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Chapter 1

Stella had finally got off shift. She slumped into her bed, still fully dressed, and sighed as she felt the soft darkness beckoning darkness consuming her.


That shift was way too long for Lindsay's liking. Never again she vowed, never again. She stumbled toward her bedroom, and couldn't wait to sleep like she'd never slept before. She hoped she would anyway.


Throwing her bag on the floor, Jessica fell onto the soft sofa. Why did murderers have to exist? Why did her shift always have to be twice as long as Flack's? Why was she asking herself these questions? All she wanted, all she needed was sleep. Darkness.


Mac didn't want to have to do this, but he needed them back. He was going to personally attacked by the three women who had just been working past twenty four hours straight.

Reluctantly he grabbed his office phone and dialled a number.

"I'm sorry, I know you only just got back but I need you again, thank you." He sighed.


Stella grabbed the annoying beeping phone on her bedside table.

"What do you want Mac, I only just got home. Fine!" She slammed her phone shut. She did not want to go back to work. But reluctantly got up anyway, shoving her bag over her shoulder, she exited her apartment. Closing the door with a bang.


Lindsay reached for the buzzing phone on her floor. After many attempts to grab it, she finally clasped it and flipped it open.

"No. No please no Mac. Five more minutes! Fine!" Lindsay clicked her phone shut, and let out an extremely load, annoyed groan. She threw her covers back she was still wearing her office clothes. After hopping to put her shoes on. She swiped her bag up from the ground, and slammed her apartment door with a bang.


Angell's eyes shot open. Oh god where was it? Where was her phone?! She sat up on her couch listening inventively for the vibrating noise. She finally saw it. She stood and headed toward it. Because the apartment was dark, she went flying over the side of the sofa, hitting the floor with a thump.

Her head popped up with the phone in her hand and she pressed it against her ear.

"Don't make me kill you man! Fine!" Instead of just closing the phone she threw it at the wall that was just over a metre away from her. Unfortunately it bounced back and hit her over the head.

"I hate Mondays, frickin Mondays, who goes to work this early on a Monday?!" She clambered back to her feet. Grabbing her evil cell phone and bag that was still on the floor and left the apartment. She slammed her door with a bang.


Mac put the phone down. None of the girls had taken that well.

"I hate Mondays."

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