1. Watermelon.

Sesshomaru stood in the shushing rain like snow tried desperately not to growl at every being in his vicinity, as he carried his oblongly round object home. He and his wife and mate were in the city tonight not only to visit her family at their near by shrine, but because tomorrow he had large all day meetings and didn't want her be at home in the country so far from him. His need to be near her was becoming slightly problematic at work, but the dog demon knew well enough that soon he would have to turn over the company to his father and Miroku, while he stayed at home with his very pregnant wife and mate.

Which led him to his current situation, he had not thought mating a human such a bad idea when it happened, and he could not lie that her scent mixed with that of his own and their pup, not to mention that new scent of lactation wasn't appealing, but he hated her cravings. To some degree her pregnancy was normal for a human, and yet there were other things that were not, like her sexual appetite, it should be strong but she was at times insatiable, not that he was complaining, for soon as the pup was born he knew he wouldn't be getting any for at least six weeks. That of which he was not looking forward to.

Other things that he was at least grateful for were that she wasn't as flatulent as some women he'd heard about, he loved her but he didn't think he could hold his stoic mask if she tooted all the time. But her cravings were by far the worst, some of the foods she wanted, and how she mixed them often left the demon of nearly 700 years screaming like a little girl mentally.

He wondered sometimes if the foods were effecting his unborn pup as they seemed to take over his mate, like why she would want watermelons so far out of season that he had to go to four different stores to finally find one at all. He hated this about her pregnancy though, because he had once tried coming home without whatever she had sent him for once, and that had ended badly, so now, as it rained slush and snow, cold as hell, he finally had made it back to the tower their penthouse was in.

He sighed as the warm air caressed his skin, He nodded to his doorman, Takashi, the old man knew he had a pregnant wife and offered him a sympathy smile, going to the elevators at nearly 2 am, he knew he was going to be tired at his meetings tomorrow, but it would be worth it to see his mate happily fed on her melon, the door opened to their penthouse apartment and he made his way over to the kitchen, watching as his heavily pregnant mate waddled over towards him with a happy grin on her face. She kissed him before taking the offending melon away only to have her smile fade. Immediately he could scent the salt in the air signaling her tears at bay.

"Mate, what's wrong?" he asked pensive already not liking the frown on her face and the welling tears in her eyes.

"Its… round." she nearly sobbed out.

"Its oblong," he stated logically. "…is it not what you asked for?" he said getting frustrated by the scent of her tears, and that her logic was obviously lacking with her pregnant mind.

"But I wanted a square one." she whispered as the tears began to stream down her cheek. Kissing her forehead and putting his coat back on, he was out the door before she had even realize what happened. He sighed as he got down to the lobby and went back out into the harsh environment, never noticing that his doorman was silently laughing at him.

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