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The rain was pouring heavily. My clothes were getting soaked but I didn't care. It was the last thing on my mind. I just kept running.

I couldn't believe that I didn't know about this? How could I have been so blind? I knew there was something he was hiding from me but I never would've guessed this.

It felt like a betrayal. All that time we'd spent together and Edward never told me. He hid something like this from me. He had the chance to say something so many times but he didn't. He couldn't speak of it even when I had told him of my past, of my family.

I had told him everything about myself and he couldn't even trust me with stuff from his side.

He lied to me. For months, I looked like a fool in love! I thought I meant something to him but I didn't. Edward wasn't the person I thought I knew. He was someone else.

I kept running but to where I had no clue. I willed my legs to get away from the one person I couldn't dare see anymore, even when I could feel the burning in my legs. I ran towards the woods hoping to get to the peaceful noises of nature while my heart hurt and broke.

As I ran within the forest, the aching in my chest increased. The fact that he had lied to me for months pained me. I knew from the moment I met him that he was someone I didn't deserve but now I knew I was right.

I tripped over the roots of a really old tree. When I landed on the ground on my knees I didn't bother pulling myself up. I stayed in that position as the tears started to fall. I cried my eyes out. They mixed with the rain that was falling. I kept replaying the moments I had spent with Edward–believing that we were love.

I rolled my hand into a fist and started hitting the ground. My tears still spilling but there was nothing I could do about it.

I was a fool to believe such a thing. I just wish that I could have left my walls up rather than to let him break them down and give him a chance.

I should've ended his constant chasing after me like a puppy and the playful bickering we had the moment they started. They had only allowed me to know him more, or maybe not. Perhaps he made it all up. I can't say that the man I knew was the same man I just found out about.

Those months with him had been heaven, when didn't know about his secret. Now they seemed like lies and deceit. Like something I didn't want to know or think about. Something I wish to erase from my mind so I didn't have to be reminded of what I thought I knew.

I regret now more than ever that I let him break the walls of my guarded heart because I know that it would've saved me this heartache.

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