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Chapter 27

One week later……

Lindsay hurried through the lab, paper in hand, towards Mac's office.

She'd succeeded, even though she was not aloud out in the field, she still had to do the lab work and some of the paper work. Which Lindsay found very irritating.

But now she'd found out how Daniel had made it into the city. They had been working on the same case, the one where Stella, Jess and herself had been kidnapped, for at least five days, not including the part where they were kidnapped.

She rounded the corner and made for the glass doors. As she peered inside she saw Mac, Stella and Flack talking. Probably about the ongoing case.

As she walked into the doors, they didn't open and Lindsay went, smack bang, nose first into the glass. She stumbled.

"Ah crazy son of a……..!" Lindsay screamed.

"Stella, cover your ears." Mac smiled as the muffled sounds of Lindsay cursing echoed throughout the lab.

Stella raised an eyebrow, but covered her ears anyway, just to go along with it.

"Hey Lindsay! Wrong door!" Flack yelled at the yelping woman.

Lindsay still holding her nose entered. As she stormed up to Mac she pointed behind her at the cursed door.

"Mac! How many times have I done that?!" She asked, her voice still muffled because it was obstructed by her hand.

"Maybe about two to three times………" Mac started as his eyes wandered round the room. "…..a day." He chuckled.

"Exactly!" She shouted in frustration at him. "Fix it!"

"Is it safe?" Stella yelled. She couldn't hear past her hands.

"The bomb has exploded. Yeah it's safe." Flack nodded at Stella. Who smiled at Lindsay before lowering her hands to rest next to her sides.

"What's the news?" Mac asked. Being serious now Mac took the paper that Lindsay offered. She then removed her hand from her nose which revealed a slightly swollen, red and puffy. Stella chucked an ice pack from behind Mac's desk at her. Thankfully she caught it, before raising a questionable eyebrow and pushing it to her nose.

"We came prepared." Stella answered the silently asked question. Lindsay nodded in approval.

"Daniel used a black SUV and fake I.D to get into the country. But seen as this country is a free country anyone could get in here. It wasn't hard for him, in fact it was the easiest thing he had to do, after escaping prison." Lindsay informed him as Mac read through the facts on the sheet of paper.

He looked up and nodded.

"I think this is it. This is all the facts we need to finish off the evidence collection." Mac looked to each member of the team that stood in front of him.

His team. Still going strong. Still intact. Some more than others.

"Seriously?" Lindsay asked shocked, pulling the cold ice away from her nose, the swelling fading slowly. Mac looked down to the sheet one last time, just to check his findings. But he knew this was it.

"Yes." He simply said. "This is over. Forever." He slammed the paper down on the table.

Stella's smile grew wide and she ran over to Mac shrieking with joy, wrapping herself in his arms.

"Thank you." She smiled against his cheek. She pulled back and stared into his eyes.

"For what?" Uncertain of what he'd deserved her thanks for.

"For loving me." She finished smiling. He smiled back at her this moment, right now, was perfect, everything was perfect. His friends, his job, his life, the love of his life.

Danny entered with Jessica Angell shortly behind.

"Okay what'd we miss?" Danny asked putting his arms around Lindsay's waist and kissing her softly on her slightly flushed cheek.

"My embarrassment." Lindsay began.

"Is it that time of the day already? Did they remember the ice? Is the door alright?" Jessica asked dramatically checking the door.

"I carry a gun!" Lindsay retorted.

"So do I." Jess smirked.

"Damn, I thought she would never think of a comeback." Lindsay smiled sarcastically. "You also missed the end of this case." Lindsay sighed, her voice full of happiness.

"Really?" Danny and Jessica almost asked at the same time.

"Really." Flack said smiling at Jess but actually speaking to the rest of the team.

"Hey guys!" Kendall bounded into the room. "Adam's throwing paper aeroplanes off the second floor again!" Was all she could say before Adam swooped in grabbing her and covering her mouth.

"No matter what she said don't believe her. She's blonde for god's sake!" This comment earned a simultaneous 'OOOHHH' from the rest of the team. Kendall slowly turned to stare evils at the lab rat.

"I never played with your glasses Sid I swear!" Hawkes backed into the room, holding his hands up in the surrender position.

"Don't lie to me Sheldon, I know when your lying." Sid waggled a finger at the younger man as he interrogated him, stepping into the room after Hawkes.

Don Flack looked over to the beautiful shining angel to his right, Jessica Angell, his love, forever and always. "Hey. How are you I haven't seen you all day? I've missed you." He pulled her over in front of him so she was looking up into his warm blue eyes.

"I'm fine, I've missed you too." She smiled up at him. This is definitely where she wanted to be. "I love you."

As e looked down at the sweetest smile he had ever seen, she said the three words he loved to heard coming out of her mouth.

"I love you, more." He teased.

"It's not possible." Jess half whispered, as she jumped a little to get onto her tiptoes. She closed her eyes and closed the space between them both. Flack made the last move and pressed their lips together. This was definitely where he wanted to be. They broke apart, but a strange feeling overcame them.

