

Where was I? All I could see was endless darkness. Cold but welcoming. It felt as though it was trying to consume me whole but then it felt as if it was urging me to run. To run as fast as I could possibly run. A warning. That was what it was. A warning. I heed this warning of darkness and ran. I ran and ran; fearing what it was that was behind me. It, too, ran faster. I stopped. Now, I was in a blank whiteness. No light, no dark, nothing; just white. It was the kind that made a person insane but not me. I only made my fears realized, whatever they were. I heard the person behind me and I resumed my frantic running.

What was I to do? I knew not of the person nor the place I am in. I am desperately wishing for someone to help. I came to a stop once again for I was in the welcoming darkness. The darkness which is protecting me.

Was this a dream? Or a vision of what is to come? I wish I had the answer but thus it eluded me.

Someone embraced me as though I was a lost lover. Who was he? Do I wish to fight or embrace? I do not know the answer. All I wanted to be was free. Freed from everything that has hurt me. Maybe I should run again?

The embrace tighten as though it knew of my thoughts. I allowed it to happened. I was no longer afraid but rather I felt that I knew this person.

"Sakura-hime-chan" The man murmur breathlessly. I knew that voice! Before I could speak; I felt swept off my feet. The scenery had changed. I was now in a clearing in a forest only I knew of. It had to be him. My savor, my friend, my king, my first true love; Tsubasa. For he was the only one who knew of this place. This place of beauty and of secrecy. Flowers that no human has heard of existed hear. Including Mysticus Rosa. It was the rose of spirits and it help great power that no mortal has ever possessed. Only a petal could make a person as powerful as a daemon. Unfortunately, the will mortals go insane with power. Only a few could use them. One of the few is myself. I was, technically, the only able to use them but there are indeed others.

"Tsubasa-kun" I muttered. I was unable to believe that it was him. Tsubasa was to be dead; not here embracing me. A kiss on my cheek was the response and I knew that I had nothing to fear. Tsubasa turned my around to kiss me passionately on the lips. I allowed permission. He need not of it for I was willing and I will always be willing for him. My beloved. He growled and pulled me closer. Someone was here, but who?

"Hello, Tsubasa-kun. My beloved blossom princess" No, It could not him. It just could not be! If he was here then that meant that she has been found out.

"Yamazakura" I muttered. Why was he here?! I did not make any sense. He could not be here! The man which tormented her life, killed her parents, and made her live in constant fear could not be here!

"Yes my beloved blossom princess, I am indeed here. I am here you thee." He said proudly. I gasped and buried my head into my beloved Tsubasa-kun's chest. It was the only thing I could do for I could not stand a chance and because I was afraid. Afraid of what he will do to me, to Tsubasa, and to my friends. Yamazakura was capable of many things; some pleasant, many cruel. It is to late; I have been found.

"Yamazakura, leave now! You are not welcomed here in this sacred place!" Tsubasa-kun yelled. He wished to protect me didn't he?

I had to get out of here. I had to leave. There was not another way. I have been found and now I will have to run. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

"I will not leave. Sakura-hime-sama IS MINE!" Yamazakura yelled the last part. He forgotten something- I belonged to no one.

I had to wake up.

End Dream

I was afraid. I have been found. And now I had to leave. It was not something I wished to do but it was something I had to do. I immediately got out of bed. I packed only what was essential and important. Food, water, clothes, and keepsakes. I packed pictures and items from my friends. Tears remained unshed. This is wrong; I promised that I would never betray or leave Konoha but it is the only way to keep everyone safe. I had to write a message but whatever shall I say? I got it.

Dear friends;

I am very sorry but I have to leave. I do not have enough time to explain. I will tell you that if I had stayed; you and all of Konoha will be in grave danger. Please do not try to bring me back. It is for your safety that you do not. Please beware of Yamazakura. Good bye. Please forgive me, my friends.

Lots of love,

A fallen cherry blossom.

I was crying by now. This was something that I need to do. I quickly left.

Outside of Konoha

Unknown P.O.V.

Where was my sister!!!! I know that she was here but her presence is completely gone. Damn it. Damn it all to hell! "Ichigo-hime-sama" my beloved servant Kaiji. She had beautiful golden hair, red hair, and tanned skin. The only thing I didn't like was her ample chest. Grrr.

"Nani?!" I growled. I was severely pissed off. But it's like they say- It's better to be pissed off than pissed on.

"Your sister is no longer here." Hyoshi said. Another servant of mine. She had long snow-white hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

"What happened to Nee-chan" I asked. I had long hot pink hair, emerald green eyes, and pale skin. But who cares about descriptions?

" We do not know" Kaiji said in monotone. For once she was being serious. I guess she knew the severity of the situation.

" She was with a man called Uchiha Itachi. He plans for her to join the organization called Akatsuki. I do believe, however, that he does not know what she is." Hyoshi said flipping through her handy book that I swear knows everything.

"I guess, we'll look for clues here- in this pathetic human village." I scowled. I was not enjoying this.

Chapter 5 end.

Yuki: I am finally done!!

Itachi: Happy birthday Yuki-chan.

Yuki: Who are you and what have you done with Itachi?

Itachi: I've been found out. -Transform into Deidara-

Yuki: Hello Deidara.

Deidara- Hey. Today is your birthday!!!!!

Yuki: YAY!!!

Deidara: Yuki-chan owns nothing! So please don't do anything bad.

Yuki/Deidara: Bye!!!