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Chapter 1: An Unplanned Affair

He wrapped his thick arms around her petite body, moving closer to her under the sheets. Olivia sighed tiredly and put her hands on his. Elliot smiled. The warmth of her naked body was so comforting.

He brushed her dark brown hair behind her ear and whispered into it, "I love you so much, Liv."

She rolled over and pressed her body close to his thick muscular chest, kissing him tenderly. She opened her eyes. Oh, how he loved those beautiful brown eyes. "I love you too, El."

Olivia closed her eyes again and rested her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. She sighed deeply. Oh, how she did love him.

Then she wrinkled her brow. She couldn't love him. He was married, he had a wife and five kids. Why had they done this? Nine years, their love progressed quietly. But now... now it was too much. Their passion overcame them. They needed each other. A single tear ran down her cheek and fell off the tip of her nose.

Elliot put his hand under Olivia's chin and raised her head to look at him. He caressed her cheek with his thumb, wiping her tears away.

"What's wrong, Livvie?"


"Yes, precious?"

Olivia bit her lip and winced, not wanting him to call her that at the moment. "Why, El?"

"Why what?"

"Why did we do this? You're married. You have a wife and kids. We shouldn't have done this..."

"Don't you love me Liv? I love you. That's why, because we love each other. We've loved each other for nine years."

"But what about Kathy? And Junior. He needs you."

"I love my family, but I love you too, Olivia Benson. I need you, too."

Olivia put her forehead against his chest. He combed his fingers through her hair and held her head, stroking her head with his thumb. He kissed the top of her head. He could feel her tears hitting his chest. He held her tighter.

"It'll all be okay, babe. It'll all be okay."

Olivia put the last of her belongings into a brown box. She sighed, looking around the department one last time. She looked across the desk at her partner's empty desk, sighing and biting her lip. He wasn't there yet, it was too early. She couldn't bear to tell him. Though the rest of the department was there. She told them all where she was going, and goodbye.

It was official, she was moving away. Everyone thought she was moving to be with her grandmother, who was becoming more and more ill. Though, really, she was just moving to Staten Island. She didn't want anybody coming to looking for her, especially Elliot.

She walked out the double doors and turned around. She watched her partners, her friends, disappear behind them. That was the last time she would see them. Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

Olivia turned to walk away down the hall. She opened the doors to the real world, the buzzing honking, bleak real world. Her heart stopped as she saw Elliot, fixing his cuffs as he walked up the steps.

"Liv!" He said, surprised, as he looked up at her. His brow wrinkled as he saw the box in her hands. "Are you going somewhere?"

She bit her lip for a minute, thinking about how to tell him. Her heart was racing and tears were building up behind her eyes.

"My grandmother's getting sicker," she lied. "I have to go take care of her."

It had been two months. Two months since that wonderful night they shared together, their first and their last. She hated to leave like this...

"Oh..." his voice was quite as he looked away. She could see the tears forming behind his eyes. She looking pleadingly at him for forgiveness, saying 'I'm sorry' with her eyes. "Will you be back soon?" He looked back at her.

Olivia shook her head. "I don't think so, Elliot."

"Will I ever see you?"

She bit her lip and looked away, tears pouring down her cheeks. She shook her head.

He took the box out of her hands and put it aside. He grabbed her around the waist with his strong arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck. They stayed like that for a long time, hugging their last hug.

He smelled her hair, her perfume. He didn't want to forget it. Tears stained her shoulder.

She smelled his cologne, not wanting to forget his sent, either. Her tears stained his shoulder, as well.

Finally, they released. It broke both their hearts to see the other in tears.

His arms still around her waist and her arms still around his neck, Elliot went in for a kiss. It was the most passionate kiss they had ever shared.

When it was all over, Olivia turned, releasing Elliot. She picked up her box of belongings and hurried to her car parked right in front. He watched her leave, watched her start her car, watched her back out of the parking space, watched her drive away. He watched her until he couldn't see her anymore. Even then, he stood there for a long while, watching the spot she had disappeared, hoping she'd come back.

And she watched him. She watched him watch her, watched him through her mirrors as he followed behind the car up the sidewalk.

She pulled over a few blocks later, crying to much to drive anymore at that moment. She was leaving him behind. She was leaving the man she loved behind, the father of her unborn child.