As they looked around the room there were so many eyes on them eight pairs to be precise.

"Awh!" Stella, the first to break the silence, squealed.

"What?! Anyway, I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes." Jess sweetly smiled.

Flack, concerned for his personal health, asked "What are you going to do to me?"

"Just do it." Jess commanded.

"Okay, okay!" Flack complied and closed his eyes.

"Right, I'm going to put something in your hand, but don't open your eyes till I tell you alright?" Angell more commanded than asked him.

"Alright." After Jess put something in his hand she bolted for the other side of the room and took cover behind the end of the table, opening what looked to be like a packet of skittles. She grabbed a small handful.

"Open your eyes!" She yelled from behind her hiding place. Flack opened his eyes smiling, then he looked down to his hand, seeing the pack of skittles there a confused look grew across his face.

"What do you want me to do with these?" He asked then looked up, she had gone.

"Skittle war!" She screamed throwing millions across the room at him. He was too slow and didn't have chance to defend himself. He looked like a little dancer the way he tried to dodge the multi-coloured bullets.

"Your on!" Flack yelled back over to the giggling girl.

"What weirdo's." Kendall shook her head.

"Your weird." Adam solemnly stated.

"You did not just say that." She turned to face Adam.

"Oh wait, wait a sec, there's a message from the president." Adam put a finger to his ear then nodded at Kendall. "The president said that he believes I did just say that."

Kendall playfully lunged at him tackling him to the ground, both wrestling each other. Surprisingly (well you could say surprisingly but maybe not) Kendall was a bit stronger than Adam and looked like she was winning.

Sid had again started to harass Hawkes for playing with his glasses.

"If you just told me where you bought them then maybe I wouldn't have touched them." Hawkes shrugged backing towards where Kendall and Adam were rolling around.

"Maybe if you had asked me where I bought them from I would've told you!" Sid playfully raised his voice.

Suddenly Hawkes went toppling over Kendall and Adam, flailing his arms around a bit before coming into contact with the ground.

"Ooohhh that gotta hurt." Sid cringed.

Stella and Mac stood in each others arms. Never letting go of each other. As she looked over her shoulder to him, she could see that this was going nowhere anytime soon. Good.

She turned fully, holding his hands, she kissed him more passionately than they had ever done before, they didn't care who was watching, this was who they were, and they weren't going to change for anyone.

Stella raised her arms around Mac's neck leaning their foreheads together. She whispered something that Mac and only Mac could hear.

Mac looked up at her words smiling a smooth smile at her he whispered back.

"This will never end." And boy did they know it!

Lindsay and Danny stood across the room in each others arms. She knew that she was wrong in believing that he never loved her, that her whole 'family' didn't love her. She hated herself for that, but right now she didn't have a care in the world. She was with the man she loved, she was with the people she wanted to be with, she was where she wanted to be. Who could ask for anything more?

He stood there cradling her in his arms, holding her tight never letting her go. This was how he wanted his life to be, with her. Lindsay and Danny forever. That's what they would carve in tree's when they ran down the sidewalk giggling, holding hands. Maybe even a child running along in between them. A child that had Lindsay's hair and Danny's eyes, a child that was theirs. They would live in a huge house one big enough for all of them. One that would hold memories for them all. One that would witness the greatest and fullest parts in their relationship. He couldn't wait for that. He could see it so clearly, if he could just reach out and touch it, grasping hold of what was now, so clear to him.

He looked to the love of his life and kissed her sweetly, she couldn't pull away. Why? Because it was simple. She loved him and that's how it would stay. They slowly pulled back holding the gaze after slowly opening their eyes.

"I love you." Lindsay breathed. Staring into his eyes she smiled.

"I love you too." Danny whispered. Before pulling her into another heart warming kiss.

Lindsay looked up and saw what she had one seen before, the picture that she had hoped was real. Her 'family' this family, was where they all belonged.

Kendall had Adam pinned to the ground giggling like crazy. Slowly their laughing fits calmed. Kendall's eyes wandered over the lab tech.

'Okay so maybe I do like him. A little bit………What the hell am I thinking?! I love him!' She thought as she suddenly found herself thrusting herself towards his lips. As they met she didn't expect him to kiss back but he did, finally a guy she could trust and one that didn't just want her for her looks.

As they broke apart he didn't look surprised he looked content and happy.

"About time." He smiled. Kendall grinned and fell back onto his lips.

As they looked around, all they saw was, well, kissing. Hawkes and Sid just stood and stared. A look of happiness and glee on both their faces.

If anything this 'obstacle' hadn't broke them apart. It had brought them all closer together. It had brought them love.

But, they were still glad to see the end of it.

The end of something that no one should have to go through.

The end of something that should never happen again.

The beginning of new relationships.

The beginning of new love.

The beginning of a renewed family.

The beginning of a new life.

The start of something new.


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